IT Services maintain and support the audio‐visual facilities in this room. For emergency assistance with the equipment please telephone extension 2066 or 8111. Non urgent faults should be reported via our website
Arts PJ Hall
Screen can only be operated by IT Staff ‐ Call HelpDesk on 8111 To operate the audio visual equipment in this teaching room follow the three steps below
To Select Options – Touch the AMX Panel.
Make your choice, enabling the Projectors ‘warm up procedure Find what you are using from the list below and follow the instructions:
Touch Screen AMX AV Control Panel DeskTop PC
• Touch the DESKTOP PC icon on the AV control panel
• If necessary switch on the PC computer
(in the under bench equipment rack) & monitor
• Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to log on to the PC (report abnormally
long login times to the help desk)
Touch the Laptop Input icon on the AV control panel
Connect the supplied lectern VGA cable to the monitor socket on your laptop
Switch your laptop on
If necessary, ‘toggle’ the monitor output on your laptop to ensure an image on the laptop and projection screen
DVD Player
• Touch the DVD or VHS player icon on the AV control panel
• Insert disc or tape into the player which is located in the equipment rack
• Control playback via the icons which appear on the AMX touchscreen control panel
• Touch the visualiser icon on the AV control Panel
• Place your paper under the document camera to display on screen. You may annotate the document
• Use the visualiser controls to optimise zoom and focus
When finished, please ensure that all portable media is removed and you are logged out of the PC.
When not in use PLEASE PRESS the Shutdown
button on the AV control panel. (and Confirm Shutdown)
© IT Services, Bangor University
PLEASE NOTE: The AV system in this room automatically shuts down at 11pm. If you intend to use it after please contact HelpDesk on 8111
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