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DataDesk 80/90
12.0" - 15.0"
Attaché case for Notebook and Canon i80 / iP90 printer. Work
right out of your case.
The professional, transportable office for work with your
Notebook and printer. Your mobile computing equipment is
optimally protected by the aluminum profile construction of the
case with sidewalls made of extremely light-weight and
unbreakable "Conpearl" synthetic. Additionally, the DataDesk
is lockable and the two keys are included in the scope of
supply. The interior plate for the hardware mount is made of
thermoformed ABS parts.
The Notebook is mounted with a 3M dual lock fastening and a
synthetic mount brace. The printer fits exactly into the
intended opening. Simply open the case and start working!
Notebook and printer remain cabled within the lower case hull.
The paper feed runs under the Notebook saving space and
without bending the paper.
Two different couplings allow for the connection of Notebooks
from different manufacturers (up to 330 x 300 x 55 mm/ 13.0 x
11,8 x 2.2 inches).
The 220-V electrical outlet on the exterior case hull supplies
the power units of the Notebook and printer with electricity.
Storage room for accessories can be found in the accessory
compartments in the detachable case flap.
Extra robust hull. 220-V-electrical socket on the hull exterior.
USB printer cable with 90° angled plug in-cluded. custom-fit
mount for the printer. Notebook fastening via flexible synthetic
corners provided by 3M Dual-Lock. Lockable Box, two keys
are includued in the scope of supply. 2 different coupling for
the most popular 14”/15" Notebooks (2 x 8 Euros, 2 x 8 Euros
with ground wire). uses the original power supply units.
accessory compartments in the case flap.
Art. Nr.: N9738A (black)
N18098A (black)
N18078A (black)
N18088A (black)
Material: Aluminium/ABS synthetics
Weight: 4.8 kg / 10.58 lbs
Dimensions: 595 x 415 x 160 mm / 23.4 x 16.3 x 6.3 inch
For Notebooks up to: 320 x 285 x 45.0 mm / 12.6 x 11.2 x 1.8
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