AJA Retail Installer

AJA Retail Installer
Release Notes - Windows v12.1
Requirements and Recommendations
• Operating System Required: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 ( 64-bit).
• Before running this installer, uninstall all previous versions of AJA XENA or AJA
Windows software.
• For additional hardware recommendations and requirements, please see the
links below:
• AJA recommends running this installer as an Administrator. To do this, right click
on the installer and select ‘Run As Administrator’. The ‘Run As Administrator’
option may not be present if Windows User Account Control (UAC) is turned off.
Special Requirements for 4K/UltraHD Capture
The current version of AJA Control Room is limited to DPX capture for 4K/UHD
High Frame Rate (up to 60 frames per second). Due to the high disk performance
requirements, system configuration is very important.
AJA has tested and verified this configuration:
System Configuration
HP Z820 Dual CPU E5-2650 v2 - 2.6 GHz 6-core or better (Requires enough CPU
speed to decompress ProRes in under 16ms)
SATA Boot Drive with Windows 8.1
Slot 1 – Empty
Slot 2 – KONA 4
Slot 3 – LSI 9721-8iCC RAID controller
Slot 4 – LSI 9721-8iCC RAID controller
Slot 5 – Empty
Slot 6 – GPU
1 | AJA Retail Installer - Windows v12.1 - KONA, Io and T-TAP
RAID Configuration
Each RAID controller can be configured with either 4 x Intel S3700 200 GB+ or 6 x
Intel S3500 240GB+ drives. RAID configuration per controller is:
64k Stripe Size
Always Write Back
A RAID 0 configuration on each controller presents 2 drives to Windows, stripe
the drives together with Disk Manager.
New Features
• Adds support for 4K and UltraHD resolution capture with Open I/O plug-in for
Avid Media Composer 8.3
• Adds new Wirecast capture plug-in support for Telestream Wirecast version 5
and 6
• Combined all plug-in and device driver installers into an All-in-One installer. This
unified installer covers all of the following:
• Device Drivers for all currently shipping AJA hardware including KONA 4,
KONA 3G, KONA LHi, KONA LHe Plus Io 4K, Io XT, Io Express, and T-TAP
• AJA Control Room
• AJA Control Panel
• Adobe Creative Cloud Plug-ins
• Avid Open I/O Plug-in
• Telestream Wirecast Plug-in
• Optimized AJA Control Room Monitor Display during capture to free resources
for high resolution, high frame rate encoding
• Fixed audio stuttering in Adobe Premiere Pro when Premiere Pro drops frames
• Fixed HD DPX Playback issue in AJA Control Room
• Fixed Preroll Errors during Export-to-Tape in AJA Control Room
• Fixed issue with frame dropping on output from Avid Media Composer on
older/less powerful systems
• Fixed Audio Pass-Through issue when using Media Composer capture tool
• Fixed issue with AJA Control Panel test pattern output being incorrect
• Fixed issue where 8-channel audio capture was not possible on KONA LHi over
• Fixed issue where YUV framebuffer was used for capturing ProRes 4444 in
Premier Pro
2 | AJA Retail Installer - Windows v12.1 - KONA, Io and T-TAP
• Fixed issue with black line between quadrants 2 and 4 in HFR 4K (Io 4K and
• Fixed issue with RGB Project output from Avid Media Composer
• Fixed issue with bad audio output from Premiere Pro when VANC is enabled in
the AJA Control Panel
• Changed installer versioning to match the AJA driver SDK version.
• Changed manuals to include instructions for loading LUTs in AJA Control Panel
and instructions for reducing desktop display framerate in AJA Control Room to
free resources for capture/encoding, especially in high resolutions and frame
• Fixed issue where AJA Photoshop Export plug-in could cause Photoshop to
• Fixed issue where clicking 'Hardware Setup' in Media Composer Video Output
Tool could cause Media Composer to crash
• Fixed version information in the Properties tab of AJA Control Panel
• Fixed issue with DPX playback with RGB10 frame buffer problem in AJA Control
• Fixed issue where Metadata and Timecode may not be passed through in Input
Passthrough mode (Io XT only)
Relevant Products
The following products are covered by this update:
Io 4K
Io Express
Known Issues and Limitations
• UHD capture is limited to DPX files for HFR. Very high-speed storage systems are
• Io 4K and KONA 4 must be flashed with UFC firmware for use with thin raster
formats such as DVCProHD. DVCProHD capture and playback is not possible with
the factory-installed 4K firmware. In order to capture DVCProHD with these
devices, go to the AJA Control Panel 'Firmware' tab, and flash them with the
supplied UFC bitfile. This bitfile contains all of AJA's up, down, cross-conversion
support, as well as support for 'thin raster' formats like DVCProHD, but does not
include 4K and UltraHD support.
• ‘System Sleep’ should not be used with KONA and Io devices. Sleep modes
should be disabled in the operating system settings.
3 | AJA Retail Installer - Windows v12.1 - KONA, Io and T-TAP
• Io Express is not recommended for use in Windows with an Apple MacBook Pro
8.2 or earlier using Bootcamp. Io Express will work in an Apple Mac Pro tower, or
in a MacBook Pro 8.3 with Windows and Bootcamp.
Adobe Plug-Ins
• Audio output from AJA device can be compromised when sequence framerates
do not match hardware framerates.
• This can occur when working in 720p formats other than 720p-50, 59.94, 60.
• To work around this limitation, go to Premiere Pro Playback preferences, and
set the AJA video device to ‘Match Control Panel’. Then set up a crossconversion to output 1080 format. For example, if using a 720p-23.98 project,
set the AJA Control Panel to cross-convert to 1080PsF-23.98, which is a valid
SDI output.
• Millisecond delay controls will not function for video device in Premiere Pro
Playback Preferences.
• Only DPX captures will work correctly when capturing 4K on Windows
• ‘System Sleep’ should not be used with KONA and Io devices. Sleep modes
should be disabled in the operating system settings.
• Timecode is not stored in crash captured clips when the timecode source is
RS-422. If this is required, use embedded timecode instead of RS-422 timecode.
• Variable frame rates (VFR) with pull down added are not adjusted for timecode.
• ‘Crash Capture’ and ‘Print to Video’ will work on Varicam frame rates over HD-SDI,
but ‘Insert Edit’, ‘In/Out. Capture’, and ‘Batch Capture’ will not.
• When insert editing on Panasonic decks, destructive edits may occur too early
on the tape. In order to avoid this, be sure that menu item 202 “ID SEL” is set to
• Preroll shorter than 3 seconds is not recommended for use with any deck, for
capture or layback.
• Premiere Pro defaults to ‘Display First Field’ in its monitor wing menus. If
interlacing issues appear on the output of AJA hardware, try changing this
setting to ‘Display Both Fields’.
• When changing from a DF tape to an NDF tape on the same deck, with the
Premiere Pro capture window open, the NDF/DF status may not be picked up
correctly. If this happens, the timecode values seen in the Premiere Pro capture
window may be incorrect.
• This Issue will NOT affect users unless they are changing between DF and
NDF tapes on the same deck, in the same Premiere Pro Capture session.
• To Avoid This: Always give the new tape a new name in the ‘ Tape Name’
dialog that appears when changing tapes and be sure to let the new tape
spool up all the way before clicking the ‘OK’ button on the dialog.
• To Fix This: Close the Premiere Pro capture window and reopen it.
• When capturing from or exporting to a Panasonic D5 deck, The timecode source
setting in the AJA Premiere Pro Device Control plug-in must be LTC+VITC.
4 | AJA Retail Installer - Windows v12.1 - KONA, Io and T-TAP
Avid Open I/O Plug-ins
• For the AJA device to be selectable in the Audio Punch-In Tool, it must first be
selected in the Capture Tool:
• Open the Capture Tool
• Select the Video Input as AJA KONA or AJA Io
• Close the Capture Tool
• Open the Audio Punch-In Tool
• Select the Input Device as AJA KONA or AJA Io
• Indefinite looping of the timeline with Open I/O plug-in installed may cause
Avid applications to stop playback and give an error message.
• When capturing Dual-Link RGB source using KONA 3 or KONA 3G, the E/E pass
through signal may be incorrect on the Dual SDI output.
• The AJA hardware genlock may switch between ‘Input’ and ‘Reference’ when
‘Reference’ has been selected in the AJA Control Panel. Specifically, this is known
to happen when attempting to batch capture in Media Composer, causing
some clips in the batch to not be captured. To work around this issue, select
‘Input’ genlock in the AJA Control Panel when batch capturing.
• Occasionally analog video input will not be detected correctly in the Media
Composer Capture Tool. As a workaround, play the source video when you start
up Media Composer.
Technical Support
AJA Technical Support is free and available to help you answer questions or resolve
issues with any of your AJA products.
To contact AJA Technical Support:
Email: support@aja.com
Phone: +1-530-271-3190
Web: www.aja.com/support
Shipping: 180 Litton Dr. Grass Valley, CA 95945 USA
5 | AJA Retail Installer - Windows v12.1 - KONA, Io and T-TAP
Fax: +1-530-274-9442
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