Philips HQ101 shaver accessory

Shaving head cleaning fluid
For a clean shave
1 refill bottle of 150 ml cleaning fluid for Philishave shaving heads, suitable for 3-headed
and 2-headed shavers.
Use only with HQ100 Action Clean
• Speed-XL shaving heads: for a fast and close shave
Thoroughly cleans the shaving heads
• Excellent hygienic performance
• Cleans thoroughly
Shaving head cleaning fluid
Excellent hygienic performance
• Closed box
Excellent hygienic performance
Cleans thoroughly
Cleans thoroughly
Speed-XL shaving heads
The three shaving tracks offer 50% more shaving
surface for a fast and close shave. *Compared to
standard rotary shaving heads.
Issue date 2010-01-12
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