be.ez LA garde robe Chic Marine

robe 13
The perfect companion of
LA robe MacBook Pro 13 sleeve
Chic Marine
Adding to the acclaimed style and protection of LA robe, the top-selling sleeve for
Apple laptops, LA garde robe offers
lightweight solution to carry your MacBook (Pro) 13 in its be.ez sleeve along
with its charger, A4 documents, and all
the small necessities for a quick meeting
in your favorite café.
Forget the cumbersome and redundancy
of other bags, in only 375g, LA garde robe
is the smart choice to take LA robe sleeve
on a walk outside.
Custom-fit LA robe MacBook Pro 13
...and : MacBook (Pro) charger, A4 documents,
wallet, pens, keys, cards, passport...
All your most important items on the go.
Outside dimensions: 36 x 26 x 4 cm
Fit inside: LA robe MBP13, approx. 36 x 26
x 4 cm (loaded with MBP13) + accessories.
Feat. LA garde robe Marine / Azur
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