Superior Smoke Machine Model ST-10

Output control and Auto-Shutoff Feature
Pumping large amounts of fluid through the heater at a high output setting will create a large cloud very quickly,
however this setting should not be used for a longer duration or to maintain a smokey atmosphere. It is natural
for the heating core temperature to be reduced as the much cooler fluid passes through it. Smoke will become
wet if optimum temperatures are not maintained, which is why the ST-10 Machine is equipped with an AutoShutoff feature. This feature shuts the machine down if the heater has cooled to a point where it can no longer
effectively produce dry smoke.
For maximum efficiency, reduce the output, or use the timers to control the on/off cycle. Once the machine has
created sufficient smoke to obscure vision, stop. Further use of the machine will only waste fluid, and increase
the risk of residues.
The optimum setting for longer smoke durations will vary from machine to machine. We have placed a white
dot to mark the spot which we feel is the best setting for your particular machine & remote. To find the best setting
for a continuous blast of smoke, do the following… 1. Turn the output dial (3) to its lowest position. 2. Press the
Continuous Smoking Button (B). 3. Turn the ouput dial very slowly to the right until you hear the pump in the
machine begin to hum, or until you see a small stream of smoke produced. 4. Now slightly increase the output
until there is a steady blast which travels approximately 5 feet from the front of the machine. 5. At this point the
setting should be at about 12 O’clock or less on the output dial. The machine should run for 5 to 10 minutes, or
longer. Which is plenty of time to fill most training facilities. Experiment with this setting until you find what works
best for your needs.
Superior Smoke Machine
Model ST-10
CLEANING: To ensure trouble free life of your ST-10, run the unit with water for one minute after every use.
You should also clean it by using a 4 to 1 mixture of water to white vinegar every 4 to 6 weeks (depending on
frequency of use). Run this solution for about 1 minute, following the same instructions as with the smoke fluid.
This will allow for a thorough steam cleaning. IMPORTANT: Machine failures due to inadequate cleaning
or use of incompatible fluid are not covered under warranty.
FUSE: 120V / 13 Amps. Use nothing greater than 20 Amps, damage due to incorrect fuse type is not covered
under warranty.
CAUTION: Keep people and flammable objects away from hot nozzle. Never leave machine unattended while
plugged in. Never direct fog at an individual or object at close range, or for an extended time, as this may cause
a hot liquid condensate which may damage furniture, musical instruments, fabrics or cause slippery floors. Fog
as little as possible for the needed effect, then ventilate to avoid prolonged breathing. Vapor from fog fluid may be
irritating to people with allergic sensitivities or other respiratory ailments.
The Superior ST-10 Smoke Machine is warranted for 1 year to be free of manufacturing defects adversely
affecting performance. This does not cover abuse or misuse. Should a unit fail within the 1 year warranty
period, it will be repaired or replaced provided in the opinion of the factory, the unit has been properly cared
for, and not tampered with or abused. Units which have failed due to lack of cleaning, use of incompatible
fluid, no fluid, incorrect fuse type, or improper packaging will be charged a service fee.
Recommendations and product information are believed to be accurate, but the furnishing of it does not
constitute the making of a good process warranty of Seller. Superior Warrants that this product conforms to the
Product Description contained in its literature. Superior makes no other warranty, whether expressed or
implied, including warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose or application.
No statements or recommendations contained herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any
relevant patent, now or hereafter in existence. Superior neither assumes nor authorizes any representatives or
other person to assume for it any obligation of liability other than such as expressly set forth herein. Under no
circumstances shall Superior be liable for incidental, consequential or other damages from any
alleged negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability or any other theory, arising out of the use or
handling of this product.
Superior Signal Company LLC
P.O. Box 96, Spotswood, NJ 08884
(732) 251-0800
Congratulations on the purchase of your new ST-10 Smoke Machine. This
unit offers the highest output and most features of any competitive machine
in its class. It is the choice of professionals for obscuring vision during
firefighter drills. The ST-10 is easy to operate, but please take a moment to
read over these simple steps.
6. There are three buttons on the control.
a) The green button will produce smoke as soon as it is depressed and stop when it is released.
Operating Procedure
b) The red button when depressed, will remain on until pressed
again. This will cause the machine to smoke continuously
until it is released.
1. Fill the fluid reservoir with ST-10 fluid, and place the suction tube
down to the bottom of the tank. Be sure the fluid hose is not
kinked. This will restrict flow, and hinder performance.
c) The yellow button activates the timers which function as
IMPORTANT: Superior “ST-10” Smoke Fluid works best with this machine! Using anything other than a Glycol & Water based fluid may cause
damage not covered under warranty. Also, always make sure there is
enough fluid in the tank before turning the machine on. Activating the
pump without fluid can cause damage to the pump and heat core! This
will not be covered under warranty.
2. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
3. Plug the wired remote into the 5-pin jack located on the back panel
of the ST-10. (DMX On Board Connectors with 3 pins are for
other uses).
4. Turn the unit on with the power switch located on the back of the
5. In approximately 10 minutes, the green LED on the control will
illuminate, indicating the ST-10 is ready to smoke.
1. DURATION controls the duration of the smoke blast.
2. INTERVAL controls the time in between smoke blasts.
3. The OUTPUT adjustment controls the amount of smoke
produced during blasts.
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