An easier way to clean between teeth.
It takes just 60 seconds to clean between all of your teeth with
Sonicare AirFloss, and it’s easy to use, too. Here’s how to make sure
you’re correctly using your Sonicare AirFloss so it can thoroughly
clean between your teeth.
1. Fill the Reservoir
5. Repeat for Each Interdental Area
After the handle is charged, attach the
nozzle and fill the reservoir with two
teaspoons of water or your favorite
mouthwash. The reservoir holds enough
for two full uses, so you only need to fill it
every other use.
Glide the guidance tip along the gum line until
you feel it settle between the next set of
teeth. Press the activation button again,
then repeat as you glide the nozzle.
2. Prime the Nozzle
For the first use, fill the reservoir, press the power
button to turn Sonicare AirFloss on, then press the
activation button approximately six times or until
spray comes out of the nozzle.
3. AirFloss Placement
Place the tip between teeth and
apply gentle pressure. You can begin
wherever you like in your mouth.
4. Begin Cleaning
As the tip rests between your teeth, press
the activation button. The innovative technology
delivers a powerful burst of air and water that
effectively yet gently cleans deep between your teeth.
6. Back Teeth
Don’t forget the hard-to-reach spaces
between your back teeth. The slim,
angled nozzle makes it easier to reach.
7. Turn the Power Off
When you are done, press the power button
to turn off Sonicare AirFloss. Don’t worry if you
forget—the Sonicare AirFloss will automatically
turn off after four minutes.
8. Cleaning
After use, remove the nozzle and rinse it with
water. If you like, you can use a cotton swab to
wipe down the reservoir. We don’t recommend
using anything other than water or mouthwash
inside the device.
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