Dual USB Car Charger Coming To Your Area Soon!

Dual USB Car Charger
Model: DD801
Main Features
Charge 2 USB devices
at the same time!
• Car Charger with Dual USB Port
Up to 5V, 2000mA direct power sources for
iPad®, iPod® units, iPhone®, mobile phones,
PSP®, Blackberry®, Digital cameras and
other music players and devices*. Just plug
it in to your car cigarette or plug in socket,
power up and start to play.
• Short Circuit Protection Damage to the
charger and mobile device is prevented in
case of a short circuit.
*iPod shuffle, iPod Mini. Also suitable for iPods requiring a
dock connector to USB 2.0 cable (not supplied). This unit
is a power supply for multiple DC 5V USB enabled devices.
Usability may vary with mobile device specifications.
What: The Camelion Dual USB Car Charger provides power for up to 2 mobile devices when
you are on the road.
Input: DC12~24V
Output: DC5V
Output current: 2A for 1 USB
1A for 2 USBs
Info & Sales Resources
For latest information please visit
www.camelionbattery.com or contact your
local Camelion sales office
Sales Tips
Suggested Consumer Markets:
Professionals, travelers, drivers
Suggested Message to Consumer:
Convenient Mobile Power
Suggested Retail Markets:
Grocery/appliance/electronics outlets
Suggested Regions: Global
How To Order
Contact us: info@camelionbattery.com
or your local Camelion Sales Agent
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slightly from the actual product. Product development
may require changes without notice.
Coming To Your Area Soon!
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