SCANNING FA-354 Epson Scanners and Image

FA-354 Epson Scanners and Image Capture
These instructions will cover how to scan using Apple’s built in program, “Image Capture”
Turn ON the scanner. The power switch is at the front bottom left.
Make sure the computer is ON and you are logged in.
Launch “Image Capture” from the applications Menu.
This will automatically create an “overview scan” (a preview).
Don’t worry. You can create a new one manually.
1. Make sure that the scanner is in “Flatbed” mode so
that it is creating a scan of what is on the glass.
2. Select the kind of scan (color or grayscale)
& number of colors.
“Millions of Colors” equates to 8-bit RGB
“Billions of Colors” equates to 10- or 12- bit RGB
3. Set your resolution to twice your output resolution. This
will allow you to scale-up your scan by as much as
200%. If you feel you need to scale-up your scan
more, you can set the resolution as high as 3200dpi.
(“max. optical: 3200 dpi”)
NOTE: the more dpi, the larger your file will be.
4. Make sure that Use Custom Size is checked. This will
allow you to select areas on the glass to scan rather
than the entire image area.
5. Turn Auto Selection “OFF”.
6. Place items on the scanner and Press OVERVIEW to
create a preview scan.
Use your mouse to create a marquee (box of
marching ants) around the items you want to scan
by clicking and dragging on the preview area.
7. Select the location you will be scanning to and name your file.
Scan as a TIFF for lossless compression.
Create a folder on the Temporary Save Space to store your files while scanning
Then move the entire folder to your USB flash drive when you are done.
8. Press Scan to make the scan of what you’ve selected at the settings you’ve selected above.
Please Turn off the scanner when you are done.
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