Growatt WiFi-E module Quick Installation Guide

Growatt WiFi-E module
Quick Installation Guide
Remove the cover of the RS232 port, check if there is DIP switch next to the port,
A If there is a DIP switch next to the RS232 port, please set DIP1 to 1. Then plug in the WiFi-E module and
lock screws.
B If there is no DIP switch, poke the small rubber plug from the screw hole adjacent to the RS232 port. Plug
into the RS232 port and lock screws.
Register and Add device
Search “Shine Phone” in google play or app store, or scan the QR below, download and install the app.
NOTE: 1.Please install the latest version;
Connect your mobile phone to the WiFi of the router to be connected by the WiFi-E module.
Run ShinePhone, and register a new user.
3. Then enter the SN and check code of the WiFi-E module or just scan the QR code on it in the following
page to add the module into this account.
4. Then it will jump to the configuration page – “Set ShineWiFi”, enter the WiFi password in the
corresponding field. Please note, the phone must be connected to the WiFi network of the router first.
5. After entering the WiFi password, click on “Configure” to start the configuration. A “configuration
successful acquisition” dialog window will appear if the WiFi-E module is successfully configured. Click
“OK” on the dialog window, you’ll be brought to the login page.
6. Login with your account. Click the “+” at the top right of the page to view the connection status of
the data logger(WiFi-E module).
7. Then click the “Device” tab at the bottom line to move to “Device” page, All detailed information
of the PV system can be viewed here.
Remark: The connection status of the WiFi-E module can be checked by the status
of the blue LED light in the WiFi-E module
1. Blue LED status:
Solid on: device is initializing
Solid off: no device found on RS232 port
Flashing fast (change every 0.2s): Found inverter or SP2000 on RS232 port
Flashing slow (change every 1s): The WiFi-E module is online and successfully connected to router
2. If you need to reconfigure the WiFi-E module, please press and hold the key button for at least 3 seconds
until the blue LED turns solid on and flash fast. Now open the ShinePhone App and long press the WiFi-E
module in the datalogger list to configure it again.
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