Connecting Two TracPhone V7 Systems to Your

May 29, 2008
Connecting Two TracPhone V7 Systems to Your Onboard LAN
Using the DrayTek Dual-WAN Router
The DrayTek Dual-WAN router (model Vigor2910) allows
customers to easily connect two TracPhone V7 systems to
their onboard local area network (LAN). In this configuration,
if the primary TracPhone V7 system loses its connection to
the mini-VSAT Broadbandsm service for any reason, the
router will automatically switch to the backup system to
maintain your Internet connection. For example, if an obstruction, such as a crane or sail, blocks the
primary antenna’s view of the satellite, the router immediately switches over to the backup antenna that
is mounted in a different location on the vessel. The customer experiences no interruption in service!
Visit DrayTek’s web site ( for complete product details and purchasing information.
The diagram below shows how to connect the router to the customer’s TracPhone V7 systems and
Internet devices. The procedure on the following page explains how to configure the router.
Dual-TracPhone V7 Network Wiring Diagram
IMPORTANT! This configuration is only
recommended for unlimited usage plan
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Configuring the Router
Follow these steps to set up the DrayTek Dual-WAN router for a dual-TracPhone V7 configuration.
1. Open the web browser on any computer connected to the router and enter
2. Click OK to log into the router’s web interface (no user name or password necessary).
3. Select Quick Start Wizard from the menu.
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4. Enter a new login password for security. Then click Next.
5. Enter a display name for the WAN1 connection (no spaces or special characters). Then click
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6. Select DHCP for Internet Access. Then click Next.
7. No changes are necessary to the DHCP Client Mode. Just click Next.
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8. Confirm your settings then click Finish.
9. Repeat Steps 3-8 to set up the WAN2 interface (in Step 5, be sure to select WAN2 and enter a
name for the backup connection).
10. Select WAN from the menu. Then select General Setup from the WAN submenu.
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11. Modify the settings to match the screenshot below. For WAN2, be sure to set Active Mode to
Active on demand and set Active on demand to WAN1 Fail. When you are done, click OK.
12. Select Internet Access from the WAN submenu.
13. Make sure the Access Mode for both WAN1 and WAN2 is set to Static or Dynamic IP.
14. Click Details Page for WAN1.
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15. Under WAN Connection Detection, select the Ping Detect mode and enter in the
Ping IP text box. Then click OK.
16. Repeat Steps 14 and 15 for WAN 2.
The configuration process is complete!
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