Technical Data Sheet - RTS Intercom Systems

Technical Data Sheet - RTS Intercom Systems
Technical Data Sheet
In n o v at i n g t h e F u t u re o f Gl o b al C o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Single-Port VoIP via Ethernet Keypanel Interface Option Card Kit
Installed directly into KP-32 or KP-812 keypanels, the RVON-1 provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
communications for the RTS ADAM intercom family. VoIP means sending voice information in digital form using discrete
packets rather than the traditional hardwire connection. The RVON-1 delivers an integrated solution for connecting
keypanels to the intercom matrix over standard IP networks.
The RVON-1 is compatible with any RTS Matrix Intercom system equipped with a suitable RVON interface. In conjunction
with any new or existing KP-32 or KP-812 keypanel, the RVON-1 brings a new level of enterprise-wide and remote access
functionality to your RTS Matrix Intercom.
The RVON-1 card is configurable through the keypanel service menu and RTS’ AZedit configuration software. It is fully
compatible with internationally recognized standards and supports the following protocols: G.711, G.729 A, and G.723
(2-Bit rates).
The RVON-1 reaffirms RTS’ history of providing support for the latest technology in a fully supported backward compatible
manner to all its RTS products.
• The RVON-1 provides a single RJ-45 Ethernet
connection for use with a 10 BASE-T or 100 BASE-TX
• AZedit configurations, users have the ability to adjust
the audio parameters of the RVON-1 channel to
optimize the available bandwidth.
• The RVON-1 card supports one (1) channel in and
out and has configurable network and bandwidth
parameters that can be tailored to individual network
• Swappable between Ethernet and AIO connection,
when connected to an Ethernet LAN, audio comes
from the RVON 1 card; and, when an Ethernet link is
not present, the audio comes from the AIO connection.
• The RVON-1 card uses standard Ethernet protocols
and is compatible with 10 BASE-T and 100 BASE-TX
Ethernet compliant devices and networks.
In n o v at i n g t h e F u t u re o f Gl o b al C o m m u n i c a t i o n s
RJ-45 Ethernet via backcard
14-pin KP Compatible Expansion Connector
Pin 1: 5 Volt Analog
Pin 8: NC
Pin 2: -12 Volt
Pin 9: From Matrix Audio L (-)
Pin 3: +12 Volt
Pin 10: RS-485L
Pin 4: 5 Volt Digital
Pin 11: From Matrix Audio H (+)
Pin 5: Analog GND
Pin 12: NC
Pin 6: Digital GND
Pin 13: To Matrix Audio H (+)
Pin 7: To Matrix Audio L (-)
Pin 14: RS-485H
Powered internally from keypanel motherboard
2.5” W x 5.75” L (63.5mm W X 146.05mm L)
Compression Audio Bit Rate Coding Delay Playout Delay
IP Bandwidth
G.729 A
System Example
Order Information
RVON-1-W/O-REAR • RVON-1 • Single port VoIP via Ethernet keypanel interface option card kit without rear panel for KP32 series built
after 1-1-2004.
RVON-1-W/REAR • RVON-1RP • Single port VoIP via Ethernet keypanel interface option card kit with rear panel for KP32 series built
prior to 1-1-2004.
RVON-1-KIT-KP-632 • KP-632 • Rear kit for KP-632 w/o rear panel.
90027757004 • KP-632 • Rear kit for KP-632 w/rear panel.
The specification information is preliminary and is subject to change without notification.
Brand names mentioned are the property of their respective companies.
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. | 12000 Portland Avenue South | Burnsville, Minnesota 55337
Telephone: 877·863·4169 | Fax: (800) 323-0498
Form Number: F.01U.247.109 Rev 03
Date: October 2011
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