Music Maker 17
Make music – simply without compromises!
MAGIX Music Maker 17 turns making music into
a real experience. You can create your own
songs, remixes and beats from the very first
minute. Use practical info videos and numerous
options to develop your own musical style now –
without any prior skills!
The Premium version
Even more sounds, instruments, and effects –
thanks to its expanded sound design, real 5.1
Surround mixing, live tools, and useful studio
extras, you can dive even deeper into the world
of music production.
All musical styles
Easy handling
Unlimited possibilities
Powerful extras
Get started right away, no prior knowledge
MAGIX Music Maker 17 makes it possible:
Create your own songs – without any technical
know-how! Anyone can make music like a pro
with more than 3,500 new sounds and loops and
many virtual instruments.
Simply combine audio building blocks, add
effects & samples, play real instruments via MIDI
and record – your own hit is just a few clicks
New functions at a glance
PREMIUM! More than 3,500 new sounds & loops
• PREMIUM! 4 Vita Solo instruments : Piano, saxophone, ambient synthesizer, Jazz Drums
• NEW! New design with improved handling and FX rack
NEW! Upload your songs to Facebook, Twitter™, MySpace™, etc. with one click
• NEW! Song Maker 2 : Easy dubbing of videos and websites
• NEW! YouTube® templates: Perfect presets with cover and more
NEW! MIDI editor : Composing made easy
PREMIUM! MAGIX Print Studio : Create your own CD covers
PREMIUM! Music Editor 3 : Detailed sound editing
Make music yourself, even without any technical know-how
The Music Maker principle: It's that easy!
Select & combine sounds
Preview and select sounds – or import your
favorite songs from CD or MP3 and use them in
your own song project. All sounds and loops can
be easily cut, edited, copied, and arranged into
your own song.
Record, remix & mix down
Easily add effects, vocals, guitars and other
instruments and adjust volume with the mixer.
Export and publish
Export the songs you create as MP3s, burn them
to CD, or publish them on the web. NEW!
Present your songs on Twitter™, Facebook &
Co. using the integrated SoundCloud ® upload
Ideal for beginners: Easy mode
If you want, only the most important areas will be
displayed. This makes it easier for you to
familiarize yourself with the program and you
won't have to wait too long to make your first
PLUS! Practical videos that help you make
music like the pros in the shortest time possible.
NEW! Sound archive with many loops and samples
Completely new sound archive
The new sound archive features more than
3,500 new loops and sounds from the following
musical genres: Hip hop, rock, alternative,
techno, trance, dance, electro, chillout!
All samples can be combined with each other
and with other melodies. They adjust
automatically to the current song tempo,
ensuring that you'll always be on the beat. This
way you can concentrate completely on your
own sound, while creating songs in any musical
What are loops?
Loops are audio building blocks that are edited
so that they play over and over without
interruption. Melodies or drums are often played
in loops to repeat multiple bars. Audio software
makes it possible to combine loops into your
own songs, allowing you to make your own
music in no time at all.
The sounds and loops included with MAGIX
Music Maker were produced in various audio
studios by international top producers. Of
course, it is also possible to create your own
loops for use in your songs.
NEW! Vita Solo instruments – realistic instruments for your songs
Vita Century Keys: Top-class piano
Vita Century Keys is an excellent choice,
whether you're looking for classical piano
sound, modern pop melodies or electric piano
sound with more of a rock feel to it. This topclass collection of virtual pianos for your PC
provides great sounds for many music genres:
Pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, soul, R'n'B, house, etc.
Just give it a try: With a few clicks you can give
your songs more depth and create sound
accents by adding complementary piano
sounds. It's a lot of fun!
NEW! Professional saxophone sound with
Vita Saxophonia
The saxophone figures among the most popular
of the woodwinds and is sure to add a special
touch to any song. With MAGIX Music Maker 17
you can now add that special something to your
own music projects, even if you can't read
Vita Saxophonia offers everything you expect
from a saxophone: A large rang of dynamics,
diverse sounds, powerful sound characteristics
and numerous optimized presets turn the
saxophone into the ideal companion for any
music project.
PREMIUM! Now with even more Vita Solo instruments
NEW! Vita Jazz Drums – 100% jazz feeling
Vita Jazz Drums will turn your PC into a buzzing
jazz club! The realistic sound of the jazz brushes,
tom toms, ride cymbals and hi-hats will give each
track a distinct feel and character.
The Vita Jazz Drums are suitable not only for
jazz, but many other music genres that might use
a bit more liveliness.
NEW! Synthesizer for authentic pad sounds
Vita Space Pad
The new synthesizer, Vita Space Pad, is
especially suited for surface sounds: Diverse
soundscapes, complex sequences of sounds and
organic synthesizer sounds offer many new
possibilities and are sure to impress you every
The drum rhythm tracks and surface sounds from
Vita Space Pad combine to create an incredible
sound - give it a try!
Ultra-realistic software instruments: Drums, bass, guitar, percussion, and
Your own instrument library
MAGIX Music Maker 17 offers ultra-realistic
simulations of real instruments like acoustic
guitars, electric guitars, electric basses, bass,
drums, grand pianos, electric pianos, power
chords, violins and much more.
Thanks to the professional sound engine from
Yellow Tools™ and the carefully compiled sound
library, making music with your PC becomes an
acoustic experience!
PREMIUM! Create drum sounds with Beat
Box 2 Plus
The BeatBox 2 Plus drum machine is the ideal
tool for creating your own grooves and beats:
Drum kits full of dynamics, unlimited possibilities
for sound shaping, high-quality effects, and
much more!
The famous BeatBox step principle is fun and
quickly provides exciting results – no matter
whether you're a pro or a beginner: It's never
been easier to build complex and layered beats!
Real guitar and bass sound complete with rock drums
Rocking guitars and crunchy basses with
Vandal SE
Vandal SE, the guitar and bass amplifier with
unbelievable sound fidelity and numerous guitar
effects, will turn your songs into fantasticsounding rock hits in no time - just like the hits
of your favorite rock stars!
Give it a try, it's worth it! Vandal SE is suitable
not only for rock songs, but also for all other
music genres. It's the perfect tool for
experimenting with other instruments like
pianos, synthesizers, drums, etc.
The virtual drummer: The perfect companion
for all of your songs
Whatever you've got planned, LiViD, the virtual
drummer, won't disappoint you: From a simple
accompaniment to the guitar or breaks and fillins in your songs to the entire drum track, you'll
find the right drums for every project. And what
is more, LiViD is incredibly easy to use: Simply
switch it on, select a groove and play it. That's it!
PREMIUM! The perfect tool for sound design and mastering
Mastering Suite 3
MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium is a music and
audio software for any situation: Thanks to the
built-in Mastering Suite, every song sounds
perfect in every playback situation!
Click the sound to adjust and optimize it for the
most diverse circumstances – no matter whether
for the kitchen radio, MP3 player, for club sound,
for a CD in your car, or to play it on your own
stereo system in your living room.
Revolta 2: True sound design
Revolta 2 turns your PC into a first-class sound
laboratory. The high-performance analog
synthesizer makes anything possible, from
core bass lines to cutting lead sounds to complex
sound patterns and sequences. Experimenting
with sound becomes an experience and you can
add a personal touch to your music by adding
sounds you created yourself.
Record vocals and instruments and create your own remixes
Simply connect instruments or a microphone
and start recording
If you want to complement your songs, you can
easily record vocals and instruments and add the
recordings to existing or new music projects.
MAGIX Music Maker 17 is also the ideal software
program if you wish to edit and add effects to
your audio material, even if you don't have any
previous knowledge.
Tip! Add your own recordings to the MAGIX
Music Maker sound archive! Everything you
record is immediately available for every new
song, allowing you to add a personal touch to
your music.
Make remixes yourself
Now you can customize your favorite TV & radio
songs just the way you want and even create
your own remixes thanks to the practical remix
To help you create songs that are expressive and
versatile, MAGIX Music Maker 17 offers users
support from the very first minute. Thanks to the
remix maker and remix agent, it's easy to detect
the beat and create loops and new combinations.
PLUS! Add music videos and dub them
yourself. Simply import video clips, create your
own songs to accompany them and export
everything or publish it online on YouTube®.
NEW! Perfect sound thanks to the virtual mixer, effects and EQs
Sounds like a winner! Mix down yourself
with professional sound
Thanks to numerous studio-quality effects and
the integrated mixer, every song becomes a top
The volume of every track can be adjusted to
suit the others with the integrated mixer, and a
click adds enriching effects to make your music
more brilliant, pumping, and crystal clear!
Tip! Thanks to numerous effects and templates
that have been provided especially by pros,
everyone can find their own sound and create
the perfect mix.
IMPROVED! The most important effects for
making music at a glance
The improved FX rack displays all important
effects at a glance and guarantees perfect
The integrated effects such as the equalizer,
reverb, delay and the pitch and tempo section
turn experimenting into a real experience!
The only music program with many first-class effects
essential FX – You'll sound like a pro!
With the new essential FX effects series, any
sound or loop can be changed quickly and easily.
Effects like chorus or flanger enable exciting
tones and true sound design in your own songs.
Get the sound of the pros on your own PC now,
without any prior skill or expert knowledge!
Uncompromising sound thanks to the Vintage
Effects Suite
Vintage effects provide your sound with even
more possibilities! Make music with a personal
touch – thanks to typical effects for any musical
Plenty of professional effects templates make
using the Vintage Effects Suite child's play, and
exciting results are produced quickly.
NEW! Dive deeper into the details thanks to practical tools
Integrated MIDI editor for creating your own
For all of those who want to dive deeper into the
music making process, MAGIX Music Maker 17
offers more tools that turn it into a real all-around
solution. With the new MIDI editor you can create
your own melodies or easily customize existing
Even without previous musical knowledge, you
can easily write notes using the mouse. You'll
compose your own songs in no time at all!
Play any instrument right away with your PC
You can test and play the integrated instruments
directly with your PC keyboard. This way, you'll
find the right sound right away and can create
and record your own melodies with a simple
PLUS! Direct access to other practical
functions such as the Matrix and Drum Editor.
The software instruments can also be accessed
easily in order to customize settings and load
other sounds.
All Premium extras at a glance, incl. live performer
MAGIX Music Maker 17 Premium is the music
software that has it all!
In comparison to the classic version, MAGIX
Music Maker 17 Premium offers many additional
extras and creative options for your songs: More
sounds & loops from different music genres,
studio effects incl. optimized templates, more
instruments, a complete mastering suite, a print
studio for creating your own CD covers and
many other additional sound packs in
professional quality.
Live on stage with your music program
The Live Performer helps you produce exciting
songs in a completely new way: Play any part of
a song via computer or MIDI keyboard and
combine them in new ways like a DJ - live and in
real time!
The new timecode sync even makes it possible
to connect two PCs via MIDI and make songs
together with friends as a team! External
hardware synthesizers and groove boxes can
also be synchronized; everything is on beat with
the rhythm.
NEW! Export and publish songs
Burn demo CDs, create MP3s and much more
Find new listeners quickly – who doesn't want
that? With MAGIX Music Maker 17 you can
export your own songs in different formats such
as MP3, WAV, etc. and publish them online right
This makes it easy to transfer the songs you
create to your playlist, MP3 player, iPod™ or
mobile phone. You can also create real demo
CDs or entire albums. Your first real record deal
might just be a click away!
NEW! Upload your own songs to Twitter™,
Facebook, MySpace™ and SoundCloud® with
one click
Music is a big deal on the Internet: There's no
better place to present and distribute your music
than the world wide web.
Thanks to the new SoundCloud® upload feature,
you can upload your songs and share them with
friends on Facebook, Twitter™, MySpace™ and
PLUS! Upload and publish your own music
videos on YouTube® straight from the program.
NEW! Music for your videos, slideshows, websites, etc.
Your own songs and background music
Who wouldn't like it? Hollywood-style cinematic
sound, homemade and perfectly tailored to your
needs. It's the perfect companion for slideshows,
video clips, presentations, websites and other
multimedia projects!
MAGIX Music Maker 17 enables everyone to add
their own unique touch to their music – even
without prior skills and without long learning
Tip! Anyone who is already familiar with video or
photo software from MAGIX won't have any
problems getting started quickly with MAGIX
Music Maker 17.
NEW! The quickest way to your own song
The new assistant, "Song Maker 2", makes it
even easier and faster to create impressive
songs. Simply select a music genre, set the
length and tempo of the track and let yourself be
surprised by new exciting songs!
Ideal for:
Beginners: Anyone can create entire
songs and customize them individually
with just a few clicks
Quickly create background music for
videos, slideshows and websites
Quickly create an accompaniment for
solo instruments, vocals or rap
Online extras
Catooh – the Online Content Library is your
online sound archive. Whatever it is that you're
looking for – drum loops, instruments, vocals, or
sound effects – the program provides a direct
connection to this giant sound library and
supports every one of your song ideas with the
right material. – the Multimedia Knowledge
Community has special tips about audio
software: Get quick and direct answers to your
questions about music production: Simply write
your question into the text window and submit it
online – it won't take long to get an answer.
Share your knowledge and discuss things
with other users
Of course, you can upload your work directly to and discuss production tips and tricks.
That's not all! If you want to learn more about
new features that may be available for your video
software, or even if you want to make
suggestions about new features yourself, then
just visit our discussion groups and get tips from
Compatible with Windows® 7
State-of-the-art music software
MAGIX Music Maker 17 has been tested for
operational conformity and functional security in
Windows® 7.
The advantage: If you have upgraded to the new
Windows® operating system, you will be able to
continue to use this product as usual.
System requirements
For Microsoft® Windows® XP | Vista® | 7
Minimum system requirements:
PC with Intel® Pentium® or AMD®
Athlon™, 1 GHz or higher
512 MB (1 MB recommended)
4 GB free hard disk space
16-bit sound card
Minimum configuration:
PC with Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon®, 1 GHz, or higher
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
4 GB free hard disk space
Graphics card resolution 1024 x 768
16-bit sound card
DVD drive
Import : WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime™, MIDI, CD-A1, BMP, JPG, AVI, MXV, WMV
Export : WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime™, MIDI, CD-A, BMP, JPG, AVI, MXV, WMV
Program interface
Your benefits at a glance
For the best start...
MAGIX Music Maker offers the easiest start you can imagine!
NEW! Song Maker 2
Ideal for easy dubbing of videos & websites
NEW! New design
With many improvements to details
NEW! MAGIX Print Studio
Create your own CD covers
NEW! Music Editor 3
Detailed sound editing
PREMIUM! Live Performer
Jam together or create perfect live acts
Tutorial videos
Lean back and familiarize yourself with the software
Easy Mode
Only the most important elements are displayed on
Info Box
Learn new things while you make music
Sound Vision
All sounds at a glance
Sounds & Templates
A giant sound archive for every current style: Rock & pop, hip hop, electro, techno, house, etc.
NEW! Sounds & loops
More than 3,500 new sound loops from all genres
Instrument presets
More than 200 predefined sounds
Audio FX templates
More than 100 effects templates for tracks, objects,
Video effects
More than 50 video effects templates
You can look forward to a giant, high-quality instrument collection which will always inspire you with
new ideas.
NEW! Vita Century Keys
Top-class piano collection
NEW! Vita Saxophonia
Professional saxophone sound
PREMIUM! Vita Jazz Drums
NEW! For real Jazz sound
PREMIUM! Vita Space Pad
NEW! For atmospheric synthesizer pads
PREMIUM! BeatBox 2 Plus
New and flexible drum computer for your own beats
Vita Instruments™
Instruments with ultra-realistic sound characteristics
(guitar, drums, electric piano, power chords, electric
MIDI instruments
Diverse orchestral instrument sets
More groove machines
Robota, Drum&Bass Machine, LiViD
For atmospheric nature and other background sounds
Record & Edit
MAGIX Music Maker combines recording and editing with professional tools that are extremely
easy to use.
NEW! Integrated MIDI Editor
Composing made easy with classic piano roll, drum,
event and control editors
PREMIUM! Music Editor 3
NEW! Edit and cut recordings with sample precision
Object microscope
For detailed sound editing
Object inspector
Quickly and easily work with sound objects
PREMIUM! Recording quality
Up to 48 kHz, internal 32-bit editing – on 96 tracks
HQ timestretching algorithm
For minimum sound manipulation in real time
MAGIX Low Latency
Minimum latency times, also for ASIO-incapable sound
MAGIX Music Maker offers genuine studio effects. The practical presets make sure that you get the
best results possible, even without expert knowledge.
PREMIUM! essential FX
More from the effects series – for perfect sound
PREMIUM! High-end effects
First-class effects collection
PREMIUM! Revolta 2
True sound design
Vandal SE
Guitar amplifier with unbelievable sound fidelity
Room, reverb, plate with extremely realistic spatial
Mono delay, stereo delay, ping pong delay
Vintage Effects Suite
Chorus, flanger, distortion, analog delay and filter
Bit Machine
Sample and bitrate reduction
Compressor / Limiter
Classic compressor and limiter
Graphic 10-band EQ and parametric 4-band EQ
Incl. sidechain input
Mixing & Remixing
With the integrated mixing consule, you can keep an eye on all of your instruments, effects, and
Mixing console
Multitrack mixer with integrated effects
AUX effects paths
2 send channels
PREMIUM! Mastering Suite
Complete effects section for the master track
Remix Agent
Remix tool for tempo analysis of songs
Harmony Agent
Accord recognition and display of audio files
Publish and more
Quickly and easily publish your songs worldwide – a single click makes your music accessible on
the Internet.
NEW! Upload your own songs
To Facebook, Twitter™, MySpace™, SoundCloud, etc.
NEW! YouTube templates
Perfect preset with cover and much more
Direct YouTube™ upload
Upload songs directly from the program
Ask questions, learn, share information and find multimedia
courses. The free network.
Import | Export
Import : WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime™, MIDI, CD-A1, BMP, JPG, AVI, MXV,
Export : WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, QuickTime™, MIDI, BMP, JPG, AVI, MXV, WMV
Interfaces : ASIO, MAGIX Low Latency
System requirements
For Microsoft® Windows® XP | Vista® | 7
Minimum configuration:
PC with Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® 1 GHz and higher
Min. 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Free hard disk space: 4 GB
Graphics card resolution 1024 x 768
16-bit sound card
DVD ROM drive
Burn CDs/DVDs with a CD/DVD±R(W) burner
MP3 export with Windows Media Player 10, or higher
Note: Artist rights and ancillary publisher copyrights must be respected.
Only non copy-protected audio CDs can be imported.
* "From the market leader for multimedia software" refers to the number of software products sold
by retailers according to monthly measurement by GfK Weekly TrendSetter, GfK Charts Benelux,
France, Spain, Chart Track UK, NPD Data Charts PC/CD-ROM non-games US. January 2009 to
October 2010.
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