Flo Monitor Arms
Perfect monitor placement for every
person, place, and posture
Flo Monitor Arms
Designed by Colebrook Bosson Saunders
If you can’t adjust the placement of your monitor to a viewing
angle and distance that’s comfortable for your eyes, your body will
compensate. Hunching over and craning your neck may bring your
eyes closer to your screen, but doing so makes for an awkward and
unhealthy working posture. It also negates many of the ergonomic
benefits of sitting in a high-performance work chair.
Everyone’s eyes are different, but everyone’s solution for the ideal
monitor placement can be the same. The Flo family of monitor
arms is designed for smooth, intuitive adjustments that let you
choose the height, viewing distance, and tilt angle of your monitor,
helping you maintain a healthy posture.
As Dynamic and Intuitive as
the Technology It Supports
Flo monitor arms are as simple to install as they are to
use. All Flo models mount easily to a variety of worksurfaces,
and a standard VESA mount fits most flat-panel monitors on
the market. Flo arms also include integrated cord management
to keep cables contained and workspaces tidy.
The counterbalance adjustment lets you set the optimal
tension to provide stable support and fluid motion for a
wide range of monitor sizes.
An optional USB clamp mount adds three convenient USB ports, including one designed for fast charging. The USB clamp mount is
available on surface clamp-mounted Flo Modular Monitor Arms (holding up to two monitors) and Flo Single-Screen Monitor Arms.
Unsurpassed Range
No Tools, Just Touch
Heavy-Duty Capacity
Up and down, swivel and tilt, portrait
or landscape. Flo offers a range of
articulation better than any other
monitor arm in its class.
Flo’s patented geometric spring
technology allows fluid, fingertip
control of monitor placement
with minimum effort and
maximum precision—no locking
or tightening required.
Flo Plus Single provides a heavyduty solution for single monitors
between 20 and 40 lbs. Flo Plus
Dual can hold two monitors,
weighing 10 to 20 lbs. each.
Flo Plus can support two monitors
on the same arm with a single
point of adjustment.
Easy on the Eyes
By keeping your technology aligned with your body,
a highly adjustable monitor arm can reduce the risk of
eyestrain, which affects 91 percent of computer users.
Source: National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety
Total Support System
Flo’s unique design extends to a full suite of monitor arms, with solutions
for single or multiple monitors and laptops.
Standard single Flo arms (Y91171) are
available in White or Silver. All other Flo
models are available in Silver only.
Flo Dual
Flo Modular
Flo Plus
Flo Plus Dual
1 Monitor
1 Monitor
1 Monitor
1 Monitor or all-in-one
2 Monitors
1 Laptop
2 Monitors
2 Monitors
1 Monitor, 1 Laptop
3 Monitors
4 Monitors
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