Philips DailyDuo
Stick vacuum cleaner
Fresh and clean every day
Liquid blue
Elegant and easy-to-use 2-in-1
Enjoy a clean feeling every day with the Philips DailyDuo. This 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner
is cordless and helps you to clean both floors and furniture, with its easy detachable
handheld. It is always around for your quick daily cleaning!
Always at hand
• Designed to fit your home for having it always at hand
Cleaning of both floors and furniture
• 2-in-1 functionality for cleaning both floors and furniture
Easy removal of handheld with one hand
• QuickDraw release system for easy removal of handheld
Instant parking anywhere
• Self-standing parking position for instant parking anywhere
Freedom to clean everywhere
• Cordless operation for freedom to clean everywhere
Stick vacuum cleaner
Liquid blue
Designed to fit your home
Self-standing parking position
• Color: Liquid blue
• Design features: Translucent dust chamber
The design of the product - both in shape and in
colors - has been made in such a way that it fits into
your home.
2-in-1 functionality
The stick has a convenient parking position to stay
upright, both with and without the handheld.
Therefore, you can instantly park the stick anywhere
you want, also while you are cleaning.
Cordless operation
Battery voltage: 16.8 V
Battery type: NiMH
Input power (max): 100 W
Suction power (max): 17 W
Vacuum (max): 4 kPa
Airflow (max): 850 l/min
Runtime: 20 minute(s)
Charging time: 7 hour(s)
Noise level (Lc IEC): <84 dB
• Dust capacity: 0.5 l
• Filter system: Cyclonic HEPA filter sytem
Nozzles and accessories
• Accessories: Brush, Crevice tool
• Accessories storage: In charging base
• Other accessories: Charging base
Dimensions & weight
• Weight: 3.3 kg
• Packaging dimensions (LxWxH): 225 x 235 x
625 mm
• A-box dimensions (LxWxH): 465 x 245 x 640 mm
• Appliances per A-box: 2
The 2-in-1 functionality gives you both a stick and a
handheld vacuum cleaner in one, to easily clean both
floor and furniture.
The rechargeable batteries for cordless operation
give you freedom to clean everywhere.
QuickDraw release system
AutoOff charging system
With the QuickDraw release system you can easily
remove the handheld from the stick with only one
hand, so you can quickly switch between using the
stick and the handheld.
The AutoOff charging system automatically shuts off
when the batteries are fully charged, and therefore
saves energy that other systems waste.
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