ENCORE ENUHDE-IFP USB powered storage enclosure

Fingerprint Security HDD Enclosure
The ENCORE ENUHDE-IFP Fingerprint Security HDD Enclosure is a hard disk enclosure
integrated with fingerprint verification technology to give you the maximum protection for
your data. Our external Enclosure with Fingerprint security feature provides the ultimate
solution for you. With the protective data feature, it can eliminate the threat of unauthorized
access for your important company files or valuable picture you took with your love ones.
When you setup the enclosure with new HDD, you can partition the disk into Public and
Secured Drive. The Public Drive is viewable by all users and Secured Drive will only be
accessible through either fingerprint verification or password. You can encrypt and decrypt
files on your computer and this HDD using the Finger-Verify software.
This enclosure can be used with any available 2.5" IDE HDD. It is a plug & play device and
provides fast file transfer speed.
Features and Benefits
Protect Sensitive Data with Fingerprint Access
Safely Travel with Your Data
Transport Music, Movies, Photos and Documents with Ease
Easy to Use with Plug-and-Play Feature
Use chip based sensor for live-scan capturing of 3D-fingerprint minutiae
False Rejection Rate (FRR) : 1/1,00 & False Acceptance Rate (FAR) : 1/1,000,000
Interface to PC
USB 2.0, backward compatible with USB 1.x
Interface to device
2.5” IDE hard drive, up to 750GB
Data transfer rate
up to 480 Mbps
Power on & Data Access
Power Source
USB port Bus power
External power jack
Supported (not include in the package)
8 x 13 x 2 cm (W*H*L)
OS supported
Windows® XP / 2000; Windows Vista®
Unit Weight
Operation temperature
0 ~ 40 ºC
Storage temperature
-5 ~ 50 ºC
Operating Humidity
0%~80% RH, non-condensing
1. Restrict access to sensitive data with fingerprint verification.
2. Take your files to anywhere you go with a peace of mind.
3. Access your files by scanning your fingerprint.
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows® XP / 2000, Windows Vista®
Available USB2.0 port
2.5” IDE Hard Drive, up to 750GB
Package Contents
Fingerprint Security HDD Enclosure (without HDD)
USB Y cable
CD with Enclosure Initial Tool and user manual
Soft slipcase
Mini screwdriver
※ The specifications and picture are subject to change without prior notice! Please refer to the directions in product package