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Internal DVD/CD Writer
(Available in beige and black)
Product Overview
The DVR-117D high speed DVD burner from Pioneer enables computer users
to create personal DVD movies, make digital photo slideshows, burn music
CDs and back up data files onto DVD-R, DVD-RW, +R and +RW discs with
ease. It also works with dual layer discs, increasing the capacity of a disc
from 4.7 to 8.5 gigabytes for even more storage space. The DVR-117D has
a writing speed of 20x for DVD-R/+R and 12x for DVD-R/+R (DL).
Optimal Write Speed: recognizes the disc media and automatically
adjusts the drive’s write speed to ensure the highest quality digital
preservation of vital files
Quiet Drive: the internal mechanisms of the drive were redesigned to
better insulate the distracting noise generated by a disc spinning at
extremely fast rotations per minute (RPM). The unique interlocking
design ensures a low acoustic noise by “trapping” the airflow noise
generated by the spinning disc while simultaneously dampening the
sounds created by normal drive usage
Improved Durability: Through the new Anti-Dust design, an improved
chassis insulation aids in the protection of the drive’s internal
components from dust and small particles that can hinder the drive’s
operability and lifespan
Writes up to 20x on DVD-R/+R 4.7GB (single layer), up to 12x on DVDR/+R (DL), up to 6x on DVD-RW, and up to 8x on DVD+RW media
Writes up to 40x on CD-R media and up to 32x on CD-RW media
Write formats include Disc-At-Once and Incremental Recording (multiborder) on DVDs and Disc/Track/Session-At-Once and Packet Recording
(multi-border) on CDs
Reads DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO (single & dual layer), DVD-R, DVD-RW,
DVD+R (single & double layer), DVD+RW & DVD-RAM
Reads CD-ROM (Mode1 & 2), CD-ROM XA, CD-DA (CD Audio), Video CD,
PhotoCD (single/multi-session), CD EXTRA, CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW
Installs Vertically or Horizontally
Interfaces as an ATAPI device
IDE Data Transfer of PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA
Mode 2, and Ultra DMA Mode 4 (Ultra DMA 66)
2MB Buffer memory
Plays on both DVD-Video players & DVD-ROM drives (check
manufacturer’s website for compatibility with older models)
Works with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems including:
Microsoft Windows Vista® Home/Business/Ultimate, Windows 2000,
Windows XP, and Windows ME
Weighs less than 2 pounds (0.8 Kg)
Physical Dimensions: 5.83” (W) x 7.09” (D) x 1.67” (H)
(180mm) (42.3mm)
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