Reference 52
The standard – in every sense.
200 Hz technology for the most
outstanding images ever.
52 inches with a sleek 60 mm profile.
Exclusive design shows timeless style.
Technical information
24p motion picture display
Brightness cd/m²: 500
Contrast panel
Contrast ratio dynamic: 30.000 : 1
Contrast ratio static: 5.000 : 1
Contrast sensor
Format options: 16 : 9, 4 : 3, Panorama, Cinema, Zoom
Fully digitised signal processing
Horizontal and vertical viewing angle: 178° / 178°
Image resolution: 1.920 x 1.080
Image+ Active
Picture format: 16 : 9
Picture frequency: 200Hz
Response time: 5 ms
Screen diagonal in cm: 131
Vertical image correction
Dolby Digital® [1]
Output in Watts (music/sine): 4x40/20
Sound+ with CRX® sound system
Subwoofer Out
Two-channel stereo sound
Audio standard: Two-channel FM / AM, Nicam
Colour standard: PAL, Secam, NTSC, NTSC-V, PAL-V (60 Hz)
DVB-T / DVB-C / DVB-S 2 / Multi-standard (analogue)
Decoding System Audio: MPEG
Decoding System Video: MPEG 2/MPEG 4
Tuner: DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2; DVB-T, DVB-C; analogue:
cable, antenna [4]
Automatic station identification
DVB radio
EPG [2]
Internet radio via Network Mediaplayer
Automatic Channel Programming (ACP)
Automatic Signal Switch (ASS)
Automatic Volume Control (AVC) [3]
Automatic shut-off
Channel identification
Content-sensitive help
Current TV Programme [2]
DR+ / storage capacity 500 GB
Digital Link, Digital Link Plus, Digital Link HD
Electronic Instruction Manual
Electronic Program Guide (EPG): (analogue/digital) [2]
Article number EAN
Favourites lists: 6
Languages / Menu: 18
NexTView-Link [2]
On Screen Display (OSD) in foreign languages:
Parental Lock
Personalised teletext with direct access to bookmarked
Power switch
Programme positions (incl. AV and radio): 4.000
Remote control: Assist Media
Standard values can be stored individually
Teletext: TOP-/FLOF-Videotext/Level 2.5
Teletext page memory: 2.000
Video Timer
Colour options
Aluminium Silver
Antenna DVB-S2: 2x, DVB-T/C: 2x, analogue: 2x
Audio In (Cinch)
Audio Link
Audio Out, controlled: constantly selectable
Common Interface with CI+ Standard: 2
Component (YUV) input
Digital-Audio Out (Cinch): 1
Euro-AV to Euro-AV copy function
Euro-AV/Scart total: 2
Euro-AV/Scart, of which the following number are
Component Video Input-ready: 1
Euro-AV/Scart, of which the following number are
RGB-ready: 1
Euro-AV/Scart, of which the following number are
S-VHS/Hi8-ready: 2
Front AV Video-/S-VHS, Hi-8 ready: 1 / 1
Front-AV to Euro-AV copy function
HDMI including HDCP: 2
Headphones (3.5 mm jack)
Motor control
Network Media Player
Network connection
RS 232 C
Side AV Video-/S-VHS, Hi-8 ready
USB: 2x
Video In (cinch)
WLAN antenna: 2x internal
Set-up solutions: Floor Panel Reference, Floor Panel
Reference Medium [5]
Wall Mount: Wall Mount Reference 52
Annual power in kWh: 323
Mains voltage: 220 - 240V / 50/60Hz
Power consumption in standby mode in watts: 0,7
Power consumption in watts when the set is turned off: 0
Rated wattage to EN 62087 (2009): 250
VDE-safety standard (inspection seal)
Weight (approx.) in kg: 59,4
Weight (net) in kg: 59,0
Technical specifications, delivery conditions, and other
information are subject to change without notice.
[1] Dolby is a registered trademark of the Dolby Laboratories Licensing
[2] Works only with channels broadcasting service
information/NexTView data.
[3] Function depends on signal format emitted by station.
[4] DVB-S/S2 not available with UK Freeview.
[5] Not contained in the delivery package, available under the article
number: Floor Panel Reference: 68482B00; Floor Panel Reference
Medium: 69438B00