Make Tooth Brushing FUN for Toddlers!

Make Tooth Brushing FUN for Toddlers!
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Make Tooth Brushing FUN for Toddlers!
The trick to getting a toddler to do “anything” is to make it FUN!
Many parents have endured a “battle royale” trying to convince an
unruly toddler to brush their teeth every day. Most toddlers are
mainly interested in having fun and they often view tooth brushing
as an unwelcome interruption to play time. However, if handled
creatively, the tooth brushing routine can become an enjoyable
bonding experience for both parent and child.
Tip #1 – Let your child watch you brush your teeth
Children learn by observation and imitation. The simple act of
watching you brush and floss will encourage the child to happily do
the same.
Tip #2 – Sing a “Tooth Brushing” Song
Kids love to sing and play! So singing a special song at tooth
brushing will make the chore seem more like a fun game. Create an
easy to remember song which the child can sing along with.
Tip #3 – Let the child select their own toothbrush and toothpaste
Children like to be involved in making independent choices. If the
toothbrush is a cartoon character they are excited about and the
toothpaste is a flavour they love, they will likely look forward to
tooth brushing time.
Tip #4 – Use a Reward System
Children appreciate the value of positive incentives. Since each
child is unique you may need to experiment with what really
motivates your child. Some children may respond best to verbal
praise and hugs while others get a kick out of gold star stickers.
Although it may be easy for adults to understand that brushing
their teeth is a good idea; it can be more difficult to convince
toddlers. However a creative and fun-focused strategy can usually
foster a cooperative attitude in even the most rebellious toddlers.
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