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Ulead PhotoImpact X3
Easy Photo Editing and Amazing Digital Art
Features and Benefits
Ulead® PhotoImpact® X3 combines full-featured photo editing with inspiring photo projects and amazing
digital art to make digital photography and image creativity fun, fast and easy. Quickly touch up your favorite
snaps with innovative ExpressFix editing. Use drag-and-drop layouts to create memorable photo gifts in just
minutes. Share your life and memories with family and friends, by printing, email, or Blog. Award-winning
PhotoImpact is creative photo editing software that fits your lifestyle.
Make Every Photo Special
Enhanced! ExpressFix
Automated enhancements and easy-tounderstand options put the tools you need to
instantly fix exposure, color, and composition right
at your fingertips! Beginners like the simplicity,
experienced users like the efficiency.
• NEW! Straighten tool – Quickly level images
that have been taken at an angle.
• SmartCurves – Automatically bring out
details in dark areas, without overexposing the
• Auto White Balance Control - Easily correct
your images to make colors look natural under
any kind of light.
• Reduce Noise – Automatically clean up
digital artifacts in photos shot in low light or at
high ISO settings. Especially useful for
improving pics from cell phone cameras.
• Auto-process Commands – With a few
clicks, perform further photo adjustments such
as Exposure, Focus, Beautify Skin and
Enhance Lighting.
NEW! Next-generation Crop tools
PhotoImpact now offers two easy ways to
recompose your pictures for more impact:
• Rule of Thirds Crop – Apply the classic Rule
of Thirds grid for more dynamic images.
• Golden Ratio Crop – Used throughout history
by the masters, this is a timeless tool to
compose more powerful images. It worked for
the Mona Lisa – it can work for your photos
Remove Red Eye
Easily remove red-eye from people, or correct
green/yellow eyes in animals.
NEW! Resample for Email
One-click instant resizing of photos for emailing.
NEW! Corel® MediaOne™ Plus* Digital
Media Management
Keep track of all your digital images with this
complete media management suite. Import, tag
and sort your photos and video, and find any
image fast.
• Create virtual groups, or “Smart Collections” to
keep your photos organized.
• Add descriptions and tags, to retrieve images
individually or in groups.
• Create video slideshows to send to friends
and family.
*DVD Maker not included
Digital Camera Wizard
Automatically transfer your photos from your
camera to your computer.
Enhanced! EasyPalette™
Choose from a library of 800 objects and 2,500
customizable effects. Just drag-and-drop for the
most intuitive way to apply effects.
SmartGuide – “How-to” Help
Shows you how to complete great-looking projects:
• Step-by-step directions on-screen.
• Guides for basic and advanced photo-editing,
Webpage, video and DVD menu tasks.
• Links take you directly to the tools you need.
Enhanced! Welcome Screen
Jump directly to browsing photos, photo editing, or
creating photo projects.
Enhanced! Friendly Interface
The visually appealing interface has been
simplified and made more intuitive
More Editing Power
Photo Correction Commands offer precise
image adjustment:
- Curves, Levels, Color Balance, Color
Cast, Color Replacement, Brightness
and Contrast, and Focus.
- Enhance Lighting improves exposure by
simulating fill flash or by brightening
- Lens Distortion corrects distortions
typical of wide-angle lenses.
- Sharpen focuses blurry images.
- Gaussian Blur lets you apply creative
soft-focus effects with simple, precise
Powerful Retouching
Enhance your photos using advanced
darkroom tools.
- Dodge, Burn, Remove Scratch – and
many others.
- Touch-up Tool – Easily remove skin
blemishes and unwanted image details
and objects.
Correct Chromatic Aberration
Clean up “purple fringing” sometimes found in
images taken with high-resolution, small-sized
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Combine bracketed exposures of the same
scene to create stunning images.
- Capture the full range of detail and tone in
both shadows and highlights.
- Delete elements of the scene that change
between shots.
UNIQUE! SmartRemove Scene Compositor
Compose an image with just the elements you
- Selectively paint out objects that moved
from one shot to the next
- Create “multiple-exposure”-type images or
insert a crowd where there was none
Enhanced! RAW File Support
Brighter previews, improved performance and
a greater number of supported camera
models make working with your RAW images
easier than ever.
Take Your Photos to New Places
Enhanced! The SHARE button offers easy
wizards to create fun photo projects and gifts.
Choose from over 200 customizable templates for
a wide range of ways to share your pictures.
• NEW! Calendar Wizard – Showcase your
photos in a way that is both fun and practical.
- Create fully personalized 12-month
calendars in over 20 styles.
- Mark special dates like birthdays or
anniversaries with fun icons.
• NEW! Comic Strips – The creative way to
have fun with your photos! Produce
entertaining strips starring you and your
- Choose a set of photos, and apply the
“cartoon” visual effect to make them look
- Apply a layout template, and add text or
speech bubbles.
- Create a single-panel cartoon, a 3-strip
comic, or even your own graphic novel.
• NEW! Collages – Combine a group of photos
into an attractive montage.
- Nothing to set up – choose from a range
of ready-to-use templates
- Automatically add photos and customize.
• Cards – Design personalized photo greeting
cards using a variety of templates.
- Choose attractive themes such birthdays,
family, weddings and holidays.
Enhanced! COOL 360 Panorama-maker
Now fully integrated into PhotoImpact, seamlessly
combine a series of photos in a horizontal or even
vertical panorama.
My Wallpaper
Easily turn your images into desktop wallpaper.
• Crop for a perfect fit to your screen size
• Automatically export as tiled or centered
Save for Mobile
Show off your family pics on your mobile phone,
PDA, or other portable device.
• Templates make it easy to crop and correctly
resize for popular devices.
Blog and Web Page Templates
Share your life in the online world. Design your
own Blog and Web pages easily and quickly with
ready-to-use, customizable templates.
Create Amazing Digital Art
NEW! & UNIQUE! Cloud Pen
Say goodbye to dull skies! Paint natural-looking
clouds or add fun effects.
• Choose from cumulus, cirrus, and stratus
cloud types.
• Get creative with fantasy cloud animals,
skywriting or smoke signals.
Path Tool
Create 2D & 3D shapes and objects such as
arrows, speech bubbles and logos.
• Create your own or choose from 100s of
ready-to-use objects.
• Adjust color, shape, transparency, and 3D
• Combine objects with unique Z-Merge for
powerful virtual-3D image depth control.
BONUS! Corel® Painter™ Essentials 3 Full
A complete home art studio - for novices and
experts alike.
• Draw or paint original artwork, or enhance
your photos with paint effects.
• Breathtaking Natural-Media® watercolor and
oil-paint brushes behave just like the real thing!
• Automatically turn your photos of kids, travel,
or weddings into stunning paintings – in 3
easy steps!
Creative Photographic Filters
Choose from 100’s of optical effects, textures and
lighting effects to add flair to your photos.
Object Extraction Wizard
Professionally extract objects in minutes! Just
paint around the edge of your subject, extract and
refine. Three steps and you’re done.
Soft Edge on Objects
Add soft edges for striking montages and smooth
alpha-channel video graphic overlays.
Transform Tool
Correct or modify images and objects with robust
transform features.
• Includes Straighten, Resize, Distort, Add
Perspective and Rotate in Virtual 3D.
Text Tool
Add text with exciting colors, outlines, drop
shadow and even 3D effects.
• Wrap, bend, and distort 2D & 3D text with
freehand paths.
Graphics Tools for Video Enthusiasts
NEW! Slideshow Prep Wizard
Make sure your photos look their best in a DVD
• Choose from a selection of sophisticated
frames, drop-shadow and color-gradient
background styles.
• Add date/time labels, and batch process.
• Import your photos into Ulead VideoStudio®
or DVD MovieFactory® to create your
NEW! DVD Content Sets
Present your video projects like a pro. Design and
print DVD labels and case covers that match
menus in DVD MovieFactory® and VideoStudio®.
Component Designer
Create Web and video objects in 3 easy steps.
• Ready to use templates help you produce
custom lower-third graphics, rollover buttons
and banners.
Save Images for Video
Generate GIF & PNG images with transparency
for video overlays, logos or lower-thirds.
Enhanced! DVD Menu Maker plug-in
Create your own custom DVD menus and publish
directly to DVD MovieFactory® 5 and 6, and
VideoStudio® 10 and 11. Even design HD menus!
System Requirements
• Intel® Pentium® III, AMD® Athlon™ 800 or
above CPU
• 512 MB RAM (for Windows® XP), 1 GB RAM
(for Windows Vista™)
• Windows® XP Service Pack 2 Home Edition /
Professional, Windows® XP Media Center
Edition, Windows® XP Professional x64
Edition, Windows Vista™ Operating System
• 750 MB available hard drive space for main
program and content files
• An additional 320 MB available hard drive
space for bonus programs
• True Color or Hi-Color display adapter with
1024x768 resolutions or higher
• CD-ROM Drive
File Format Support
SCI, SCT, SHG, SVG (output), TGA, TIF,
Digital Device Support
• Digital cameras, USB card readers,
TWAIN/WIA compliant scanners
• Pressure-sensitive graphics tablets
RAW Format Support
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