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Installation Guide
Philips Module Charger Flush Wall Mount
The purpose of this guide is to:
1. Describe attachment of Mounting Adapter and Slide to Module Charger (page 2).
2. Describe mounting Module Charger with mount into Channel (page 2).
Parts Reference
The following parts and hardware are included in this installation kit (hardware not shown):
Item #
Mounting Adapter
Channel Slide
8-32 x 9/16” Pan Head Machine Screw (PHMS)
M4 x 12mm Flat Head Machine Screw (FHMS)
1/8” Hex Wrench
Tools Required: Phillips Screwdriver (not provided),1/8” Hex Wrench (provided)
Attaching Mounting Adapter and Channel Slide to Module Charger
1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, fasten Mounting Adapter to corresponding mounting holes on Module Charger with four
(4) M4 x 12mm PHMS.
M4 x 12mm FHMS (4)
DU-PH-0069-02 Rev A 1/21/10 GCX Corp.Page 1 of 2
2. Fasten Channel Slide to Mounting Adapter with four (4) 8-32 x 9/16” PHMS as shown below.
8-32 x 9/16” PHMS (4)
Installing Module Charger Flush Wall Mount into Wall Channel
Guide the Channel Slide into top of the Channel. Position at desired height and tighten set screw with 1/8" [3 mm] hex
wrench (provided).
Channel Slide
1/8” Hex Wrench
Set Screw
Routine Maintenance
Periodically inspect all hardware associated with the mounting system. Tighten as required for optimal operation and
Cleaning the Mounting Assembly
1. The mounting assembly may be cleaned with most mild, non-abrasive solutions commonly used in the hospital
environment (e.g. diluted bleach, ammonia, or alcohol solutions).
2. The surface finish will be permanently damaged by strong chemicals and solvents such as acetone or trichloroethylene.
3. Do not use Steel wool or other abrasive material.
4. Damage caused by the use of unapproved substances or processes will not be warranted. We recommend testing of
any cleaning solution on a small area of the arm that is not visible to verify compatibility.
5. Never submerge or allow liquids to enter the arm. Wipe any
CAUTION: GCX makes no claims regarding the efficacy of the listed chemicals or processes as a means for controlling
infection. Consult your hospital’s infection control officer or epidemiologist. To clean or sterilize mounted devices or
accessory equipment, refer to the specific instructions delivered with those products.
DU-PH-0069-02 Rev A 1/21/10 GCX Corp.Page 2 of 2
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