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Sandberg Wireless USB Headset
The Sandberg Wireless USB Headset makes the irritating cord hanging
from one headphone on traditional headsets redundant. It gives you
ultimate freedom of movement, enabling you to listen and speak
wirelessly in a radius of up to 10 metres from your computer.
Installation and charging batteries are both easy and quick. Simply
insert the small USB transmitter into the computer, and the devices
are instantly connected. Charging can be done either via USB or in a
power point using the adapter provided. The headset is equipped with
40 mm queen-size speaker units to give you brilliant sound. The
headset can also be used as a wireless receiver when connected to
external speakers or stereo systems using the audio cable included.
English user guide.
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Komputer for Alle says:
"Remarkably better quality than most headsets we are testing. Great audio
og great range."