Philips HP8183

Philips SalonDry Control
Dry, Style and Set your hair your way
SalonDry Control
Take control of your blow dry with the SalonDry Control. 2200W of professional drying
power, 4 times more Ionic conditioning and multiple settings means great and shiny
results – from dry to set to style.
Professional results
• Volume diffuser enhances volume, for curls and bouncy styles
• Six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control
• Narrow concentrator for focused airflow
• Professional 2200W for perfect salon results
Prevents damage
• Ceramic element to smooth your hair
• 4 x stronger Ion conditioning for ultimate shine and frizz free hair
Time saving
• TurboBoost lets you dry faster without additional heat
Long lasting styles
• CoolShot sets your style
Easy to use
• Easy storage hook for covenient storage
Technical specifications
• Power: 2200 W
• Cord length: 1,8 m
• Replacement
Issue date 2009-11-06
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