...charge ahead in style
In-car chargers have
never looked so good...
world’s smallest in-car charger
big on power
charge your mobile, iPhone, iPod, PSP or BlackBerry
leave plugged in without draining car battery
auto shut technology prevents overcharging
Each kit contains:
motormonkey (1)
Storage box
Samsung M300/G600 tip (6)
Nokia & Mini Nokia tip (6)
Micro USB (3)
USB retractable cable (5)
Mini USB for Motorola Razr, BlackBerry, Sat Navs
and other USB powered devices (4)
• Sony Ericsson K750i wide connector (2)
• DC 4.0 connector for PSP (8)
• LG chocolate connector (7)
Introducing one powerful piece of in-car kit.
The most compact (and stylish!) in-car
charger in the world, motormonkey packs
the power to keep your phone connected
and your music motoring on even the
longest car journey.
motormonkey’s inbuilt charging intelligence
means you can leave it permanently in your
car’s cigarette lighter socket (and even close
the flap to keep things really neat) without
fear of draining your car battery.
motormonkey wakes up when you plug
in your mobile, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry
or PSP and auto shuts when your device
is fully charged.
• Compact and light – unobtrusive in your car
• Compatible with most mobile phones (including
Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola),
Sony PSP and BlackBerry
• Red LED light switches on when charging
• Auto-off when your device is fully charged
• Sleek stainless steel unit
• Works in 12V/24V sockets to deliver 5V output
Powertraveller is proud to be
supporting the David Shepherd
Wildlife Foundation - saving critically
endangered mammals in the wild.
Use motormonkey to power up these devices:
motormonkey parameters:
• Most mobile phones
• Apple iPod series, including: Nano, iPod Classic,
iPhone, iPod Touch – by connecting the USB cable
supplied with your device into the USB port of the
• Sony PSP
• BlackBerry
• MP3/MP4
• Sat Navs using mini USB tip
• Other tips can be purchased from
• Input: 12V-24V
• Output: 5.5V 700mA
• Output Port: USB supports iPod
• Length: 43mm; Diameter: 24mm
• Weight: 40g
• Colour: silver
motormonkey features:
• motormonkey unit in sleek stainless steel
• USB socket
• LED light comes on when charging
Designed and developed in the UK
Engineered and made in China
For customer support please email:
Powertraveller Limited
8 Delta Park, Wilsom Road
Alton, Hampshire,
GU34 2RQ, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1420 542980