AC Power
For Business-Critical Continuity™
Liebert® GXT3, 500VA -3000VA Models
Reliable On-Line UPS Protection In A Compact 2U Package
One of the most affordable UPS
systems in its class, Liebert GXT3
leads the industry in combining
small size, high capacity and high
reliability features:
On-line design means zero transfer
time from external to internal
power. When utility power
fails, your critical load remains
supported by a seamless flow
of power.
Liebert GXT3 is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality
AC power to IT equipment with no break when transferring to battery. It protects
equipment from virtually all power disturbances due to blackouts, brownouts,
sags, surges or noise interference. The UPS is available in rack/tower and
Liebert GXT3 rated output power
factor of 0.9 better matches up
with switch-mode power supplies
used in today’s IT equipment.
A higher output power factor
allows for a more efficient
utilization of the UPS.
The UPS provides easy
serviceability with user replaceable
hot-swappable batteries.
mini-tower configurations.
For maximum control, Liebert
GXT3 is custom configurable
to your needs using a specially
designed Windows software
Ideally suited for:
Network workstations
Network closets
Large network peripherals
Liebert GXT3
Standard Features
The Proven Reliability Of True On-Line
Operation Plus The Features You Need Most
Up To Six Battery-Backed Outlets
A generous quantity of battery-backed
outlets allows more equipment to be
protected by the UPS.
Although Liebert GXT3 requires just a slim 2U of rack space, it provides the
Rotatable Display Panel
The LED display panel rotates 90° to make
the readout of the LED display easy to see
in rack or tower position.
capabilities of a physically larger system. Get up to 3kVA of capacity and battery
backup, in 120V or 230V systems. External battery cabinets may be added for
extended run time.
On-Line UPS Protection for Essential and Critical Applications
Power Factor
Automatic Frequency Sensing
The UPS automatically adjusts to the
input frequency, 50Hz or 60Hz.
Mounting Flexibility
Optional telescoping rack rails mount to
the sides of the UPS for easy installation
into a rack enclosure. A standard tower
support base ships with the UPS.
Liebert GXT3 is a true on-line power source, so whatever the quality of power
coming in, the pure sinewave output meets the exacting standards of your
Liebert GXT3 includes:
Power factor correction
Internal batteries
Frequency conversion
Internal automatic bypass to utility in case of adverse UPS conditions
Manual bypass capability
Support for up to four external battery cabinets (rack/tower models)
Liebert GXT3 handles all these potential power problems:
Power spikes and transients
EMI/RFI noise
Voltage sags and brownout conditions
Power-factor corrected loads
Frequency variations
Liebert GXT3 is easily configured for either rackmount or tower applications. The LED display
rotates for easy viewing in either orientation.
Liebert GXT3 contains internal batteries,
and is also able to support up to four
external battery cabinets – also 2U size.
Higher Availability:
Advance Early Warning
of UPS System Status
Multiple audible and visual alarms
immediately alert you to an output
overload, low battery, bypass, battery
discharge, battery loss or replace battery
Power-Factor Correction
Prevents noise, harmonics and distortion
from being passed on to connected loads
or from being fed back to the utility.
Internal Automatic and Manual
Bypass Capability
Assures continuity of power to critical
loads during system problems or
4-8 minutes of Battery
Backup Time at Full load
Provides ample time for an orderly
shutdown of connected equipment when
Intelligent Battery Management
utility power fails. Optional matching
external battery cabinets offer additional Includes efficient three-stage charging
technique and comprehensive
backup time.
discharging protection that extends
battery life for greater availability.
Overload Capability
Designed to handle output overload
Input Circuit Breaker
Provides increased protection to ease
recovery from overloads.
Full Sequenced Battery Testing
Provides automatic and manual
self-diagnostic battery testing
Lightning and Surge Protection
capabilities. This provides a
The transient voltage surge suppression
comprehensive analysis of the condition (TVSS) circuitry inside Liebert GXT3
of the batteries within the UPS and will
provides additional protection for the
notify you when the internal batteries
connected equipment from incoming
need to be replaced.
spikes, surges, and other power
anomalies present on the incoming
utility power source.
User Replaceable
Hot Swappable Batteries
Easy to replace batteries increase product
life and provide prolonged UPS reliability.
Batteries are conveniently located behind
the front bezel of the unit.
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:
0.9 Output Power Factor
Liebert GXT3 rated output power
factor of 0.9 better matches up with
switch-mode power supplies used in
today’s IT equipment. A higher output
power factor allows for a more efficient
utilization of the UPS.
Wide Input Voltage Window
Prolongs battery life by allowing the
UPS to maximize the use of utility power
before transferring to battery when input
voltage exceeds specified limits.
Intelligent Fan Operation
Automatically changes rotation speed
depending on system requirements to
decrease power consumption and noise.
Efficient Operation
≥ 88% AC-AC, minimum.
Warranty Protection
The industry’s best warranty – No-hassle
two-year warranty with UPS replacement
in the event of problems. Shipping is
free for both original UPS return and the
replacement unit. Optional one-year and
three-year extensions also available.
Multiple Choices For
Communication, Shutdown
And Reporting:
SNMP And Web-Based
Communication Options
Liebert IntelliSlot® Web Card provides
SNMP and web-based management to
your Liebert GXT3. Provides SNMP MIB to
monitor and control your UPS from your
network management station or any PC
running Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Network shutdown
Sends both SNMP traps and emails for
event notification, and automatically
emails a daily UPS history
Auto-senses 10M/100M Ethernet
Compatible with shutdown software
to ensure graceful computer shutdown
The Liebert GXT3 is also fully
compatible with:
Liebert MultiLink™ shutdown software
–included with the Liebert GXT3 UPS
Liebert Nform™ monitoring software
Liebert Multiport multiplexing unit
Liebert Intellislot Relay Interface Card
USB Communications
Windows (98 and later) built-in
power management functions provide
monitoring of UPS status and manage
the automatic orderly shutdown of the
computer if a power outage ever exceeds
the battery capacity of the UPS. Liebert
MultiLink shutdown software can also be
used via USB connection.
Optional Liebert MicroPOD
Output Distribution And
Maintenance Bypass Module
When your computer system can’t be
without power, even for scheduled UPS
maintenance, the Liebert MicroPOD
Maintenance Bypass and Output
Distribution Unit ensures continuous
uptime. It allows you to manually transfer
connected equipment to utility power via
a maintenance bypass switch, permitting
scheduled service or UPS replacement
without the need to shut down
connected equipment. Features include:
2U height minimizes rack space
Installs with plug-and-play ease
Liebert MicroPOD
Liebert GXT3 mini-tower
model provides 1000VA
capacity in a compact
Two-year, no-hassle replacement
Model Number
Model Rating VA/W
Liebert Corporation
Dimensions: in. (mm)
44 (20)
Weight: lbs. (kg)
Input AC Parameter
Voltage Range
Via Leonardo Da Vinci 8
Zona Industriale Tognana
35028 Piove Di Sacco (PD)
39 049 9719 111 Phone
39 049 5841 257 FAX
120VAC nominal; variable based on output load
40Hz ~ 70Hz; Auto Sensing
Input Power Cord
10 ft. attached w/ NEMA 5-15P plug
Output AC Parameter
Output Receptacles
5-15R x 6
110/115/120/127VAC (user-configurable); ±3%
Sine wave
Full Load
12 minutes
6 minutes
5 minutes
5 minutes
Half Load
30 minutes
14 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
Recharge Time
3 Hours to 90% capacity after full discharge with 100% load till UPS auto-shutdown
UL 1778, cUL Listed
FCC Part 15, Class A=CISPR22 Class B
IEC 62040-2 2nd Ed
ISTA Procedure 1A
Emerson Network Power Asia Pacific
29/F, The Orient Square Building
F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig City 1605
+63 2 687 6615
+63 2 730 9572 FAX
Surge Immunity
1050 Dearborn Drive
P.O. Box 29186
Columbus, Ohio 43229
800 877 9222 Phone (U.S. &
Canada Only)
614 888 0246 Phone (Outside U.S.)
614 841 6022 FAX
24 x 7 Tech Support
800 222 5877 Phone
614 841 6755 (outside U.S.)
While every precaution has been taken to ensure accuracy and
completeness in this literature, Liebert Corporation assumes no
responsibility, and disclaims all liability for damages resulting
from use of this information or for any errors or omissions.
Model Number
Model Rating VA/W
Dimensions: in. (mm)
Weight: lbs. (kg)
48.5 (22)
52.9 (24)
61.7 (28)
120VAC nominal; variable based on output load
Input Power Cord
61.7 (28)
208VAC nominal;
variable based on
output load
40Hz ~ 70Hz; Auto Sensing
10 ft. attached w/
NEMA 5-15P plug
10 ft. attached w/
NEMA 5-20P plug
10 ft. attached w/
NEMA L5-30P plug
5-20R x 6
10 ft. attached w/
NEMA L6-20P plug
Output AC Parameter
Output Receptacles
5-15R x 6
(user-configurable); ±3%
208/220/230/240 VAC
(user-configurable); ±3%
Sine wave
Full Load
5 minutes
4 minutes
4 minutes
4 minutes
Half Load
16 minutes
11 minutes
14 minutes
14 minutes
Recharge Time
3 Hours to 90% capacity after full discharge with 100% load till UPS auto-shutdown
UL 1778, cUL Listed
FCC Part 15, Class A=CISPR22 Class B
Surge Immunity
IEC 62040-2 2nd Ed
ISTA Procedure 1A
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Input AC Parameter
Voltage Range
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