important ticketing guidelines

important ticketing guidelines
Printing Tickets
Never pass Manual ticket numbers at the time of PNR creation, they are not transmitted. Always create the PNR
first, ensure you receive the Airline Record Locator and then transmit the Ticket numbers.
2. All Pre validation checks to be performed prior to ticket issuance to avoid any mis-match or ticket voiding. Please
ensure to do the following checks while printing Paper tickets :
a. Check the TSD – it should match with the next physical ticket in the printer
b. Check the print queue – It should be open and empty (PQD/A1 or PQD/A2)
c. Check TZD is empty
d. All the printer icons should be green and the cables should not be loose or out.
3. Do not advise dummy ticket numbers in a reservation to hold the booking. Airlines may not receive or process two
ticket numbers for the same routing at the same time.
4. Do not use TTP/ET/RT ( for e tickets) or TTP/PT/RT (for paper tickets) entry when the ticket is being issued. Using
this entry may lead to a delayed FA in the PNR.
5. Never do a RFXX; ER entry until the FA is generated as it leads to delay of the Auto-ticket number generation.
6. Till the FA comes in the PNR, do not make any modifications in the booking. Perform the IR entry to receive FA in
the PNR. Once the FA comes, further modifications in the PNR can be done.
7. While printing paper tickets, if the Ticket gets reported in the Sales Report ( TJQ/SOF) but is physically not printed
and is Blank, then call the Helpdesk to report this.
8. It is not allowed to utilize a physically Blank Document ( which is already reported in the Sales report) for another
Passenger/ Airline / Fare(refer point 7 above). If this done, it leads to double reporting of the same document to
two different airlines/passenger and BSP does not permit this.
9. For net remit tickets the FP MUST be FPNR+CASH/TOTAL TST VALUE and not 0 as this may cause problems if
this ticket is put for refund.
Printer Checks
Whenever you notice a gap or bad alignment while issuing tickets, please ensure to call the helpdesk to check
if all printer configurations are in place & then issue tickets accordingly.
2. Before TTP/PT, please ensure that the pro-printer icon is green from top & bottom on the server.
3. Ensure that the ticket printer is online (make sure that the online light on the printer is not blinking).
4. The ticket printer should be connected to a constant voltage transformer (CVT ) at all times.
5. If printer is online & ticket is loaded into the printer then please don’t reboot the printer server (printer
physically attached to particular system).This can lead to junk printing.
Physical Stock Loading in Printer
Helpdesk 24 X 7
Nationwide Toll free
ccess to Amadeus at
Ensure stock including the perforation, Incase the stock is bad, immediately consult Iata Bsp for stock
Its important to note that the stock is loaded correctly in printer & perforations correctly matched in the printer
tractor, if incorrect, it may lead to stock coming out of perforation at the time of printing leading to ticket void
Ensure there is sufficient support attached to the tickets in the printer.
For more information, please contact your nearest Amadeus Customer Service Desk
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