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Quick Start Guide
Cornetto Soft
Thank you for purchasing a Cornetto Soft
Actual size of gap required at the rear and sides of the cabinet
This guide is designed to ensure you get the
optimum performance from your Cornetto Soft
cabinet at all times.
By positioning and operating the cabinet correctly
and then following a few steps to look after it,
your Cornetto Soft cabinet will run properly and
Cornetto Soft
Positioning Your Cabinet
• A 5cm gap must be left between all
sides of the cabinet and the wall or any
other fixture or fittings. The grille at the
rear of the cabinet must also be
unobstructed at all times to allow
continual airflow.
5cm gap all around
• Please note the cabinet will not perform
in ambient temperatures over 35OC.
Operating Your Cabinet
• The cabinet should be left to stand for • It will take approximately 24 hours for
4 hours after delivery before being
the cabinet to get down to the required
plugged in for the first time.
temperature. Ice Cream should not be
put inside the cabinet until temperature
• The cabinet should be plugged into a
has been reached.
suitable 13 amp electrical supply. It
should be plugged directly into the • Once plugged in and switched on at the
mains supply socket and not attached
mains supply socket it will begin to
to an extension lead or adaptor.
work. Please note that there is no on /
off switch.
Operating Your Cabinet continued...
• This cabinet is not designed to be able
to freeze liquid, eg. ice pops. These
should be frozen before putting
them in.
• Do not exceed the load line on the
inside of the cabinet. Doing so will
result in reduced performance of your
• Always keep lids closed whenever
Temperature Adjustment
• If the correct temperature is not being
maintained then adjustments to the
cabinet can be made.
• The thermostat is located in the grille at
the right hand side of the freezer.
Access is through a small hole as
illustrated. A flat blade screwdriver is
required to adjust the thermostat.
• Adjust the temperature by turning the
dial 1 increment clockwise to go colder
or anticlockwise to go warmer.
• Leave the cabinet for 2 hours and then
check the temperature again. Repeat
this process if more adjustments are
Looking After Your Cabinet
• Regularly (once a month) wipe off the
outside of the compressor housing cover
with a dry cloth to remove any dust or
debris build up.
• Health & Safety Caution: Before
removing the compressor housing cover,
always isolate the unit by completely
removing the plug from the power
supply. All work on the electrical system
and the refrigeration system must be
performed by suitably qualified staff.
Looking After Your Cabinet - Defrost
• When ice begins to build up in the • Never use sharp implements to scrape
cabinet (approximately 1cm or 1⁄2 inch
the ice as this may damage the walls.
thick) this indicates that defrosting is
• When the ice has melted and drained
required. This should be carried out at
away dry off any residual moisture with
least once every six months.
a soft cloth.
• Empty the cabinet of all products,
• Refit the drain plug, plug back into
isolate the unit by completely removing
power supply and close all lids. Please
the plug from the power supply, open all
note that it may take up to 24 hours for
the cabinet to get back down to
• Place a tray under the external drain
hole and remove the internal plug.
• To aid defrost place a container (5 - 10
litres) of warm water inside and close
the lids. When the ice has melted
sufficiently it can be removed.
Problem Solving
In the unlikely event that your cabinet is not operating to its optimum performance,
you are responsible for ensuring that the following basic checks have been carried
out before calling out an engineer.
Cabinet not running correctly:
1. Check the electrical supply.
2. Check the fuse in the mains plug is OK.
3. Check the thermostat has not been lowered or turned off.
4. If the cabinet is plugged into an extension lead, unplug it and plug directly into
the mains supply.
Cabinet is not at the correct temperature:
1. Check that a good air space has been left around the cabinet.
2. Check the cabinet is not near a heat source.
3. Check the lids have not been left open.
4. Check the load line has not been exceeded.
5. Check the thermostat has been set correctly.
For further information on Green Benefits
6. Check if there is a build up of ice inside.
7. Check the condenser grille is not blocked with dust or debris.
Quick Start Guide
Cornetto Soft
Your cabinet is supplied with a 12 month parts and labour warranty to protect you against
manufacturers defects. If you need assistance please call:
Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions Customer Service Department on 0845 127 2527
In order to log a service call you will need to provide the serial number for the cabinet at
fault. This can be found on the information plate that is located on the back of the cabinet.
Use this space to make a note of the serial number for future reference using a ball point pen:
Please note that the basic checks detailed in this guide are usually excluded from the
warranty. See standard terms and conditions for further information.
Non-warranty calls will be charged for.
If you are in any doubt contact our Customer Services Department.
Cabinet Contents Insurance
Please note that your cabinet warranty excludes any liability for loss of product or your
insurance excess no matter how caused.
We recommend that you check your Store Policy to ascertain if you are covered for such an
eventuality and if not then take separate insurance.
It is recommended that you leave your cabinet switched on for 24 hours before placing
stock inside.
Waste Electrical & Electronic Regulations (WEEE)
In accordance with the WEEE regulations, Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions is responsible for the
final disposal of all equipment purchased on or after the 13th August 2005 - customers will be
charged for the distribution costs at the time of collecting the unit.
For equipment purchased before 13th August 2005 Wall’s Refrigeration Solutions will
make a commercial charge on the customer which covers both the disposal of the
unit(s) and the associated distribution costs.
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