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Human attention is a valuable asset. Does a patient
receive the wrong or the right medication? Was the
correct spare part installed in a machine? Is a visitor
authorised to enter the VIP area or not? Does an express package make it on board the flight from Munich
to New York? Good or poor legibility of a printed label,
especially under time pressure, can have serious consequences.
Colour is an effective
Colour is a reliable way of warning
about danger. Colourfully accentuated warning and danger messages
are clearly and unmistakably understood, even under time pressure.
Colour is understood
Colour helps you communicate complex content at a glance. Highlight
the facts. Set priorities. Differentiate
among groups and categories.
Colour highlights your
brand and your image
Colour ensures that logos are recognised, thereby triggering positive emotions: Trust in your brand and good
memories of earlier experiences.
In healthcare, logistics, trade, industry and marketing, the Epson TMC3400 colour label printer covers a
wide variety of new applications for
reliable visual identification using
Use it to print a wide range of formats, materials and surfaces on
demand. Would you like to have
individual labels or 1,000 labels at
once? No problem. Save on the cost
of expensive pre-printed stock and
produce your colour labels yourself
on an as-needed basis.
Events & Ticketing
Colour labels make a valuable
contribution to the improvement of
process quality in the healthcare
system. Colour helps identify patients
and medications, highlights important auxiliary information in medical
charts, and improves the visibility of
chargeable services, thereby helping
to ensure their proper and complete
Personalised, colourful wristbands
are a valuable tool for reliable access
control at major events. Customised
tickets issued to individuals guard
against counterfeits, and colour can
be used to create unique and attractive designs.
Coloured dispatch labels help you
select from different groups and
categories rapidly and reliably. Warnings about sensitive or hazardous
packages leap out at you instantly
thanks to colour.
Air travel
Colour facilitates industrial manufacturing processes simply and cost-efficiently. Colour labels help employees in
the automotive industry, for example,
to identify and assign different components reliably, even under stressful
conditions. Sources of error are reduced in this way.
Information highlighted by means
of colour develops the huge sales
promotion potential of price labels in
retail business. Whether for advertising material, or as useful additional
information colour is a proven way of
increasing turnover and sales margin.
In addition to automatic inspection
by machines, boarding cards and
baggage labels often have to be visually inspected as well. Colour-coded
priorities and personal ID photos,
for example, increase security in the
identification of baggage and passengers.
Take advantage of the many new possibilities offered by the
rapid desktop inkjet label printer. As an event promoter or
ticket distributor, your Epson TM-C3400 constitutes your own
“in-house print shop”. Reliable, extremely easy to operate
and satisfyingly economical. A single desktop system is all
it takes to print up to 1,000 colour labels per hour.
Here’s how to protect
yourself against ticket
Highest security for your
major event
Tickets bear both monetary value
and brand imagery. More and more
event promoters are personalising
their admission tickets, as a preven­
tative measure against the black
market and also for a more appealing
visual impression. Colour draws the
eye’s attention to the personalised
element (e. g. the name of the visitor)
and makes it easier for your staff
to verify identification rapidly and
reliably. In addition, colour opens up
a wide variety of attractive design
options enabling you to customise
your tickets. This also allows you to
include optimal advertising space for
sponsors on your tickets. Epson pigment inks ensure significantly enhanced
permanency compared to thermal
printing processes, which is ideal for
tickets exposed to sunlight or moisture.
Personalised wristbands are an
effective tool for the reliable, fast
and cost-effective identification of
people at concerts, sporting events,
festivals, open air performances, TV
productions or at hotel and holiday
resorts. With the Epson TM-C3400
colour label printer, you can in­
crease the security of conventional
ID wristbands through personalisation and colour. This helps your staff
recognise at first glance, whether the
wearer is authorised to enter areas
reserved for visitors, personnel or
VIPs, for example. Change the design
for each new event, and counterfeiters don’t have a chance.
Use colourfully printed wristbands and tickets in a broad range of applications:
Trade shows and conferences
(exhibition tags)
Concerts and festivals (wristbands)
Resorts and amusement parks (IDs)
ar parks parking spaces
(car park tickets)
Sporting events (admission tickets)
TV productions
(admission tickets for the audience)
Europe’s hospitals and clinics are investing in solutions
for the error-free identification of patients and to improve
process quality. Colourfully printed labels represent a
small investment with a large impact. Colour protects life
and health when doctors and carers have to make crucial
decisions under time pressure.
Patient wristband:
Injections and infusions:
Medical controlling:
Ensure correct allocation Label your preparations
by means of a photo
Charge costly medications correctly
Printed wristbands with barcode and
text can be used to identify patients
reliably. In many hospitals, they are
used not only for specific groups
(e. g. infants, intensive care patients),
but also for all in-patients. Patient
wristbands lower the risk of mix-ups,
and the associated treatment or medication error. You can use a colour
ID photo to identify unresponsive
or anaesthetised patients as well as
children, thereby assigning the right
medications and therapies to them.
Hospitals and clinics can lose large
sums of money when elective ser­
vices or very expensive medications
are not charged completely. Staff
work under time pressure and devote
their full attention to the patient. If
your organisation fails to document
elective services seamlessly, then
you lose money. Colour labels give
your staff a clear visual indication –
from the moment that drugs are
dispensed that certain high-priced
medications have to be carefully
In the operating room, at the intensive
care station and in the emergency
room, certain applications require the
preparation of injections and infusions a short time in advance. It is
possible that the medication drawn
up into a syringe loses its original label. Colour labels that can be printed
on demand help your staff declare the
contents according to the “click and
paste” principle – quickly and conveniently. This method saves time while
substantially raising your process
The major benefits at a glance:
Data privacy
Print up to 10,000 labels* with a
single ink cartridge. Conventional
thermal printers consume ink ribbons as large as a complete label,
even if you only print a single line.
Inkjet printing is considerably more
efficient in this case. Integrated as
standard, the auto cutter trims rolls or
continuous paper according to your
specifications. This means you avoid
unnecessary wastage of paper and do
not need to store different label sizes
and colours.
The Epson TM-C3400 colour label
printer is a master of versatility. Use it
to print a large selection of different
formats, materials and surfaces: labels,
wristbands, tickets, continuous paper,
pre-punched paper, high gloss, satin
finish, media width 30 to 112 mm.
Transfer printers leave printed data as
a negative image on the ink ribbon, so
used ink ribbons need to be disposed
of carefully. This is not an issue with
an inkjet printer.
The Epson TM-C3400 is the fastest
desktop inkjet label printer available
today. It prints up to 1,000 labels per
hour, depending on the size.
Do you need printed material that
lasts for an exceptionally long time?
Do your labels need to withstand
wiping? Epson pigment inks ensure
excellent permanency compared to
thermal printing processes. This
system is ideal for labels exposed to
sunlight and moisture or for labels
used in medical applications – ones
cleaned with disinfectant solutions,
for example.
Place the Epson TM-C3400 on a shelf
or under a counter to save space. It
is the only inkjet label printer with all
operating elements positioned on
the front face. Consumables can be
replaced in the front in a few simple
steps. The powerful software and
driver support including SDK enables
you to perform central administration
and configuration of large installations with up to 64 printers.
* Label 25 x 50 mm, 25% colour coverage, even colour distribution, 300 labels per day.
Economical and flexible. Colour labels
Continuous paper overleaf access further
extends the range of applications.
Extremely easy replacement of cartridges and
paper thanks to front-facing controls allows
installation under a counter, for example.
Power LED
Error message display LED
Ink supply status display LED
Paper supply status display LED
Auto cutter button
Paper feed button
Environmental protection
Unlike thermal printers or other inkjet
technologies, Epson Piezo printing
technology requires no heating of
components. This means energy
consumption is extremely low, both
during printing and in stand-by
mode. Plus, consistent compliance
with the technical stand­ards RoHS
(Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Directive) and WEEE (Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment Directive)
ensures continued contribution to
the protection of our environment.
The space-saving integrated PS-180 power
supply has already proven itself millions of
times over.
The TM-C3400 is available in a USB and a
network version.
Epson TM-C3400
Print method
Serial inkjet dot matrix (Max. 720 dpi × 360 dpi)
Print fonts
Not equipped with print fonts; prints all data as the graphic data
This printer does not have a barcode / two-dimensional symbol encoding function.
Following barcode / two-dimensional symbol data (graphic data) are provided by the
EPSON Windows driver.
Barcodes: UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN13(EAN), JAN8(EAN), Code39, ITF, Codabar, Code93,
Code128, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Truncated, GS1 DataBar
Limited, GS1 DataBar Expanded
2-dimensional symbols: PDF417, QR Code, Maxi Code, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1
DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked, Composite Symbology,
DataMatrix, Aztec
USB 2.0 or Ethernet IEEE 802.3
Print speed
Max. 92 mm / sec. (printing width: 56 mm, 360 dpi × 180 dpi, bi-directional printing)
For detailed specifications please refer to the separate specification file
Basic Spec:
Plain paper, Fine paper, Continuous paper
Width: 30 to 108 mm (Paper width) Thickness: 0.085 ~ 0.151 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Continuous label
Width: 25.4 to 108 mm (label width) Thickness: 0.128 ~ 0.195 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Die-cut label
Width: 25.4 to 108 mm (label width) Thickness: Plain paper: 0.128 mm, Fine paper: 0.145 mm
Plain paper, Fine paper, Fan-fold continuous paper
Width: 50 to 108 mm (Paper width) Thickness: 0.119 ~ 0.151 mm
TM-C3400 colour label printer
Besides a large product range
of inkjet printers, Epson also
offers thermal label printers
for the commercial trade and
service sectors.
Plain paper, Fine paper, Die-cut or Fan-fold label paper with black marks
Width: 46 to 108 mm (label width) Thickness: 0.145 ~ 0.161 mm
Wristband for direct print
Roll paper or Fan-fold paper
Width: 30 mm (Paper width)
Printing width
Max. 104 mm
Ink cartridge
SJIC15P (3-color combined, pigment ink)
Power supply
Embedded AC adapter
Power consumption
Operating: Approx. 26 W Stand by: Approx. 5 W
MTBF: 75,000 hours, MCBF: 9.8 mio lines
Full cut auto cutter included
Overall dimensions (mm)
255 (W) × 275 (D) × 261 (H)
Mass (Approx.)
ca. 10.0 kg
EMC standards
VCCI class B, FCC class B, CE marking
Safety Standards
UL / CSA / TÜV (EN60950-1)
Operating System
Microsoft Windows® 2000 SP4, Microsoft Windows® XP SP3, Microsoft Windows® 2003 R2
SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista® SP1 (Only 32 bit Version support)
For further information please contact your local Epson office or visit
EPSON Europe B.V. • Otto-Hahn-Str. 4 • D-40670 Meerbusch • Tel. +49 (0)1805/377661
All features and specifications described are subject to change without notice.
When Epson products are used for applications requiring high reliability/safety such as transportation devices related to aviation, rail, marine,
automotive etc.; disaster prevention devices; various safety device etc; or functional/precision device etc., you should use the products
only after giving consideration to inclusion of fail-safes and redundancies into your design to maintain safety and total system reliability.
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