Philips AVENT Non Decorated Cup SCF602/01

Non Decorated Cup
12m+ Toddler Spout
Easy transition from bottle to cup
Non-spill, easy-sip
AVENT Magic is amazingly spill-proof whether shaken, thrown in the air or left on its side,
and yet easy to drink from. The spouts with valves also fit the Feeding Bottles so they
become spill-proof too.
Benefits and features:
• Patented magic valve controls flow to avoid spillage
• Hard spout, ideal for teething babies
• Measurement scale on the cup
• Cup has few parts for easy cleaning and assembly
• Snap-on lid to keep spout clean
• Magic spouts fit all AVENT Magic Cups and Bottles
Non Decorated Cup
9oz 12m+ Toddler Spout
Country of origin
What is included
• England
• Toddler spout: 1 pcs
• Magic Cup (260 ml/ 9 oz): 1 pcs
Issue date 2010-05-20
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