Plastic Packaging Metal Packaging Glass Packaging Paper

Plastic Packaging Metal Packaging Glass Packaging Paper
Recycling Centrals
Bulky waste, electronic waste, white goods and hazardous waste
At the manned recycling centrals you can leave for example old
furniture, flea market stuff, boards, large boxes, garden waste,
hazardous waste and electronic waste. You put the right thing at
the right place. The staff is happy to help so that your waste is
properly sorted and can be recycled as far as possible.
There are two recycling centrals for people living in Malmö
and Burlöv:
- Norra hamnen Recycling Central — Bjurögatan 20, Malmö
- Bunkeflo Recycling Central — Gottorpsvägen 52, Malmö
Glass Packaging
Residual Waste
Recycling Stations
At the Recycling Stations you can dispose of packaging material and newspapers. The Packaging and Newspaper Collection
Service (FTI) is in charge of the Recycling Stations found in several
places in Malmö and Burlöv. To find your nearest Recycling Station,
go to
The Collector
You can leave the bulbs, energy saving lamps, small electronics
and batteries in the Collector. The Collector is available in more
than 20 grocery stores.
Plastic Packaging
Jars, styrofoam, bottles,
bags, buckets, cans, plastic
caps, lids, fruit nets, plastic
tubes, crisp bags, bag-inbox bags, bubble wrap,
blister packs
Dish brushes, tooth
brushes, returnable
bottles, plastic toys,
plastic furniture
Daily papers, direct mail,
brochures, catalogues,
magazines, drawing
paper, pocket books
Paper packaging, paper
bags, envelopes, gift
wraps, books, corrugated paper, post-it
notes, binders
Paper Packaging
Corrugated paper, pasta
boxes, cereal boxes, milk
cartons, paper bags, gift
wraps, toilet rolls, shoe
Newspapers, books,
binders, envelopes,
Glass bottles, glass jars
Sort colored and clear
glass separately
Returnable glass bottles,
bulbs, energy saving
lamps, led lamps, fluorescent lamps, broken glass
panes, drinking glasses,
porcelain, ceramics,
mirror glass
Metal Packaging
Tin cans, bottle caps,
metal tubes, lids,
aluminum foil
Crisp bags, oven grids,
frying pans, saucepans,
cutlery, screws, nails,
bag-in-box bags
Cat litter, diapers, envelopes, tampons, sanitary
towels, dish brushes,
porcelain, tops, cigarette
butts and snuff, CDs,
vacuum cleaner bags
Hazardous waste, electronic waste, packaging
material, newspapers,
bulky waste for example
broken furniture,
garden waste
Food Waste
Meat, cheese, pasta, rice,
vegetables, root vegetables, fruit, bread, cakes, fish
and seafood, egg shells, tea
bags, coffee grounds and
filters, a small amount of
kitchen paper, napkins
Plastic, cat litter, flowers,
soil, ashes, cigarette
butts and snuff,
chewing gum
Bulky Waste
Flea Market Stuff
Electronic Waste
Hazardous Waste
Kundservice 040-635 10 00
Garden Waste
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