Installing Flexco® BR10 Fasteners with the Flexco® Electric

Installing Flexco BR10 Fasteners with the
Flexco® Electric Powered Rivet Driver
and the Standard MBRTA Installation Tool
Warning: Follow all maintenance and safety precautions that
are noted in the Hitachi H455R manual included in this kit.
We recommend a trial drive prior to production installation. Use of this driver will vary with the length of the rivet and the type of belt you are using.
A: Aligning Bar
B: Clamp Bars
C: Cam Rods
D: Channel Base Handle
E: Guide Blocks
F: Anvil Plates
G: SR759
H: SR-50
NOTE: MBRTA cannot be used to install
single or double-plate BR-10 or BR-14
fasteners. Refer to RSP310.
1. For belts with a top cover of 3/16” (4.8
mm) or more, skiving is recommended.
Refer to FSK™ Belt Skiver instructions.
2. Remove aligning bar (A), clamp bars (B)
and cam rods (C). Do not remove guide
blocks (E) from aligning bar.
3. Starting at the right side of the tool, place
proper number of fasteners on anvil plates
(F) with Flexco® facing up.
4. Insert a clip between first and second plates
at each end of the fastener strips. Insert clips on
both sides of center plate of each fastener strip.
5. Insert cam rods (C) through holes in clips
across bottom of tool.
6. Turn cam rods (C) to lock fasteners in
place. Secure cam rods (C) to channel base
handle (D) with pin.
7. Turn over aligning bar (A) and align guide
blocks with bottom plates. Place top plates
on guide blocks, Flexco® facing up.
Installing Flexco® BR10 Fasteners with the Electric Powered Rivet Driver
8. Insert black retainers between every plate
and tap with hammer.
9. Attach clamp bar (B) to the tool so that
one edge of the clamp bar is over the center
of the fastener strips. Tighten clamp bar.
10. Place belt against clamp bar (B). Center
belt over bottom plates. Clamp belt to tool
with the other clamp bar (B), do not overtighten.
11. Secure belt by driving double headed
nails through holes in clamp bar and into
the belt.
12. Remove center clamp bar. Position loose
belt end against other belt end, aligning center lines. Clamp belt and nail in place.
13. Insert aligning bar in ends of MBRTA.
Tighten top knurled nut. Tighten lower
knurled nut to lower fasteners to belt surface.
Note: Spray guide blocks with SL5 silicone.
Rapid Loader™
Collated Rivets
14A. Load guide
block with individual
rivets. Reduce
installation time by
adding guide blocks
across tool.
Reduce installation
time using Rapid
Loader™ Collated
Rivet Strips.
14B. If a shorter
strip is needed, break
off extra plates by
bending strip at
Installing Flexco® BR10 Fasteners with the Electric Powered Rivet Driver
15. Adjust setting dial for rivet size – see chart below.
Insert the punch directly into the BR500 Guide Block.
Keeping the tool perpendicular to the base, pull the
trigger to fire the driver. Push down on the driver slightly
and maintain force on the driver until you feel the rivet
set. This should take approximately 1 to 2 seconds per
rivet depending on the length of the rivet and the type of
Tool Setting Guidelines
Tool Setting
Rivet size range
A, B
A, B, C
C, C/D, D
D, E, F
Note: Tool settings will require adjustment for
variations in belt thickness and construction.
16. If all plates are not covered by guide
blocks (E), move a guide block (E) to install
remaining rivets.
17. For easier troughing on belts up to 35°
trough, remove bridges between plates in
troughing area using the BR151 Bridge
Removal Tool.
18. Unlock and remove cam rods (C).
Remove nails and clamp bars (B).
19. Remove MBRTA. Remove pilot nails
and clips with a hammer. If fasteners are 1”
(25mm) or more from edge of belt, notch
belt. Remove nails from MBRTA.
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