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Philips Norelco
SensoTouch 3D
Shaving unit
Renew for better results
To maintain the maximum performance from your Philips Norelco shaver, replace your
shaving heads every year.
A fast and close shave
• Triple-Track shaving heads with 50% more shaving surface
Follows the unique contours of your face
• Philips GyroFlex 3D system adjusts seamlessly to every curve
Sensationally smooth shaver
• SensoTouch Shavers with patented Super Lift&Cut Action
• UltraTrack heads catch every hair with just a few strokes
An electric shaver which takes care of your skin
• Aquatec seal for comfortable dry & refreshing wet shaves
• Smooth, low-friction SkinGlide to minimize irritation
Simple replacement
• Easy click off, click on
Shaving unit
Patented Super Lift&Cut Action
The low-friction SkinGlide shaving surface slides
smoothly along your skin for a close easy shave.
The Aquatec wet & dry seal lets you choose
how you prefer to shave. You can get a
comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave
using a shaving gel or foam for extra skin
The dual blade system built into our electric
shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin
level for a closer shave.
Triple-Track shaving heads
UltraTrack Shaver Heads
GyroFlex 3D Shaver
The three shaving tracks of the Triple-Track
shaving heads offer 50% more shaving surface
than standard, single track rotary shaving heads.
GyroFlex 3D contour-following heads adjust
seamlessly to every curve of your face,
minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin.
Get a close shave that minimizes skin irritation.
The shaving head has 3 specialized tracks: slots
for normal hair; channels for long or flat laying
hair; and holes for the shortest stubble on your
Easy click off, click on
Easily renew your shaving unit using our click off,
click on system.
Shaving unit
Shaving system
• Shaving unit: 1
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