Interface Leads
Interface Leads
Instruction for
VDA Cable 68677 Jaguar 1997-02
Made in Denmark by
Kram Telecom A/S
Made in Denmark by
Kram Telecom A/S
Interface Leads
Interface Leads
Product description
Installation description
VDA Cable 68677 Jaguar 1997-02
VDA Cable 68677 Jaguar 1997-02
Interface Leads are used for car stereos with a Line-In function or VDA preparation. It enables the use of the car speakers
when answering/making calls from your cell phone. Thereby
using the radios build-in mute function.
1st: Lift up the armrest at the center consol and remove the 4 retaining screws. Remove the armrest and lift out the cubby hole.
Speaker-function: This is achieved by connecting the carkit directly to the cars Line-In input/VDA connector. By using the
radios built-in relays the telephone conversation is send
through the car speakers while the radio is muted. This way
you will achieve a perfect hands free sound without interference from the car radio.
For a complete cable-set two item no. is required. The first is
a car-specific Interface cable. The second is a carkit-specific
Interface adaptor cable .
Power supply of the carkit: All Interface cables are delivered
with a power connector for the carkit, that way you avoid cutting the cars wiring loom.
Please check the radio instruction manual for special issues
regarding the connection and set-up of the radio, when connecting a carkit.
See our complete Interface program on
2nd: Locate the yellow 14 way plug. This can be found at the rear
of the inside center consol.
3rd: Connect the VDA cable to the 14 way plug, and plug in the
other end through an interface adaptor to the carkit.
This lead allows the volume control on the steering wheel to control the telephone level.
When the VDA cable is installed correctly it will redirect your call
through the car front speaker.
Please remember to use a carkit interface adaptor to connect the
carkit to the VDA cable.