MAGIX Video Pro X3
New features and improvements to details compared to version 2.5
· Improved performance
· Preview rendering
· Full Stereo3D support
· New intelligent mouse mode
· Four-point cut
· Improved format support
· Additional programs
· Countless improvements to details
· New recording selection featuring a quick-start function for screen capture
· Import dialog for tapeless storage media
· Optional AVC-Intra support
· Full P2 support in the new import dialog
Various improvements to details: audio tracks can be extracted as separate tracks, advanced frameserver
plug-in support (Xara 3D, proDAD Heroglyph, Xara Designer Pro).
· Intelligent cache control for smoother timeline playback
· Intelligent skip management and playback preloading for improved playback performance
· Accelerated loading process for projects (especially for projects with many AVCHD videos)
· Accelerated importing process for multiple AVCHD files
· GPU acceleration for Stereo3D combining and anaglyph image export
· Adjustable number of tracks for parallel track optimization
· Improved use of physical RAM on 64-bit systems
Various improvements to details: acceleration in projects with hidden video tracks, loading of thumbnails
in the Media Pool in the background, accelerated miniature display for JPEG files without EXIF thumbnail in
Windows 7, photo thumbnails for display in the timeline are generated in the background, intelligent limitation
of memory requirements for cached photos, converting in MPEG-2 also possible for AVI videos with H.264
· Preview rendering in configurable intermediate format
· New intelligent mouse mode (ripple all tracks, ripple one track)
· Zooming video monitor
· Four-point cut
· Effects masks
· Efficient dialog for searching for gaps
Various improvements to details: separate highlighting of the focus object in multiple selections, inserting
from the source monitor into the timeline, simplified application of effects on multiple selections of timeline
objects, symmetrical inserting of fades, functions for selecting content of the project folder in the current
movie, recording start.
· Import MPO, images, multi-stream AVIs, Stereo3D AVIs, side-by-side material and photo or video
stereo pairs
· Real-time video monitor display of films in Stereo3D as optimized color anaglyphs or interlaced for
polarizing monitors
· Real-time shutter export in full-screen mode with NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
· Stereoscopic X3D titles
· Automatic image alignment, incl. automatic temporal alignment via audio analysis
· Keyframeable, manual alignment functions for Stereo3D footage produced with two cameras (horizontal,
vertical, rotation, video alignment)
· Depth controls (keyframing option)
· Anaglyph and side-by-side export in all formats (as file, on devices, as a disc, or to YouTube)
Details: optimization and auto recognition for Panasonic HDC-SDT750, export options for outputting only
one stereo side and for improved playback on standard media players, shutter mode can also be used in a
multi-monitor environment.
· Reduced memory requirements
· New dialog design
· New keyboard shortcuts
· The entire project folder or single content elements can be loaded/saved
· Optimized start dialog (select sample rate and optionally the automatic display of film settings)
· Complete revision of undo/restore function
· Multiple undo/redo actions in one step
· Revised functions for creating/restoring backup copies
Improvements to details: sorting function for individual movies in the project, users can jump to selected
timeline objects one after the other via menus/shortcuts, display of undo actions with clear names, adjustable
number of undo steps, additional backing up of files from self-created disc menus, simplified restore options,
revised effects area for pans without restrictions in case of black edges, preview of various effects templates
with selected object material, simplified and improved display presets, enable function for undo and caches,
overload optimization can be enabled depending on the application.
· AVCHD SmartRendering (is also supported via the file menu)
· Scalable burn tab
· Disc menus can be exchanged with Adobe Photoshop and Xara Designer Pro
· Output of disc images in hard drive folders
· Creation of Blu-ray Discs with H.264 videos
· Includes new burning software (Speed 3)
· Video export to Apple iPad
· NewBlueFX: six high-quality video effects plug-ins expand the feature range of MAGIX Video Pro X3
· proDAD Mercalli 2: professional image stabilizer
· proDAD VitaScene LE: more than 150 creative effects templates
· New DVD menus, titles, and fades
· Tutorial video
· Shortcut table as PDF (optimized for printing)
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