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4082-5_7pc_Groming Set_IM copy
Instruction Manual for
7pc Grooming Set
Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer
Read through this entire instruction manual BEFORE using your
7pc Grooming Set.
Trimmer Frame
On/Off Switch
Trimmer Body
Battery Cover
B) Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer
1. The Nose Trimmer is designed to remove unwanted hair from the nose or ear areas.
2. Gently approach the area to be trimmed. Never force the Nose Trimmer into nose or
ear cavities as this can result in injury.
3. If you experience any pain or discomfort when using this product STOP using it
4. Always clean the clipper after use and use the cap to protect the Nose Trimmer
Safety Instructions
This trimmer is an electrical device; please pay attention to the following safety
1. Only use the trimmer as described in this manual.
2. Ensure tight fit of the cutting head.
3. Not suitable for children and keep out of reach of children.
4. The trimmer heads are washable. They can be cleaned easily and safely under
running water.
5. Do not immerse the trimmer body in water.
6. Check trimmer for mechanical damages and replace if necessary. Never use a
damaged trimmer as it may result in injury.
Note: Remove batteries when you want to discard unit.
Sideburn Trimmer
Installing The Battery In Your Trimmer
1. Turn the battery cover left until the cover comes off.
2. Insert 1 ‘AA’ battery according to indicated polarity.
3. Replace battery cover and turn to the right until cover locks into place.
Changing Trimmer Heads
1. Turn trimmer head to the left and pull off to remove.
2. Slide correct trimmer head onto the trimmer frame.
3. Turn trimmer head to the right until it locks into place.
Using Your Trimmer
(A) Sideburn Trimmer
You can use this attachment for smaller areas such as hairlines and sideburns.
Hold the trimmer so the shaver screen gently touches your skin. Avoid holding the
trimmer at an angle. This will distort the screen and may cause some skin irritation.
Outer Foil
Outer Foil Release Buttons
Foil Frame
Foil Frame Release Button
Switch Lock Button
On/Off Switch
Charge Status Light
Sideburn Trimmer
Sideburn Trimmer Switch
Cleaning Brush
1. Insert the adapter end of the charger into the bottom of the shaver. Plug the charger
into an electrical outlet. The charging indicator light will come on, showing that the
unit is charging. The light will not turn off once charging is complete. Please be
aware of the charging time.
2. Normal charging time is 2 hours. (Note: Charging for less than 2 hours might cause
damage to the battery and shorten the battery life.)
3. Charging power: AC 220V – 240V, 50 HZ.
4. Make sure battery is completely drained before charging. Charging before the
battery is drained can shorten battery life.
5. Charging time should not exceed 5 hours as this may affect the
life of the battery and damage the line.
6. The shaver can be used for approximately 7 shaves after a
completed charge.
Using Your Shaver
1. Remove the blade cover. Push down the on/off switch and slide the switch up into
the ON position. Gently touch the shaver foil to the skin and move slowly in the
opposite direction of hair growth. Stretching skin tightly will help obtain a closer
shave. Once you are finished shaving, slide the switch down to the OFF position
and replace the blade cover.
2. Because this is a washable electric shaver, you may shave using shaving cream for
better effect.
3. Make sure to clean after use to prolong blade life.
Using Your Pop Up Trimmer
1. Locate the trimmer on the back of the shaver. Slide the trimmer piece up all the way.
Turn the unit on by pushing the on/off button and sliding the switch to the ON position.
2. Softly touch the trimmer to skin, holding the unit so the trimmer blades are at a right
angle to the skin.
3. After use, turn the unit to OFF, slide the trimmer down and replace the cover.
1. Make sure unit is disconnected from any external power source.
2. Push the 2 buttons on both sides of the outer
foil cover to release. Remove the outer cover.
Using the included cleaning brush, remove all
hair and dirt from inside the foil cover and
blade area.
3. Blades and foils can be washed under water.
Do not wash shaver body under water.
4. After cleaning, assemble the unit and place cover
back onto the unit.
*Do not press the net shelter.
*Do not pry open the net shelter with screwdriver.
*Do not use if the rotating screen is damaged.
Safety Instructions
This shaver is an electrical device; please pay attention to the following safety
1. Only use the shaver as described in this manual.
2. Not suitable for children and keep out of reach of children.
3. The blades and foils are washable. They can be cleaned easily and safely under
running water.
4. Do not immerse the shaver body in water.
5. Check shaver for mechanical damages and replace if necessary. Do not use the
shaver if the rotating screen is damaged. Never use a damaged shaver as it may
result in injury.
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may call toll-free at 1-800-261-1193.
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