Wall Mounts
The new wall mount style allows for the touch screen to remain
steady while in use. In order to create a proper fit there are few
items that may be needed
(4) 4mm x 18mm (as large as 20mm) screws
(4) ¼” Plastic spacers
Screwdriver Magnitizer
Velcro for speaker
Dell Display Cable
Power Cable
Dell USB Cable
Speaker (USB / Audio Cable)
Unscrew the table stand
Attach the USB and Dell Display Port cable to the monitor
Front of Table
Place the ¼” spacers over the monitor screw holes
Magnetize your screwdriver in order to keep the monitor screws in
Position the monitor screw holes over the top holes. Using 4mm x
18mm screws, carefully attach the top of the monitor
Use the monitor slider to reveal the bottom hole openings. Using
the 4mm x 18mm screws, secure the bottom of the monitor
Before attaching the monitor to the wall, attach the speaker to the
top of the monitor. A small strip of Velcro may be required to
hold it in place. Plug the USB into the USB on the monitor and
g the Audio cable into the Audio slot on the monitor
Dell Display Port
Dell USB Cable
Speaker USB
Monitor Power
Speaker Audio
Attach the monitor to the wall mounted stand. Place the top 2
screws in the wall mount
Lift the bottom of the wall mount and feed the the Dell USB and Dell
Display Port cables through the wire hole. Bring the Monitor
Power Cable up through the hole and attach to monitor
Place the remaining screws into the wall mount.
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