All research and production takes place at our UK
Headquarters, drawing upon 20 years of experience in
the special effects industry.
Final testing
The unit is available with interchangeable
remote controllers (see Controllers’ section)
giving ultimate flexibility and control over smoke
output. In addition, you can specify a choice of
pump depending upon the coverage
you require: The standard pump will
give good volume and continuous
running; the Hi-power version produces
a much greater volume of smoke to
give a dense effect preferred by big
stage productions. The Hi-power version
also comes with thermal sensing to
prevent burn-out of the pump unit.
The Supersmoke 1000 also has an optional
sensing system which monitors the fluid level,
automatically stopping the machine when the
fluid bottle is almost empty, thereby avoiding
burn-out which is a common problem for
operators using machines in remote or
inaccessible locations.
Electronics assembly
Contact us today for your nearest
distributor or for more technical
Tel: +44 (0) 1342 718399
Fax: +44 (0) 1342 717525
Size: 470mm(l) x 243(w) x 142(h)
Heat-up from cold: 7 minutes
Cooling: Convection
Finish: Royal blue, texture
Power consumption: 6 amps
Voltage: 240/110 volts, 50/60 Hz
Weight (boxed): 10.5kgs
Internal assembly
The Supersmoke 3000 also gives you fantastic
versatility in the output you can achieve. Both
the volume of smoke and the force of the airboost are independently variable, enabling you
to produce any effect, from a thin haze over a
vast area to short, sharp, thick bursts.
Designed as a workhorse for tough
location work, the Mini series is easy to
service, with removable panels exposing
the whole of the inside of the machine
for quick servicing. An isolating thermal
fuse system independent of the
electronic circuit ensures safe operation
at all times.
The Mini series accepts standard 2”
ducting, for controlled dispersal around
any set or stage area.
Generous aerosol cup
to prevent spillage
Bottle cutout system
• Extremely compact machine
• Aerosol cup with deep fluid
• Isolating thermal fuse independent of electronic circuitry
• Powerful smoke output
Internal assembly
Careful design has resulted in a compact, portable machine, with
some clever practical features. For example, you can fit a unique
combined smoke/air adaptor which allows you to duct air under
pressure through conventional 6” (152 mm) ducting, or 2” (51 mm)
non-pressurised ducting to provide powerful smoke ejection from
any point. The Supersmoke 3000 turbo also features an optional
sensing system which will automatically stop the machine when the
fluid bottle is almost empty, thereby avoiding pump burnout. The heater block is both inexpensive and easy to
refurbish, featuring a unique fluid coil system.
The Supersmoke 3000 Turbo is available with a choice of
pump options: The standard pump produces good volume
with the ability to run the pump continuously, whilst the
Hi-power version produces a greater smoke volume, and is
further protected with thermal sensing.
Size: 300mm(l) x 160(w) x 185(h)
Heat-up from cold: 8 minutes
Cooling: Convection
Finish: Royal blue, texture
Power consumption: 4.5 amps
Voltage: 240/110 volts, 50/60 Hz
Weight (boxed): Mini 500: 8.5 kgs,
: Mini 500 remote: 9.0 kgs
Controllers have been specifically designed to ensure that
independent control of smoke/air boost is maintained
(see Controller section). There is even a controller (EC400T)
with automatic timer operation and ‘offset’ facility for
prolonging the air boost. Other accessories include drip trays
and various ducting options.
MINI 500
With a worldwide network of
distributors, and full after sales
support, the Effects Company is
your single source for all smoke
0-10 volt remote operation
Ducting/ducting adaptor available
Quiet operation
All electronic controls
Isolating thermal fuse - independent of
electronic circuitry
Electronic temperature control prevents
overheating which is common in
machines with mechanical thermostats
and ensures smooth operation at all
times. An external filter prevents
blockages in the fluid system.
0-10V remote
Quiet operation
All electronic controls
Isolating thermal fuse - independent of
electronic circuitry
Size: 540mm(l) x 270(w) x 200(h)
Heat-up from cold: 7 minutes
Cooling: Convection
Finish: Royal blue, texture
Power consumption: 7 amps
Voltage: 240/110 volts, 50/60 Hz
Weight (boxed): 20 kgs
‘Power-On’ indicator
‘Ready’ Indicator
Smoke Volume & Switch
Airflow Volume & Switch
Turbo Offset Timer
Timer Facility
Smoke ‘On’ Indicator
Turbo ‘On’ Indicator
On/Off/Timer Switch
CO2 Flow Indicator
‘On’ Switch
Pump Operating Indicators
Block Heating Indicators
Hi/Low Power Indicators
Pump Cutout Indicators
‘Refill Fluid’ Indicator
Mini 500
Mini 500 Remote
Supersmoke 1000
Supersmoke 3000 Turbo
Cirrus Lowsmoke
Cyclone 4000 Turbo
Notes: ① = Switch only, ➁ = Without Volume Control, ➂ = Volume Control Inoperative
EC50: Basic on/off control with ‘power on’ and ‘ready’ indication.
EC100: Variable smoke control as well as on/off control and ‘power on’ and ‘ready’
EC200: Timer control to give bursts of smoke with duration and interval control.
0-90 second duration timer and 0-30 minute interval, combine with on/off control and
‘power on’ and ‘ready’ indication.
EC300T: Designed for use with the 3000 Turbo, it provides separate channels to control
smoke output and turbo airflow. Each has separate on/off and variable control, as well
as ‘power on’ and ‘ready’ indication. Connection is by means of a 5 pin, 180º DIN plug.
EC400T: A unique timer control for the 3000 Turbo machine, it combines the features
of the EC200 and EC300T, giving you duration and interval timing options for smoke
output and airflow. Additionally, airflow on-time can be lengthened for 3 minutes
before and after smoke to enhance the turbo effect before, and to fan the smoke after.
Connection is by means of a 5 pin, 180º DIN plug.
LS50: Designed for use with Cirrus Lowsmoke, the LS50 will allow you to remotely
introduce liquid CO2 into the main hose for a few seconds before smoke operation,
ensuring an excellent cooling action. Connection is by means of a stereo jack plug.
EC700T: A sophisticated controller for the Cyclone 4000 Turbo which allows you to
select single or twin block heating, and mode of operation. LEDs show the status of
both heaters, ‘ready’ indication, and pump operation/thermal cut-out. The main
machine is monitored and power and fluid status are all shown. A three metre lead with
moulded ’D‘ connector is provided for connection. Even if you are using the
controller with DMX, you can still keep the EC700T connected to provide local
indication of status.
If it’s coverage and control you’re looking for,
the Supersmoke 3000 Turbo is the machine for
you - with a built-in air boost you can project
smoke over a phenomenal area, without using
external fans.
Unique fluid coil
A wide range of 0-10v remote control options are available for use with Effects
Company machines. They can be either hand-held or panel mounted.
TURBO 3000
The result of this research,
development and production
programme is probably the
most comprehensive range
of quality smoke machines
anywhere in the world,
accompanied by the most
sophisticated control and
accessory selection.
• Smoke projection without external fans
• Control over smoke density and distance
• Optional bottle cut-out system
Our electronic and mechanical
assembly is carried out to the
highest standards, with each
finished machine, controller or
accessory being thoroughly tested
prior to dispatch.
But our development isn’t just about what you see. We
concentrate on the bits you don’t see - the internal
electronics build, the make-up of the fluid and other
refined features which make our machines practical and
easy to use, with the minimum of fuss and mess.
Cirque Surreal (Superhaze fluid)
As with all Effects Company machines,
the Supersmoke 1000 is engineered to
the highest standards. The heater block
is both inexpensive and easy to
refurbish, featuring a unique fluid coil
system. The machine is available with a
wide range of accessories, including
ducting adaptors, drip trays, ducting
and various smoke fluids.
Mini 500 Remote
A favourite with the film industry, the
Mini 500 has a generous 20mm ceramic
fibre insulation which allows mains-free
operation for a period of up to 30
minutes, producing a powerful smoke
output from an aerosol canister at the
rear. The Mini 500 Remote has a stereo
jack socket to allow remote control from
dedicated controllers including timer
versions (see controller section), but still retains a
manual override option on the machine itself.
From enormous rock and roll events to film sets, stage
shows and local discos, you’ll find Effects Company
machines hard at work.
The Supersmoke 1000 is an excellent machine,
designed to cope with punishing use over a long
period. The machine produces extremely high
quality, small particle size, dry smoke, which is
proving very popular with indoor venues
because of its fine particle size and low
condensation properties.
Mini 500 (Cirque Surreal)
The Supersmoke 500 Mini is a really versatile
machine, designed to give you thick bursts of
dry smoke in almost any location.
Factory assembly
We custom develop all the
electronics and
microprocessors for each
machine and controller,
ensuring that we can achieve
the precise performance
we’re looking for every time,
whilst keeping control of
• Mains-free capability
• 0-10v remote control
• Electronic temperature
MINI 5000
‘Sheep’- a tribute to Pink
Floyd (Supersmoke 1000)
We’ve been providing the entertainment industry with
dramatic smoke effects for over a decade, constantly
finding stunning new ways of using smoke to enhance
performance and atmosphere.
We’ve developed machines, fluids, controllers and
accessories which will produce almost any kind of smoke
almost anywhere, allowing you to integrate smoke with
light and other special effects to get maximum impact.
Virtually continuous smoke output
Very dry smoke
Quality build
Optional bottle cutout system
Cirrus Lowsmoke, Steamers Club,
Metropole Hotel, Brighton
CO2 Cylinders (6.35 kg & 34kg)
Cirrus Lowsmoke unit
The Cyclone 4000 Turbo is the world’s most
sophisticated smoke machine, combining
state-of-the-art microprocessor control with
innovative design to give you the ultimate
Two thermally protected pumps feeding twin
heater blocks combine to produce an
awesome smoke output. Independent
variable smoke output and air boost give you
the versatility to vary between massive
billowing fog to a thin wispy haze over vast
areas. Remote 0-10 volt or DMX 512 provide
the ultimate in control.
The Cirrus is a very economical machine and
only uses 1 kilo of liquid CO2 per 11/2 minutes
of operation. Working from a standard 6.35 kg
cylinder, you can produce 91/2 minutes of dryice effect; a 34kg cylinder will last
48 minutes; you can also use multiple cylinders
manifolded together for even longer operation.
Ducting adaptor
Size: 355mm(l) x 190(w) x 281(h)
Operating temperature: -25/30ºC
Construction: internal shell stainless steel; outer shell,
mild steel, all fixings and condensate tray, stainless
Operating pressures: Working 50 bar (735 psi) max
190 bar (2793 psi)
Coolant: Liquid Cylinder C02
Finish: Royal blue, texture
Power consumption: 1 amp
Voltage: 240/110 volts, 50/60 Hz
Weight (boxed): 11 kgs
The design characteristics of the Cyclone
4000 Turbo cover every conceivable
application. For example, the heater blocks
feature a unique copper coil system which
means simple refurbishment in the case of
blockage. Externally accessed filters protect
the system from foreign bodies. Thermal
protection is supplied via twin thermal fuses,
independent of the electronic circuitry. Smoke
output is controlled via a servo flap system on
the front of the machine, giving you accurate
control of air flow independent of smoke
The heater element is fitted above the water level
avoiding electrical problems from leakages, and the lid
is fitted with a single action locking mechanism to
ensure that dry-ice loading is super-quick!
Unique lid seal mechanism
The Cyclone 4000 Turbo has DMX
compatibility built-in (on DMX
versions) which allows you to
integrate your smoke operation
with lighting through your
lighting control board; you simply
daisy-chain the Cyclone in the
same way you would an
intelligent light. You can always
switch back to 0-10 volt local
control should you wish.
A ducting adaptor for 2.5” ducting will produce a
greater projection of fog if you need it, and actually
provides 2 options. You can use the adaptor without
ducting, which projects the smoke under
pressure a greater distance than usual, or you
can add the ducting to direct the output to
another area.
Cumulus with 152mm ducting
Size: 730mm(l) x 510(w) x 570(h)
Heat-up from cold: approx. 30
minutes (one basket) 60 minutes
(multiple baskets)
Finish: Shell, royal blue, moulded
polyethylene paint, royal blue,
Power consumption: 10 amps
(240v) or 21 amps (115v)
Voltage: 240/110 volts, 50/60 Hz
Weight (boxed): 19.5 kgs
The whole machine is built from a one piece,
seam free, rotational moulded shell. It has a
39 litre water capacity, and 9 kilogram dry-ice
capacity which will produce prolonged output of
dry-ice in any location. You can use multiple
baskets for dry-ice production in large
Recessed water level mechanism
6 position basket mechanism
‘Above water level’ element connection
(no more leaks!)
Removable dry ice basket
Single action lid seal mechanism
Heavy duty construction
Heavy corrosion protection of internal
DMX panel
Size: 720mm(l) x 320(w) x 400(h)
Weight (boxed): 56kgs
Finish: Royal blue, texture
Total power requirements: 12 amps or 19 amps selectable (240V/50Hz)
Fluid capacity: Internal 5 litres, auxiliary 20 litres, with bottle
cut-out system
Fan: In-built high pressure centrifugal - spool up time
approx. 3 secs, variable output via servo flap system
Smoke output: Twin block - selectable output
Pumps: Twin with thermal protection
Thermal safety: Twin independent thermal fuses
Remote Control: 0 -10 volt from controller/desk or DMX 512
The Effects Company has developed a full range
of professional fluids designed to produce almost
any effect you want. They are all manufactured to
the very highest standards to avoid machine
blockages, and can in fact be mixed to provide
differing effects.
From the EC700T remote or
DMX controller (see separate
Controller section) you can select
single or twin heating blocks,
and any combination of smoke
output mode, from single, twin
or alternating blocks. The
controller then allows you to vary
the power of the air-boost and
the volume of smoke, for the ultimate
tuning of your special effect. You can
even leave the EC700T controller
connected when using DMX to give you
local indication of the status of the
machine via its LEDs.
Cyclone with auxiliary 20 litre tank
The less dense ‘Haze’ and ‘Superhaze’ fluids are
becoming increasingly popular in helping clubs
and venues meet licensing authority requirements
to keep ambient smoke levels to a minimum.
Effects Company smoke fluids are available in a
wide range of convenient sizes - from 2.5 litre
bottles, to 205 litre barrels. (See price list for
The machine has an internal
bottle size of 5 litres with an
automatic cut-out which will
activate when the bottle is
almost empty, preventing pump
burn-out. An auxiliary fluid tank
with 20 litre capacity can also be
connected. (Also with automatic
This produces the traditional dense white smoke
effect with long-lasting results.
A thinner, hazier effect than standard fluid, with a
slight blue hue. It disperses quicker than standard
fluid and produces a less pronounced jet from the
smoke machine. It is particularly suited to enclosed
areas because it doesn’t tend to leave a residue on
surfaces or equipment.
The Cyclone 4000 Turbo even has
changeable heater power settings to
cater for power/amperage availability.
The DMX converter box has BCD switches which
enable you to allocate any address code
between 1 and 512. A pair of XLR sockets are
provided for the usual ‘in’ and ‘thru’ DMX
connections, and the smoke machine is linked to
the converter through its 0-10 volt connection,
with the machine itself providing the necessary
power for the unit.
The Converter then provides LED indications of
its status. A light shows that DMX information is
being received, and two others indicate the
‘power on’ and ‘ready to operate’ status of the
smoke machine.
There are two 0-10 volt analogue channel
outputs on each box, designed to provide
separate control of air and smoke on the turbo
machines, or smoke and CO2 flow on the Cirrus
machine. Two bar-graphs show the level of
activity on each of these channels,
in 10 x 10% segments.
The DMX box can also be used as a
stand-alone 2 channel converter to link any
0-10v product into your control system - smoke,
or light! (instructions provided with unit).
This really is the ultimate smoke machine!
This new DMX
converter allows you
to integrate any Effects Company product with
your lighting rig, providing synchronised smoke
and light in almost any venue, in conjunction
with the main DMX system.
Using easily obtainable liquid CO2, the Cirrus
cools the smoke to an incredible -25ºC,
ensuring that the smoke sinks immediately it
leaves the machine. The unit links electronically
to the main machine, and works ‘in tandem’ on
0-10 volts so that you can link to lighting desks
and central controllers. Ducting options allow
you to direct the smoke through standard
51mm tubing.
As with all Effects Company products, the
Cirrus Lowsmoke boasts quality design and build. It has a stainless
steel inner shell and non-ferrous components to prevent rusting,
and includes a built-in condensate tray, to ensure exceptionally
dry operation.
TEL: +44 (0) 1342 718399
FAX: +44 (0) 1342 717525
microprocessor control
The high capacity dry-ice basket ensures huge
quantities of fog output, and can be changed almost
instantaneously using the lift-out basket mechanism.
Almost continuous coverage can be achieved for any
length of time with a ‘stand-by’ basket.
We pride ourself on first class after sales support, and will normally be able to supply spare
parts ‘off-the-shelf’ for immediate despatch. We are also pleased to give full technical support
to distributors or end-users regarding technical or service enquiries - simply telephone, fax or
RH10 4HQ
The Cumulus dry ice machine is a well thought out and
exceptionally well engineered product packed with
practical features which make it easier to use than any
other on the market.
The Cirrus simply fixes to the front of any of the
Effects Company Supersmoke machines,
changing its output to a low lying dense haze
that is virtually indistinguishable from dry-ice.
The Effects Company’s products are sold throughout the world by authorised distributors who
have a comprehensive product knowledge, good levels of stock, and service facilities,
enabling customer support across a wide range of uses.
DMX Converter with Supersmoke
3000 Turbo
High specification
internal construction
Virtually transparent as it emerges from the
machine, superhaze remains almost invisible until
highlighted by light beams. Developed as a
replacement for ‘cracked oil’ fluids, it doesn’t
leave deposits, and is ideal for use with turbo
0 - 10 volt or DMX operation
Hi-Power - 2 x 2000W heaters
Unique fluid coil system
(easy block servicing)
Extremely powerful variable
fan output
Inbuilt bottle cutout system
Standby dry ice basket
The Cirrus Lowsmoke allows you to produce authentic dry-ice
type effects using a conventional smoke machine, without
expensive refrigeration systems or cumbersome
freezing tunnels.
We design our equipment to cope with arduous use, but like any other products they should
be looked after and checked/serviced when required.
DMX 512 is
increasingly popular
as a means of
system control,
allowing different
light, and smoke
products to be
controlled from one
computerised desk.
EC700T Controller
Recessed water level
indicator and
‘above water level’
element connection
A smoke fluid specially formulated for use in the
Cirrus Lowsmoke machine, it generates a thick
white heavy smoke which clings to the ground. It
disperses quickly when it warms.
This produces a slightly less dense effect than the
thick version and disperses more quickly. It is ideal
for areas where people are moving or dancing,
creating a swirling effect at floor level without
Effects Company products have all been through a careful and thorough Research and
Development programme, and are fully tested prior to being put into production. Our
products are put together with care and thoroughly checked before despatch, which is why
we can be justifiably proud of our ever-growing reputation for design and build quality.
• Massive smoke projection
• Independent variable smoke output
and air boost
• Microprocessor control
Steamers Nightclub, Brighton.
Permanent installation with automatic ‘timer’ operation
• A dry-ice effect from a
conventional smoke
• No pre-freezing or
refrigeration required
• Works with any
Supersmoke machine
• High capacity dry ice output
• Robust construction
• Innovative design features
For use in the Mini 500 range, they contain the
smoke and the propellant combined. They are all
ozone friendly and contain no CFCs.
Size: 170mm(l) x 115(w) x 36(h)
Finish: Royal blue,
texture/egg shell paint
1/4” stereo jack for Supersmoke
1000 or Mini 500 remote
5 pin 180º Din for Supersmoke
3000 Turbo or Cirrus Lowsmoke
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