HBT-PRC-5712/ İ001 / 04-2017
ASELSAN Soldier Radio provides voice and data communication
capability to the soldier in the field, ensuring connectivity with the
members of the squad or the team. The Aselsan Soldier Radio is
a small, lightweight and robust radio providing full-duplex communications.
The radio’s full-duplex capability, allowing conferencing and
VOX operation, meets stringent operational requirements. Priority-based voice conferencing allows up to five simultaneous talkers
on the net while the other users can monitor the conference call.
Digital voice coding and TDMA techniques are employed to achieve
full duplex voice and data communications. The Soldier Radio can
communicate up to one kilometer on rural terrain.
VOX operation with standard headset enables hands-free communications. The Soldier Radio can be configured by the user or
the communications planners for selected roles. The radio can be
programmed to provide communication among different groups.
The radio has voice messages and various alerts to inform the
user regarding the state of selected communication modes.
The design of the radio complies with the vibration, shock, temperature range and immersion requirements of military standards.
The radio is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery block providing operation in excess of 24 hours. Primary battery holder permits
operation with 3 of AA size commercial batteries.
Vehicular wireless intercommunication can be achieved with
Wireless Interface Unit.
Functional Specifications
• Voice and data operation
• Full duplex communications
• Conferencing up to five users
• Encrypted communication (optional)
• User grouping
• Programmable 3 PTT buttons
(2 on the gadget 1 on the headset)
• Whisper function for covert operation
• Voice messages and alerts
• Up to 19200 bps data communication
• Build in Test function (BIT)
• Hands-free operation (VOX)
• Wireless Interface Unit for vehicular and MBT usage
Electrical Specifications
• Frequency Band : 380-400 MHz
• RF Output Power: 125 mW
• Preset Channels : up to 99
• Battery Life : 24 hours with a single NiMH battery block (w. 3x NiMH AA batt.) 12 hours with a single Li-Ion battery block
(at 1:2:17 Tx:Rx:Waiting)
Mechanical Specifications
• Weight : <370 g (with NiMH battery block)
: <300 g (including antenna, without battery block)
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 120x60x42mm with
120x60x37mm with Li-Ion battery block
Environmental Specifications (MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F)
• Temperature Range:-20oC/+55oC (operating)
: -40oC/+80oC (storage)
• Humidity : 50oC, 95% Relative Humidity
• Immersion : 2 hours @ 1 m
Optional Accessories
• Throat microphone
• Car charging kit
• Carrying belt and case
P: +90 (312) 592 10 00 | F: +90 (312) 354 13 02 |
ASELSAN A.Ş. is a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation company.
Specifications are subject to change without any notice. | All tolerances are within ±10%.
• Integrated receiver-transmitter unit
• Short helical antenna
• Operates independently of any infrastructure
• Rechargeable NiMH or Li-Ion battery block
• Standard headset with boom microphone
• DC Battery Charger (12/24 V)
• AC/DC Converter 110/220Vac
• Programmable with ASELSAN Network
• Managing System
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