C6119A bulk ink set up and handling

C6119A bulk ink set up and handling
C6119A bulk ink set up and handling
Ink system set up
1. Remove tape from the printhead.
2. Place printhead in the printer.
3. Place ink reservoir on the ink tray.
4. Ink tray must be located 4 inches
below the printhead.
5. Insert valve into the plastic clip on
6. Listen for a click indicating the valve
has snapped into place.
Important note
• Once the printhead is connected to
the reservoir it cannot be taken apart
without damaging the system.
Printhead removal
1. Grasp both sides of printhead to
remove it from the printer stall.
2. Do not pull on the tube or clip.
3. Do not raise printhead more than
10 inches above the ink reservoir.
Important notes
• If printhead is raised higher than 10
inches above the ink reservoir, air will
be drawn into it. This will damage the
• Do not position printhead below the
ink reservoir to avoid ink leakage.
Printhead cleaning
1–2 Use a lint-free cloth, moistened with
deionized water.
3–4 Wipe slowly and lightly across tip of
the long edge with the printhead
facing down as shown.
Important notes
• Do not use force or a dry cloth to avoid
scratching the nozzles.
• Do not use a cloth with lint to avoid
clogging the nozzles.
Does your printhead need cleaning?
This dirty printhead requires wiping.
This is how your printhead should look
after cleaning.
Purge the nozzles
If your printhead sits inactive for a period
of time, you should purge the nozzles by
following these steps.
• Wipe the printhead as shown in the
Printhead Cleaning section above.
• Print a few lines of high-resolution text
(600 dpi or higher).
• Higher resolutions exercise more nozzles
and push out more ink.
Important note
• Do not shake the printhead as ink
pressure will damage the nozzles.
Short- and long-term storage procedures
If stored for less than one day
• Leave printhead in the machine.
• Wipe and purge the printhead next time
it is used.
If stored for more than one day
• Remove printhead from the printer stall.
• Place printhead above the ink reservoir
and fasten with a rubber band as shown.
• Place the entire system in an airtight
container with a damp cloth or sponge
to prevent printhead from drying out.
• Close the container tightly.
• Wipe and purge the printhead next time
it is used.
System disposal
• Keep printhead connected to the ink reservoir when disposing of system.
• Place the entire system in a plastic bag to avoid ink leakage.
Important handling cautions
• Never squeeze the ink reservoir as this will push ink out of the printhead.
• Never shake, drop or hit the printhead to avoid getting air in it.
• Never hold the printhead more than 10 inches above the ink reservoir when removing
the system for storage to avoid getting air in it.
• Never hold printhead below the reservoir to avoid ink leakage.
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