Tips To Help Your HALO 5
Water Treatment System
Perform At Its Best
Congratulations on the purchase of your new HALO 5 Water Conditioning and Filtration System!! You are now the owner of one of the
most advanced, eco-friendly water treatment systems available! The following information and list of “tips” was designed to help you
better understand and maximize the effectiveness of this advanced water treatment technology.
Understanding and Appreciating Aragonite:
In appliances, on dishes and on countertops where water is frequently left standing, you may begin to notice a powdered talc-like
substance collecting. This powder is called Aragonite. Aragonite is a harmless, electrically neutral and non-corrosive form of calcite that
is produced during the magnetic conditioning portion of the HALO 5 water treatment process. Prior to passing through your HALO 5’s
magnetic conditioner, this Aragonite is actually the minerals that would have caused lime scale build-up and corrosion in your pipes and
appliances. The Aragonite is a byproduct formed after hard water passes through your HALO 5’s magnetic conditioner and it is easily
wiped off most surfaces. You should consider Aragonite as welcome proof that your HALO 5’s Water System is operating effectively.
Here Are A Few Simple Actions To Help Minimize Aragonite Left On Items Cleaned By Your Dishwasher.
1. Use ONLY powdered dishwasher soap. We recommend Cascade Complete.
2. CUT DOWN ON SOAP. Use only 1 Tablespoon TOTAL divided ½ into each dispenser cup. Too much soap may cause spotting,
etching, filming and/or glazing.
3. Dishwasher hot water temperature should be at least 140° and hotter is better so, prior to starting your dishwasher, you should run the
HOT water at the kitchen sink until it begins to flow hot. This ensures hot water for the dishwasher’s wash cycle.
4. Use (as directed) a rinse agent such as “Lemi Shine”. Available at most Target, WalMart stores and Amazon.com.
5. Turn off the dishwasher heating element and allow the dishes to cool dry. Open the dishwasher door slightly to allow steam to escape
as soon as the wash cycle is complete.
6. Always store detergent in a dry place as moisture adversely affects dish detergent contributing to spotting. Purchasing small boxes of
detergent, may make it easier to keep fresh product on hand. Check the expiration date for freshness because dish detergent actually
does expire!
Tips To Remove & Prevent Lime Scale Film On Dishes, Glasses, Small Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures That Have
Been Subjected To Untreated Water Prior To The Installation Of Your HALO 5 System: These items likely have soap
scum and lime scale build up.
1. Place effected dishes into dishwasher and run a complete wash cycle substituting 1 cup of white vinegar for the soap. Some glasses
can become permanently etched if too much soap has previously been used.
2. Residue and mineral build up can be cleaned from small appliances such as coffee makers by using a 2-1 solution of hot water and
white vinegar. Simply pour the water and vinegar solution into the water reservoir of your automatic coffee maker and turn it on. After
it has “brewed” the water and vinegar solution, repeat the process using water only. This will rinse any remaining vinegar from the
Lime Scale and hard water deposits which have built-up on faucets and plumbing fixtures prior to the installation of your new HALO 5
water treatment system should be carefully removed with the help of products such as “CLR” or “Lime Away”. Use these products
only as directed by the manufacturer as they contain harsh chemicals which can ruin some finishes. “Lemi Shine” has also been
reported to help remove mineral build up from dishwashers as well as from bathtubs, sinks and toilets.
Tips For Cleaning & Maintaining Your Bath & Shower Enclosures:
1. Use “CLR”, “X-14” or “Lemi Shine” as directed to remove any existing mineral build-up from your bath tub, shower walls, shower
basin and glass doors.
2. Use a squeegee or wipe down shower doors and walls after each use to prevent spots caused by soap scum.
3. Applying “Turtle Wax” or a good liquid car wax on clear glass doors, chrome, brass and dark colored shower tile will help to promote
water sheeting and discourage soap scum build-up.
4. HALO 5 treated water contains almost no chlorine. This water is more enjoyable to drink and to bathe in, but chlorine does help
prevent mildew from developing. Proper ventilation and consistently wiping down the bath tub and shower enclosure after each use
will keep your bathing area free of mildew.
Toilet Maintenance & Cleaning:
1. Adding bleach to toilet bowl will help prevent mildew and bacteria. This is particularly important for newer low-flush
toilets that do not fully flush away deposits.
2. Infrequently used toilets, such as those located in vacation homes or in guest bathrooms, may be subject to rapid
mineral build-up due to inactivity. Use a product such as “CLR” to remove this mineral build-up.
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