17" Camel Low Moisture Floor Machine #F0009-SP

17” Low Moisture
Cleaning Machine
Features and Benefits
Extra heavy duty spring steel
steel cord strain relief
Ÿ 180 frame motor is much
stronger than 1.5HP motors
Ÿ 126 lb empty weight gives
Heavy duty spill proof solution
tank for front-mount sprayer or
center-feed options
more down pressure than
other machines (100 lb. vs
126 lbs.
Ÿ LESS amp draw and current
usage, 9 amps vs. about 14
Ÿ Ergonomic Upper Handle
Lock - no bending
Front-mounted machine
sprayer for precise solution
Ÿ Ergonomic Trigger Spraying
Totally enclosed fan-cooled
motor for longer motor life
Ÿ Low 65 decibel operation -
vai normal handles - no
reaching for a button
No odor cleaning, very quiet,
dry in 15 minutes
Ÿ Unique circular spray pattern
provides complete coverage
without wetting walls, etc.
Ÿ Non-markling wheels
Thumb operated safety switch
Ÿ Complete chrome covers
Dual steel operating and
spraying triggers for left or right
hand operation
Ÿ UL/CUL Approved
Variable angle handle
adjustment fits operator’s
Brush-n-Bonnet Pad Driver
19” pad driver with riser for
low-moisture cleaning
with Camel 17” Floor
Machine. #137199
19” Slotted Bonnet
ergonomic ease.
Cleaning Pad
For Brush-n-Bonnet Pad
Driver. 4 per case. #137399
19” Wiping Bonnet Pad
Low-profile, 100% cotton
looped pad loosens and
carries away released soil.
6 per case. #136599
17” Clean Grit Rotary Grout
Brush w/NP9200 clutch plate.
Softer 180 Grit multi-level
bristles give superior
scrubbing. #816515
Maintenance Solutions Inc. - 8812 Jericho City Drive - Landover, MD - (301) 350-5401
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