Not One But Two LCD Panels!
Vibration Level Meter
Sub displayshows a wealth
of auxiliary information
Store 3-axis measurement data
VM-53/53A Check vibration values on large
on sub display
Vibration Level Meter
Sub display
screen example
Bar graph screen
Level-time screen
List screen
The VM-53/VM-53A consists of the main unit and the 3-axis
accelerometer PV-83C. It conforms to the requirements specified by
the Weight and Measure Act and the Japanese Industry Standard for
vibration level meters (JIS C 1510: 1995). The unit is designed mainly
for measuring ground vibrations in order to evaluate vibration pollution.
It can measure vibration levels and display values weighted according
to human vibration sensitivity characteristics. The VM-53/VM-53A can
also be used to measure minute vibrations in structural objects.
Sophisticated auto store and timer functions enable unattended
long-term measurement. Data can be stored in the internal memory,
and the VM-53A can also use memory cards (CompactFlashTM cards)
to hold large amounts of measurement data.
The main unit features two backlit LCD panels. The large main display
shows the instantaneous value, while the sub display can show a
level-time waveform (3-axis or single-axis), bar graph (3-axis), list of
numeric values, or other valuable information. This lets the user
evaluate vibration phenomena much more accurately than with a
conventional device.
Separate X, Y, Z signal outputs are provided. An I/O jack for
connection to a printer or computer and a comparator output are also
available. This makes the VM-53/VM-53A suitable for a wide range of
measurement system applications.
The unit can be powered from IEC R14 (size C) batteries or from an
AC adapter (option). A backup function to guard against data loss in
case of a power failure is also implemented (when batteries and AC
adapter are used together).
■Twin backlit LCDs. Large main display shows instantaneous value
while sub display shows level-time, bar graph, list,
or other information.
■Continuous recording of 3-axis instantaneous value data on memory
card possible (VM-53A).
(Approx.400 hours using supplied 64 MB card, 3-axis data, 1-second intervals)
■Store processed values for maximum value, instantaneous level, and
power average in internal memory or on memory card.
■1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time analyzer card VX-53RT (option) (VM-53A)
■Data management software VM-53PA1 Japanese version (option)
Vibration pickup
■3-axis accelerometer
Reference sensitivity
:60 mV/m/s2
Waterproofing specifications
:JIS C 0920,class 7 (sealed)
Temperature range for operation :-10 to +50 ℃
Dimensions, weight
:Approx. 67 (dia.)×40.7 (H)mm,
Approx. 335 g
in internal memory or on memory card (VM-53A)
main display while monitoring level waveform
Management software
■Store data read-in method and display/edit capabilities
■Vibration level data management software
Processing Data read-in method
(Manual, AUTO 1,
This software supports the models
VM-53/VM-53A and VM-52/VM-52A.
Based on data stored with the vibration
level meter, the software allows level
waveform display, editing, processing,
creating daily and weekly reports, and
memory only
Serial communication
Serial communication
and CF card
Data read-in method
(memory card data)
Create/display daily &
weekly report
Not supported
Not supported
Not supported
Serial communication
memory/CF card
Supported operating systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7
* The VM-53PA1 software runs only under a Japanese
operating system and the display language is Japanese only.
■CompactFlash card
SRAM card
■Manual store data, 1file 25 KB
■Auto Store 1
■Auto Store 2
Measurement Sampling
100 ms
1.5 MB 0.15 MB
12 MB 1.2 MB
Display / edit screen
* Memory card data files stored with management software VM-52PB1 can be
used by VM-53PA1 for display, editing, and creation of daily & weekly reports.
* Remote measurement is possible with the four models VM-53/VM-53A
and VM-52/VM-52A. (For remote measurement, the vibration level meter is
connected to a PC via a serial link. Vibration level meter setup and
processing measurement can then be controlled from the PC.
Number of data
1 set 240 bytes
4500 set
Create/display daily
& weekly report
AUTO 2 data compatible) (AUTO1,AUTO2data only) (AUTO 1,AUTO 2data only)
1.1 MB
Daily report screen
Program card
Media : CompactFlash card
Supported model : VM-53A
Applicable standards : IEC 61260 : 1995 Class 1
■1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time
analyzer card
VX-53RT(only for VM-53A)
Analysis frequency bands :
Measurement modes :
Memory :
Interface :
Data store format :
Integrates 1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time
analyzer function into the vibration level
JIS C 1513 : 2002 Class 1
JIS C 1514 : 2002 Class 1
1/1 octave bandpass filters 1 to 63 Hz (7 bands), Lva, Lv
1/3 octave bandpass filters 1 to 80 Hz (20 bands), Lva, Lv
Inst, Leq, Lmax, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95
One measurement mode can be selected at a time.
Manual store on VX-53RT program card
506 files (100 data per file)
Serial communication and printing supported
Text files (CSV format), display and processing with
spreadsheet software possible
1/3 octave analysis screen
1/1 octave analysis screen
System diagram (devices except for vibration level meter, PV-83C, EC-02S and CF card are optional)
Vibration level meter
64 MB CF card (VM-53A)
Interface cable
PV-83C (supplied)
Extension cables
EC-02S 3 m(supplied)
EC-02SB 10 m
EC-02SD 50 m
EC-02SE 100 m
Vibration level meter
Management software
Personal computer
Comparator output
(D-sub 9-pin male connector)
To external device
* The VM-53PA1 software runs
only under a Japanese operating
system and the display language
is Japanese only.
Printer cable 5WCD2320
Battery pack
BNC-BNC cable NC-39A
Frequency analyzer
Data logger
Data recorder
1/1 and 1/3 octave
real-time analyzer card
(100 to 240 V AC)
Level recorder
VX-53RT (VM-53A)
VM-53A (memory card compatible)
No. W031
Applicable standards
Weight and Measure Act (vibration level meters)
JIS C 1510: 1995 (JIS C 1510: 1976)
Vibration level (Lv), vibration acceleration level (Lva), maximum value hold of vibration level or vibration acceleration level
Power average of vibration level or vibration acceleration level (Lveq or Lvaeq)
Time percentile level of vibration level or vibration acceleration level (L5,L10,L50,L90,L95)
Maximum value and minimum value of vibration level or vibration acceleration level (Lmax), (Lmin) For each measurement, single-axis or 3-axis can be selected.
Vibration level 1 to 80 Hz
Vibration acceleration level 1 to 80 Hz
Vibration level Lv-Z 25 to 120 dB, Lv-X, Y 30 to 120 dB
Vibration acceleration level Lva 30 to 120 dB (0 dB=10 -5m/s2)
Lv-Z 19 dB max. Lv-X, Y 24 dB max. Lva 24 dB max. (0 dB=10-5m/s2)
Vertical characteristics according to Weight and Measure Act or JIS, horizontal characteristics according to JIS, planar characteristics according to JIS
10 dB steps, 6 ranges switchable, 3-axis independent
10 to 70, 20 to 80, 30 to 90, 40 to 100, 50 to 110, 60 to 120 dB
70 dB
Processing measurement in preset time possible. 10 seconds, 500 seconds, 1 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, Manual (max. 199 h 59 m 59 s)
Digital processing
Dynamic characteristics: 0.63 s
Digital processing
78 μs (power average, Lmax,Lmin, max. hold)
125 μs (power average, Lmax, Lmin, max. hold)
100 ms (Lx) 5 seconds for measurement time 500 s
100 ms (Lx) 5 seconds for measurement time 500 s
Data store capability on memory card (CompactFlash card, abbreviated as "CF card")
Extended functions implemented by optional software on CF card supported
Manual store, Auto Store 1, Auto Store 2. Internal memory data are backed up for up to 1.5 months by secondary battery (in power off state)
Vibration level (Lv) or vibration acceleration level (Lva) at store point and processing values (Lveq or Lvaeq, Lmax, Lmin, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95) are saved at store point.
When measurement mode is Max Hold, maximum hold level and processing values are saved.
Multiple files, with up to 100 data sets per file (up to capacity of card)
Max. 100 sets of 3-axis data
Continuous store of vibration level (Lv) or vibration acceleration level (Lva) instantaneous values.
Store sampling 100 ms or 1 s, selectable
Start/end of store can be timer controlled
Multiple files, with up to 199 h 59 m 59 s data per file (up to capacity of card)
Max. 86 400 sets for single-axis measurement, max. 86 400 (28 800 × 3) for 3-axis (X/Y/Z) measurement
Continuous store of processing values (Lveq or Lvaeq, Lmax, Lmin, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95) as one set for each measurement time.
Start/end of store can be timer controlled. Interval measurement at each full hour possible.
Multiple files, with up to 4 500 data sets per file
Max 4 500 data sets for single-axis, 1 500 data sets for 3-axis (X/Y/Z)
Pause/resume possible during instantaneous value measurement, processing measurement, and Auto Store 2.
During Auto 1 store, pause functions as marker.
In Timer Auto1 and Timer Auto 2 mode, pause function is not available.
Vibration level or vibration acceleration level based comparator. Output activated when setting level (30 to 120 dB, 1 dB steps) is exceeded.
Single-axis channel selected for main display
Open-collector output, max. applied voltage 24 V
Delay time: 0 to 9 s in 1 s steps, auto reset on/off selectable, auto reset time 0 to 90 s in 1 second steps
Start time/end time setting for timer controlled Auto Store 1 and Auto Store 2
Built-in oscillator (31.5 Hz, sine wave) for calibration of external equipment
BNC output: 3 separate channels, AC or DC selected by menu, output impedance 600 ohms, load impedance 10 kilohms or higher; output: 1 Vrms (full-scale),
DC output 2.5 V (full-scale, 0.25 V/10 dB)
Allows instantaneous value, processing values, and recall data printing.
Processed value printing: 3-axis instantaneous value and processed value print every 5 seconds.
Serial interface: Allows external parameter setting control and output of data to a computer or a printer.
Segment type (main) and 128 × 64 dot matrix type (sub) LCD, with backlight
Single-axis instantaneous value (1-second update cycle) and bar graph (100 ms update cycle) always shown
Mode and screen switching provides access to the following information 3-axis measurement value display.
Setting information, 3-axis measurement values, level/time display, processing value display, recall data display, menu display
EXT DC ( 6 V ) connector, interface connector (D-sub 9-pin male)
Four IEC R14 (size "C") batteries (LR14 or R14PU), AC adapter (option NC-98C), battery pack (option BP-21)
Approx. 35 hours (alkaline batteries LR14), approx. 12 hours (manganese batteries R14PU), approx. 100 hours (combined use of battery pack BP-21 with four size D
batteries and four alkaline batteries (LR14) (at room temperature, 3-axis instantaneous value measurement, backlight OFF, communications OFF, AC output, VM-53A option OFF)
Approx. 120 mA (at 6 V DC)
−10 to +50 OC,max.90 %RH
Approx. 56 (H) × 200 (W) × 175 (D) mm, approx. 1 kg (including batteries)
3-axis accelerometer: PV-83C,reference sensitivity: 60 mV/m/s2,waterproofing specifications: JIS C 0920 Class 7 (sealed), ambient conditions: −10 to +50 OC
Dimensions, weight: 67 (dia.) × 40.7 (H) mm, approx. 335 g
Extension cable EC-02S(3 m) × 1, IEC R14 (size "C") battery (manganese) × 4,BNC connector cover × 3,I/O connector cover × 1, carrying case × 1
128 MB CompactFlash card MC-128CF × 1 (VM-53A only)
Measurement functions
frequency range
level range
Residual noise
Frequency compensation
Level range
Linearity range
Measurement time
detection circuit
Sampling cycle
Memory card
Store functions
Manual store
CF card
Internal memory
Auto Store 1
CF card
Internal memory
Auto Store 2
CF card
Internal memory
Pause function
Comparator function
Supported channels
Comparator output
Comparator settings
Clock functions
Calibration output signal
AC/DC output
Printer output
Main display
Sub display
Side panel
Power supply
Battery life
Current consumption
Ambient conditions
Dimensions, weight
Supplied accessories
Type approval number
Analyzer card (only for VM-53A)
Management software
Extension cable
AC adapter (100 to 240 V)
EC-02S (3 m and up)
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