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12big rack fibre/serial
Drive Installation
Installation du disque • Installazione dell’unita • Laufwerksinstallation
Instalación de la unidad • Drive-installatie • Instalação da Unidade
Quick Install Guide
Guide d’installation rapide
Guida d’installazione rapida
Guía de instalación rápida
Snelle installatiegids
Guia de Instalação Rápida
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LaCie 12big rack fibre/serial
Quick Install Guide
Drive Installation
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4. The camming foot on the base of the carrier will
engage into a slot in the enclosure. Continue to push
firmly until the handle fully engages. A click should be
heard as the latch engages and holds the handle closed
(see Figure 4).
Installing Drives
Caution: All drive bays must be fitted with either a drive
carrier or dummy carrier module. No bays should be left empty.
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1. Ensure the anti-tamper lock is disengaged (see Figure 2).
Figure 3: Installing a Drive Carrier (2)
Figure 1: Drive Anti-Tamper Lock
2. Release the carrier handle by pressing the latch in the
handle towards the right and insert the carrier into
the enclosure.
3. Gently slide the carrier all the way into the enclosure
until it is stopped by the camming lever on the right of
the carrier (see Figure 3).
Figure 2: Installing a Drive Carrier (1)
5. Carefully insert the anti-tamper lock key provided into
the cutout in the handle and rotate the key in a clockwise direction until the red indicator is visible in the
aperture beside the key (see Figure 2).
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