The PM -100
The PM- 100 Modular Production Mixer
* There is only one universal input module which has been Stereo inserts provided at either end of the crossfader to
cleverly designed to accept input sources of virtually any allow the connection of external filters, processors, etc.
type. A rapid action lever switch on the front panel Priority input to help comply with fire regulations.
selects between 2 sources. ! :
Ihe master module can be placed in any position in the
mixer - right, left, centre, etc to suit the individual
VCA controlled crossfader and contour control. operator.
2 independent headphone monitoring sections.
The output module contains all the electronics required for the various mix and output stages along with the monitoring and VU meter sections,
This Is a very versatile module which gives total control of all the facilities available and it can be placed in any position in the mixer to suit the
individual user. Most of the connections are on the rear of the unit.
Visual monitoring is provided by a stereo 24 segment led bar graph meter. programme mix to the AUX 2 output. This provides yet another zone
Extensive monitoring options are provided via a monitor balanced control output should this be required.
and split cue switch. Two powerful stereo headphone amplifiers BOOTH
Adjusts the level of the booth input which is a mix of music
are incorporated which are designed to drive headphones of 32
ohms or greater. The main phones output is situated on the top
channels only.
right hand of the front panel. A second
Routes the main phones signal to the booth output so that
output on the rear panel can be configured
to provide for a second operator to have
all the phones monitoring facilities become available on the
independent monitoring facilities via the
AUX? buss.
booth outputs
-_ gy -
A 12 volt socket is provided to fit a lamp for
A 45mm crossfader controlling studio quality V.CAs
working illumination, [voltage controlled amplifiers) to improve crossfader life
and ensure good attenuation at the ends of travel, All
A.V.O. (Automatic Voice Over)
stereo inputs are fully assignable to the crossfade
When activated any microphone signal present
Allows the operator to adjust the crossfader
will dim the music signals to allow talk over
The amount the music is dimmed is determined
by the attenuation control. The adjacent
sensitivity control sets the triggering level of
AUX RET (Auxiliary Return)
A basic stereo input configured to accept
characteristics to suit personal taste, from a gentle fade
between A and B to a more aggressive fade toward the
ends of the fader.
balanced or unbalanced input signals via 2 x 1/4% A fast momentary action push button is fitted to
3 pole jack sockets provide rapid switching effects,
Sets the output level of the main balanced
Sockets are provided for the connection of external
. signal processing equipment.
output available via 3 pole XLR connectors on the Hen N y dde
rear panel
MONO 2 pairs of gold plated phono sockets are provided. One
Allows the master output to be operated in mono mode, pair provides the complete programme mix; the other
pair provides the mix of music sources only.
Provides a mono output for driving a sub bass
Almost identical to the main output except that the signals
not available to the monitoring section and no insert sockets are
‘ loudspeaker system. Allows frequencies be 0
provided. The output may also be used in mono or stereo as set bya udspeaker system. Allows trequencics below 70H
rear mounted push switch located between the XLR sockets. to pass through. An internal jumper allows higher bass output if
Adjusts the output level of the signals derived from the Aux 1 sends on the LIGHTING TRIGGER
input modules A mono fully floating transformer isolated trigger output provides safe
connection to lighting equipment.
Adjusts the output level of the signals derived from the Aux 2 sends on the PRIORITY
input modules. A priority input with adjacent level trim control and triggering socket are
provided to help comply with fire regulations. Internal jumpers provide the
option to mute all signals or leave mic signals active and introduce the
An illuminated push button switch [PROG TO AUX 2) routes the
priority signal.
Ihe PM-100 is a creative tool designed to give complete
flexibility for both the operator and the installer. The facilities it
offers are extensive whilst still being easy to use,
For use in discotheques, clubs, broadcast and production studios,
audiovisual presentations and any other situation where a
combination of sources need to be controlled. The mixer is
designed to give exemplary technical performance and is built to
the highest standards of mechanical engineering.
Three different chassis sizes house a master module and up to 4,
8 (19" rack mounting) or 12 input or blank modules.
Integral switch illumination shows operators at a glance the
status of various functions. Faders are easy to replace due to the
use of plugs and sockets. The connections to the modules are via
a flexible ribbon cable featuring gold plated connectors. The
further use of gold plated connections throughout the mixes
ensures maximum reliability. Alps pots and faders are used
throughout the mixer.
This innovative universal module can be configured by small jumpers on the circuit board to accept inputs from low impedance balanced microphone
stereo line and phono (RIAA) input sources. Each module can be switched between 2 input sources.
The possible input selections are:- Mic - Phono; Mic - Line; Line - Line: Phono - Line.
A toggle switch allows rapid selection of the A or B input. Red and Green
leds provide clear visual indication of the input selected. Adjacent areas are
provided to label the input sources,
Allows the operator to compensate for variations in
programme material,
Rear panel gain trims are also provided to set
the maximum gain available on any input.
À red led indicates when the peak signal level
in the module 1s just below clipping.
3 band eq on all inputs. +6dB boost -20dB cuts
[Special eq versions to order).
Push button with led illumination,
The signal in this module is mixed with amy
other source selected. The resulting mix №
available at AUX 2 outputs on the master
module. Can be pre or post fade
Similar to AUX 2
A rotary control replaces the switch so that a
separate level mix of channels 1s available at the
AUX 1 outputs on the master module. Can be pre
or post fade
BAL/PAN- Stereo balance and pan
With a stereo source selected this control provides
adjustment to balance stereo signals. With a microphone
source selected or the mono switch depressed this control
allows the source to be panned anywhere in the stereo Image
PFL- Pre Fade Listen
Push button with red led illumination. When depressed the
signal in this module is connected to the PFL Mix Buss. ARM
number of channels may be selected simultaneously; the sum of
which will be available in the master module for monitoring.
Push button with red led illumination. When depressed this switch links left
and right signals and allows stereo signals to operate in mono,
Crossfade A select. Depressing the switch routes the channel signal via the
VCA controlled crossfader channel A
Crossfade B select. Depressing the switch routes the channel signal via the
VCA controlled crossfader channel B.
Red and green led switch illumination along with similar illumination on
the crossfader gives good visual indication of routing status
A 60mm studio quality linear fader provided to fade up and down the
volume of the channel,
Push button with red led illumination. When depressed signal feeds to the
programme busses are muted. AUX 1 and AUX 2 are not affected. (Can be
disabled if not required),
Factory option - may be rewired to provide low voltage remote start switch
via a 3.5mm jack socket on the rear panel,
— RT For selecting the various
=) mr ==] — input options
- TR ei A +3 р. "
The mixer requires an external power supply unit providing
+/-17.5V for the audio electronics and
12V for the working illumination
socket. A suitable power supply
unit, the PSUS is available.
This unit is designed to be
surface mounted
remotely from the
mixer and features
slow rise time
characteristics to
minimise turn-on thrumps.
The unit can be switched internally to
operate from 220-240V ac or 110-
120V ac.
fi es
former | A
md nn
Frequency Response:
Maximum Output Level:
bh Noise Measured
— ann =
Е.О. set flat
Main output and Zone output active balanced
Stereo, auxiliary, mic busses etc. to related O/Ps
Stereo inputs e.q. flat gain set to max
RIAA stage ref. SmV 1kHz Input shorted
Microphone input (ref 150R)
Stereo inputs rear trim @ max
stereo inputs rear trim @ min
Microphone input max
Microphone input min
«0.01% typically «0.005%.
EIN <-98dB
-BOdBV ‘A’ weighted
EIN <-124dBU
+/- 15dB
+0dB -20dB
Stereo input A (line) Vis. / 4200BVe
Stereo input A (RIAA) -BdBY 400mV
Stereo input B +20dBV
Microphone +4dBV.
>47k ohms
Stereo input B >10k ohms
Maximum Input Level:
Input Impedances: Stereo input À
Microphone input
>2k ohms active balanced.
3 band e.q. per channel +6dB -20dB @
Treble 10kHz
Mid 1kHz
Bass 100Hz,
Internal channel jumpers allow the e.q. stage to be disabled if required.
Chan Width 483mm (19)
Width 330mm (137)
Width 635mm (25")
Height 312 (12.25" 7RU]
Depth 110mm (4.33")
Dimensions 8 Channel
(Exc. Knobs and connectors): | 4 Channel
12 Channel
External PSU - PSUS Width 175mm Height 75mm Length 230mm
Installation Cut-out
Height 312mm Width:- 4 channel 280mm. 8 channel 433mm, 12 channel 585mm
The chassis is constructed from custom aluminium extrusion and is available in 4, 8 and 12 input module configurations.
Finish is gun-metal grey anodised aluminium.
Module metalwork is also constructed of custom aluminium extrusion and is silver anodised. The module colour and
notation is on a dark grey inset reverse printed polyester film which provides a hard wearing attractive finish.
All Formula Sound products are designed and wholly manufactured in our own factory using the latest computer-aided
technology, which enables us to maintain strict quality control at every stage of manufacture.
It is this attention to detail which has helped us to win many industry awards and has earned us a reputatio
for the high quality and reliability of our products throughout the world.
Formula Sound Ltd.
Ashton Road, Bredbury, Stockport SK6 2SR, England. — Tel +44 (0)161-494 5650 Fax: +44 (0)161-494 5651
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