Philips AVENT Tempo- Disposable System Wide pre-formed liners SCF138/10

Philips AVENT TempoDisposable System
Wide pre-formed liners
Wider shape
Easier filling and feeding
Tempo liners are strong, wide-shaped and pre-formed to make filling and feeding easier. You
enjoy the convenience of pre-sterilized, disposable liner for every feeding.
Benefits and features:
• Strong and leak free tempo liners
• Disposale system for convenience
• Disposable system
• Liner collapses for less air in baby's tummy
• Wide pre-formed liners for Tempo Nurser
Wide pre-formed liners
Country of origin
What is included
Development stages
• England
• BPA-Free
• Pre-formed, pre-sterilized liner (240 ml/ 8 oz):
100 pcs
• Stages: 0-6 months, 0 - 6 months
Issue date 2009-12-17
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