FlexAFM 5
The most versatile AFM for research and science
ƒƒ Measurement capabilities in air and liquid
ƒƒ Versatility in applications and modes
ƒƒ Compatibility with inverted microscopes
swiss quality
FlexAFM — The most versatile AFM for research and science
FlexAFM 5 scan head features
The electro-magnetically actuated flexurebased scanner ensures highly flat and
linear motions in XY.
General design
Tripod stand-alone scan head with tip scanner; Flexure-based electromagnetically actuated XY-scanner; Piezo-based Z-actuator; Optical Z-position
sensor; Closed loop Z-control
Laser / detector
High-speed, low-noise 4-quadrant photodiode detector; Choice between red
and near-infrared laser; Laser on/off through software and scan head tilting;
Optical filters for use with optical microscope phase contrast and fluorescence
Approach with continuous DC-motor; Up/down arrows on scan head for
manual approach; Software-driven automated final approach
Cantilever holder
Automatic self-alignment for cantilevers with alignment grooves. Manual laser
adjustment possible for special cantilevers.
Laser adjustment
No adjustment required upon immersion of cantilever into liquid because of
SureAlign™ laser optics
Sample observation
Top and side view in air and liquid; White LEDs (brightness 0–100%); Axial
illumination for top view
Operating modes
Static Force, Lateral Force, Dynamic Force, Phase Contrast, MFM, EFM, KPFM,
Piezo Force, Force Modulation, Scanning Thermal, Spreading Resistance,
Multiple Spectroscopy modes, Lithography and Manipulation modes. Some
modes may require additional hardware and/or activating of the respective
C3000 controller options.
FlexAFM 5 scan head specifications with C3000 controller
Scan head type
Sample size
Unlimited without sample stage
100 mm on sample stage
Maximum Petri dish height (fluid level)
9 mm (6 mm)
Manual height adjustment range
6 mm
Motorized approach range (at tip position)
High-speed, low-noise 4-quadrant photo
detector ensures high-quality imaging and
spectroscopy results.
100 µm (1)
Maximum Z-range
10 µm (2)
XY-linearity mean error
3 µm (1)
typ. 5 nm
typ. 1 nm
Detector bandwith
DC – 4 MHz
Detector noise level
typ. 60 pm / max. 100 pm (3,4)
Z-sensor noise level (RMS)
typ. 180 pm / max. 200 pm (3)
Z-measurement noise level (RMS, static mode in air)
Z-measurement noise level (RMS, dynamic mode in air)
Scan head dimensions
10 µm (1)
< 0.1%
XY-flatness at maximum scan range
2 mm
Maximum scan range
typ. 100 pm / max. 200 pm
typ. 35 pm / max. 50 pm
143 × 158 × 53 mm
Scan head weight
1.25 kg
(1) Manufacturing tolerances ± 5%
(2) Manufacturing tolerances ± 10%
(3) Measured at 2 kHz
(4) Measured with XYContr cantilever
Top and side view through the FlexAFM
optics provide optimal sample observation
and cantilever position control.
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