Philips AVENT
Cap for bottle
Classic and Advanced
Helps keeping teats clean
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Keeps teats of your Avent baby bottle clean during storage and travel.
Benefits and features:
• Seals the nipple
• For all sizes of AVENT Bottles
Ease of using Philips spare parts
• Renew your product with original Philips parts
Cap for bottle
Classic and Advanced
Replaceable part
• Fits product types: SCF625/01
• Fits product type:: SCF680, SCF683, SCF686,
SCF660, SCF663, SCF666
Country of origin
• England
What is included
• Dome cap: 1 pcs
Issue date 2012-11-05
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12 NC: 0000 000 00000
For all sizes of AVENT Bottles
Use with the AVENT Airflex Natural Feeding Bottle,
Tempo Natural Feeding Nurser and VIA Nurser.
Suitable for AVENT products only.