The Board are delighted to inform you of the next step in the ongoing

The Board are delighted to inform you of the next step in the ongoing
The Board are delighted to inform you of the next step in the ongoing
refurbishment/improvement programme of the club house. This involves the installation of
a large screen High Definition (HD) television to replace the existing very old projection unit
and screen.
As many of you will be aware, the old projection unit and screen allowed the club to show
various major sporting events including amongst others, tennis from Wimbledon, World Cup
football and Rugby International Tournaments. Although the unit has provided excellent
service to the club, recently members have commented on the now very poor-quality
picture generated by the projection unit which has led to many members preferring to
watch such events away from the club.
In order to remedy this issue, the Board have approved the purchase and subsequent
installation of a large screen HD TV. This decision was taken after weighing up the various
advantages and disadvantages of either simply replacing the projection unit with a modern
equivalent, or to take this opportunity to change to a large screen HD TV. Given the recent
advances in HD TV’s and the large drop in prices of TV’s, the Board believes that
replacement of the projection unit with a TV is the right action to take. It should be noted
that a replacement projection unit to provide a good quality picture is likely to cost some 3
to 4 times more than the simple purchase and installation of a TV.
Thought has also been given to the most appropriate location of the TV, and the Board,
after informal consultation with a number of club members believe that the current location
of the projection unit screen provides the most favourable viewing position for the
maximum number of people. Consequently, the new TV will be located approximately
where the current screen is located when dropped.
This will require a minor re-location of the Championship Boards which will remain located
on the same wall as at present, but with 2 boards to the right of the screen and 2 boards to
the left.
I’m sure that you will agree that this will be a major improvement to the current facilities
offered to our members and users of the club house. The Board also hopes that the
installation will result in many more members taking up the option of watching major
sporting events at the club house and will lead to additional revenue taken at the bar for the
benefit of the club and its members.
Installation is scheduled to take place on the morning of Tuesday 13th June and whilst the
contractor will minimise any disruption to members, there is likely to be some minor noise
associated with the installation. The Board apologise for this minor inconvenience but are
sure that the benefits will far outweigh any such inconvenience.
The Board will continue to keep you informed of further stages in the
refurbishment/improvement programme of the club house.
Kurt Hart
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