Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer
Xerox Colour 550/560 Printer
Productivity plus outstanding colour
for all environments.
Productivity, scalability and
professional image quality, all-in-one.
The Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer integrates benchmark image quality, expansive
media handling and professional finishing with efficient, secure and flexible colour
workflows to deliver an affordable print solution for any environment.
Gain new business and
keep high-value colour
printing in-house.
• Benchmark 2400 x 2400 dpi image quality
with excellent colour consistency.
• Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Low Melt Toner
gives all your applications a smooth, offsetlike finish with outstanding sharpness and
uniformity, crisp text and bright highlights.
• Enhanced Gloss Mode setting produces
output with a glossy lustre.
• Digital speed, easy set-up and
automated workflows accomplish the
quick turnarounds and cost-effective
short runs customers expect.
Flexibility to create a wider
range of applications.
Get productivity from
start to finish.
• Expansive media range lets you print
everything from postcards to posters.
• Four standard internal paper trays plus
additional feeding options optimise the
number of sheets in your print run.
• Handles both coated and uncoated stock,
up to 300 gsm.
• Inline finishing options offer a professional
polish with stapling, hole-punching and
folding for presentations, brochures,
reports and newsletters.
• Choice of additional print servers allows
you to boost colour management and
streamline labour-intensive processes.
• Variable data capabilities let you capitalise
on personalised applications for direct
• Swift printing of 50/55 ppm and 60/65
ppm, colour/black and white.
• Load-while-run paper and toner.
• Auto-duplexing up to 176 gsm cover coated
and uncoated eliminates time-consuming
manual intervention.
• An array of Customer Replaceable Units
puts you in control of basic maintenance.
• Smart eSolutions® and MeterAssistant®
collect and analyse information that is sent
to Xerox support for easy, accurate billing.
Streamline processes,
save time and simplify
device management.
• Scan, print, copy, fax and route files, all
at once. Concurrent operation maximises
productivity, letting multiple users perform
different tasks simultaneously.
• Never wait for a critical print job. The
Print Around feature holds a job in need of
resources (such as special paper size) and
prints the next job in the queue.
• Programme finished documents right
from your desktop. Bi-directional print
drivers make many capabilities that are
available to walk-up users available at the
desktop as well.
• Enhanced productivity with bi-directional
communication. Users can see from their
PC if a large job is in the print queue or
when supplies are running low.
• Superior scanning. Create text-searchable
files at the device for easy retrieval –
compression technology reduces network
load for fast transmission.
• Automate common workflows.
Create job flow sheets to automatically
route documents to predefined locations,
including email, fax destinations and
FTP/SMB sites.
• Remotely manage your device.
CentreWare® IS Embedded Web Server
automates installation, troubleshooting
feature set-up and upgrading.
Manage costs and save money.
• Customise print driver settings for economy
and efficiency. Set two-sided printing,
choose N-up for printing multiple pages
on a single sheet as your default, or adjust
settings for specific applications.
• Manage and track device usage with the
internal Auditron, that sets limits on a
device's features for analysis and billing
purposes. Xerox Standard Accounting
provides reports for greater cost control.
Implement enterprise security
solutions without skilled IT
know-how to safeguard your
critical information.
• Secure Print keeps documents private by
holding print jobs in the queue until the
user enters the password.
• Password protected PDFs require a
password to open and view a sensitive
• Data Security keeps information safe by
encrypting resident data on the device and
electronically erases images on the hard
• Full system Common Criteria (ISO15480)
Certification at (EAL3) ensures the
Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer conforms
to the most stringent security standards
and regulations.
The Xerox® Colour
550/560 is easy on the
• “Earth Smart” options at your
print driver let you save paper
(such as limiting banner pages or
printing two-up) and save other
resources, such as setting to print
in draft mode as your default.
• EA Low Melt Toner delivers high
print quality at a lower melting
point, saving energy, and achieves
better distribution of smaller
particles for higher quality with
less toner per page.
• Scan Preview lets you see how
your results will look before
printing or sending, saving paper
and energy.
• Paperless faxing with LAN
fax sends faxes directly from
applications on your desktop.
Incoming faxes can be viewed
as thumbnail images on the user
interface, so you print only what’s
Productivity –
simpler, smarter.
Simplicity leads to productivity. The Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer simplifies the
process of capturing, editing, managing and storing documents. Xerox® workflow
solutions are the simplest way to connect people to the information and tools they
need to get quality work done faster, more efficiently and effectively.
Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System®
Secure Access integrates with your existing
employee ID badge solution, allowing users
to unlock access to system features via badge
proximity or swiping. Data can then be
made available for tracking, accounting and
regulatory purposes. Follow-You™ print allows
you to send a document to a secure print
queue and use your ID card to access the
document for printing on any network printer
equipped with Secure Access.
Equitrac Office®
Equitrac Office provides a secure, convenient,
mobile print workflow while controlling costs
and simplifying administration. It enables
single sign-on access to devices and services,
personal print queues to maximise document
security and mobility, and rules to create costeffective printer usage.
Productive, versatile
workflow solutions with easy-touse interface.
• Turn paper to digital information and
deliver it to your desktop in your
preferred format
• Keep intellectual property organised and
secure with automated routing and delivery
• Manage device access and control costs
• Track and account for activity
Optional solutions include:
Xerox® Scan to PC Desktop®
Scan to PC Desktop bridges the gap
between Microsoft Office documents, PDFs
and paper. It allows you to customise the
scanning menus on your Xerox® device
directly from your desktop for personalised
document capture and desktop document
Build your solution today and expand
it tomorrow as your business grows.
Feeding Options: Add on as
your productivity and media
handling needs increase.
Finishing Options: Scale up your
inline finishing capabilities as
your demands grow.
High Capacity Feeder – 2,000 sheets
A4 up to 220 gsm coated
Simple Catch Tray
• Great for long run reports, presentations,
mailers, etc.
One- or Two-Tray Oversized High
Capacity Feeder (OHCF) – 2,000 sheets
330 x 488 mm each tray, up to 300 gsm
coated. Paper stabiliser minimises skew;
roller system prevents misfeeds.
• Reliable feeding for large quantities of
coated paper and enables SRA3 full
bleed applications
Offset Catch Tray
Advanced Finisher – Multiposition 50-sheet
stapling and standard 2/4 hole punching
for coated/uncoated paper.
Professional Finisher – Multiposition
50-sheet stapling and standard 2/4 hole
punching plus bi-folding and saddle-stitch
booklet making.
Light-Production Finishers – These versatile
finishing options enable coated booklets,
brochures and bi-fold mailers as well as
stacking, stapling and hole punching. They
also include an interposer input tray. Choose
from a Light Production Finisher, Light
Production Finisher with Booklet Maker or a
Light Production Finisher with Booklet Maker
and Folder.
Productivity and security
are built in to your Xerox®
Colour 550/560 Printer.
User Interface features 10" colour
touch screen.
Copy at 50 colour, 60 black
and white copies per minute,
even duplex.
Fax via G3 or IP Fax (SIP).
Scan at high speed, both colour and
monochrome, with data converted
to several formats – that can be
password protected – and sent using
a variety of methods, including saved
to PC, server USB media or sent as an
email attachment.
Be Secure with integrated security
features such as IP filtering, image
overwrite, secure print, encrypted
scan-to-email, authentication and
IPv6 support, etc.
Plus, choose additional options
such as:
Xerox® SMARTsend®, Xerox® Secure
Access, Secure Watermark, Gigabit
Server options to
meet every need.
The Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer offers a range of servers to fit your
environment depending on your workflow, applications and preferences.
The Xerox® Integrated Colour Server comes standard with every Colour
550/560, bringing new levels of productivity to scan, copy, fax, print and office
Accelerate your business with industry-leading print server options that bring
unmatched flexibility and benchmark performance, colour management, imposition,
variable printing and much more!
Xerox® Integrated
Fiery® Colour Server
EX Print Server,
Powered by Fiery®
Get fast RIP speeds and
great productivity while
simplifying and streamlining
your workflow by automating
job submissions of repetitive
job types with optional Hot
Folders and Virtual Printers. Fiery
ColorWise colour management
tools produce precise, exact
colour. And its basic variable data
capabilities let you customise
output with varying text, photos
and graphics.
You can produce effective
marketing pieces with
a wide range of output
options, including automatic
identification of job elements,
eliminating the need to
reprogramme jobs. Fiery
ColorWise delivers high-quality
colour fast and easy. Fiery
Command Workstation reduces
errors and waste. Supports
Adobe PDF Print Engine, for a
native, end-to-end PDF workflow.
CX Print Server,
Powered by Creo® Color
Server Technology
Advanced features and
ease of use deliver excellent
colour capability and quality
expanding your range of services
and business opportunities.
Creo Color Server allows
automated workflow for quick,
error-free results.
Its superb colour output
and management ensure
customer-pleasing results.
Built-in connectivity to Prinergy
workflow and Adobe PDF Print
Engine for a native, end-to-end
PDF workflow.
Xerox® FreeFlow®
Print Server
Delivering simple yet advanced
colour management with Xerox®
ConfidentColor technology, the
FreeFlow Print Server enables
you to deliver high-quality
documents. It combines great
features such as Xerox Consistent
Colour Mode with advanced
profiling technology, Adobe
PDF Print Engine, as well as
production features and the
FreeFlow Print Server to give
you everything you need for
outstanding colour output.
Create exciting new applications –
easily finished inline.
The printing world is exploding with new applications and new ways to use
colour, media and finishing. The superb image quality, robust media latitude,
flexible finishing options, modularity and server options of the Xerox® Colour
550/560 Printer, integrated with enterprise workflows, make it the perfect device
for capturing new business, keeping more applications in-house.
Production printing with enterprise workflows at an affordable price.
Image quality, ease of use, productivity, media latitude, feeding and finishing options, plus world-class workflow solutions
are at your fingertips. Grow your digital colour printing capabilities and reduce costs with the Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer.
• Brochures – easily create professional,
colourful brochures with productivity
boosting inline folding
• Presentations/Newsletters – inline
stapling and hole punching makes
producing presentations and newsletters
quick and easy
• Reports – inserted tabs keep annual
reports and financial reports organised,
while stapling and hole-punching keep
pages secure
• Posters – expanded media range lets
you run eye-catching posters on sturdy
coated media – up to SRA3
• Booklets – automated folding and
coated paper saddle stitching – even
inserts – give booklets such as retail
catalogues and photo books a
professional finish that’s fast too
• Photo applications – impeccable colour
and photo-finish image quality will keep
customers coming to you for all today’s
latest photo applications
Specifications for the Xerox® Colour 550/560 Printer
• Print/Copy: 2400 x 2400 dpi
Scan: 200 x 200, 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 600 x 600
• Line Screens: 600, 300, 200 and 150 Clustered Dot,
200 Rotated Line Screen 1
• Internal Trays 64-220 gsm uncoated and coated
– Tray 1 500-sht SRA3, Tray 2 500-sht A3,
Tray 3 870-sht A4, Tray 4 1140-sht A4
• Bypass 250-sht up to 300 gsm uncoated
and coated
• Optional 2,000 sht HCF & OHCF (1 or 2 tray)
• Load-while-run toner and paper capability
• Advanced Registration Technology for tighter
control, ±1.2 mm along lead edge, front to back
• Custom paper set-up/alignment profiles
• Xerox® EA low melt toner
• SMart Kit® replaceable units for toners, drums,
fuser, charge corotron, waste bottle, staples
• Active decurling for heavy-weight media
Integrated Scanner
• 250 sheet capacity
• 50 ppm colour/65 ppm b/w in copy mode; 50 ppm
colour/ 80 ppm b/w in network scanning mode
• Originals up to A3 in weights from
38 – 105 gsm
• Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF)
Productivity/Print Speeds
• Duty Cycle 2: 300,000
• Average Monthly Print Volume3 :
10,000 to 50,000 pages per month
Xerox® Colour 550/560 Colour
• A4
– 50/60 ppm (64 – 105 gsm) uncoated
– 35/43 ppm (106 – 176 gsm) uncoated,
(106 – 150 gsm) coated
– 25/30 ppm (177 – 300 gsm) uncoated,
(151 – 300 gsm) coated
• A3
– 25/30 ppm (64 – 105 gsm) uncoated
– 19/21ppm (106 – 176 gsm) uncoated,
(106 – 150 gsm) coated
– 14/14 ppm (177 – 300 gsm) uncoated,
(151 – 300 gsm) coated
• SRA3
– 22/27 ppm (64 – 105 gsm) uncoated
– 15/19 ppm (106 – 176 gsm) uncoated,
(106 – 150 gsm) coated;
– 12/12ppm (177 – 300 gsm) uncoated,
(151 – 300 gsm) coated
Xerox® Colour 550/560 Black and White
• A4
– 55/65 ppm (64 – 176 gsm) uncoated;
– 35/43 ppm (177 – 300 gsm) uncoated,
(106 – 176 gsm) coated
– 25/30 ppm (177 – 300 gsm) coated
• A3
– 27/33 ppm (64 – 176 gsm) uncoated
– 19/21 ppm (177 – 300 gsm) uncoated,
(106 – 176 gsm) coated
– 14/14 (177 – 300 gsm) coated
• SRA3
– 25/29 ppm (64 – 176 gsm) uncoated
– 15/19 ppm (177 – 300 gsm) uncoated,
(106 – 176 gsm) coated
– 12/12 (177 – 300 gsm) coated
Capacity and Handling (A4)
• 3,260 sheets standard
• Maximum paper capacity: 7,260 sheets
• Two-sided printing: Automatic up to 176 gsm
coated and uncoated from all trays. Manual
up to 300 gsm from bypass tray
Feeding and Finishing Options
High-Capacity Feeder (HCF)
• A4, 2,000 sheets up to 220 gsm
Oversized High-Capacity Feeder (OHFC)
• 64 – 300 gsm uncoated
• 106 – 300 gsm coated
• 182 x 250 mm – B5 to SRA3/
330 x 488 mm
• Auto duplex up to 176 gsm coated
and uncoated
• Manual duplex up to 300 gsm
• One or two Tray Module: 2,000 sheets 4,000 sheets
Simple Catch Tray / Offset Catch Tray
• 500 sheet stacking
Advanced Finisher
• 500 sheet top tray
• 3,000 sheet stacker tray
• Multi-position stapling, coated and
uncoated paper, up to 50 sheets
• Hole punching
Professional Finisher
• 500 sheet top tray
• 1,500 sheet stacker tray
• Stapling, coated and uncoated, up to 50 sheets
• Hole punching
• Bi-fold, saddle stitch booklet maker up to
15 uncoated sheets
Light Production Finisher
• 500 sheet top tray
• 3,000 sheet stacker tray
• Multi-position hole punching and stapling
• Stapling, coated and uncoated, up to 100 sheets
• 200 sheet interposer for pre-printed and full
bleed sheets
Light Production Finisher with Booklet Maker –
includes all features of the Light Production
Finisher plus:
• Coated/uncoated bi-fold or saddle-stitch coated/
uncoated booklet up to 25 sheets (100 imposed
pages of 90 gsm media)
Light Production Finisher with Booklet Maker and
Folder – includes all the features of Light Production
Finisher & Booklet Maker plus:
• Optional Folding Module for tri-fold and Z-fold
(A4 and A3)
Convenience Stapler
• Staple up to 50 sheets of 90 gsm media
• Foreign Interface Kit enables the connection of
external devices such as auditrons or coin-op
devices. Performs in copy and print modes
Xerox® Integrated Colour Server
Hardware Specifications
• 80 GB Hard Disk Drive, 2 GB RAM
• 10.4" colour, touch screen flat-panel display
• Ethernet interface (10 MBTX/sec, 100 MBTX/sec,
1000 MBTX/sec option)
Client Environments Supported
• Windows XP SP1 & above (32 & 64 bit), Server
2003/2008 (32 & 64 bit), Vista (32 & 64 bit),
Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Mac OS 10.4 and above,
Citrix, Custom driver for Unix: AIX 5 v5.3, HP UX
11.0/11i v2, Solaris 8/9/10, Linux Fedora Core 1/5,
Red Hat ES4, SUSE 10/11
PDLs and Data Formats
• PDF, XPS®, PCL® 6 emulation, HP-GL2 (direct
submission), Adobe® PostScript® 3™ option, TIFF,
• Scan to Email, Scan to Folder, to PC, to Mailbox
(private and public), options include Scan to USB,
FTP, SMB, Desk, Text searchable PDF, PDF/A, XPS,
Thumbnail Preview
• Standard Secure Print, Authentication with LDAP/
Kerberos/SMB/CAC, Password Protected PDF,
FIPS 140-2 encryption, S/MIME Encrypted Email,
IPSec, 802.1x, SNMP v3.0, Email over SSL, Image
Overwrite (Immediate, Scheduled, On Demand)
Hard Disk Data Encryption, Audit Log Optional
CAC, Secure Access Unified ID System
Other Options
• USB, Media Card Reader, Common Access Card
Enablement Kit, Accounting Options, Extensible
Interface Platform Enabled (EIP), Foreign Device
Choice of Print Servers
• Xerox® Integrated Fiery ® Colour Server
• FreeFlow ® Print Server
• CX Print Server, Powered by Creo® Colour Server
• EX Print Server, Powered by Fiery ®
Electrical Requirements
• Printer 110 – 127 VAC/50/60 Hz
• Options: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
• Optional Feeding/Finishing:
– Each module requires 100 – 240 VAC,
50/60 Hz power
Printer Dimensions
Height 1,391.5 mm, Width 1,574 mm, Depth 787 mm
Depending on Print Server
Duty Cycle - Maximum volume capacity expected in any one
month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis.
Average Monthly Print Volume - Expected regular monthly
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