Dicota | N14618P-V1 | Datasheet | Dicota MultiTwin

15.0" - 15.4"
The space miracle for Notebook, printer and documents
So compact and yet so much room for Notebooks up to 15.4
inches, printer and mobile accessories. In this sophisticated
and successful Multi-Model you can store so much in so little
space. The effective protective cushioning surrounds the
Notebook and printer and guarantees maximum safety. The
well-engineered compartments including the new, extractable
CD compartment in the case interior provide for an ideal
segmentation. Additional storage space for documents and
mobile accessories is available in the newly designed front
pocket with holders for pens, mobile phone and business
cards. Even more documents can be placed in the zippered
document compartment on the rear side. Power supply units
can be stored in the separate, meshed cable bag. You can
easily transport a complete office: The soft and specially
designed handle provides for carrying comfort and the padded
shoulder strap as well as the trolley fastening strap keep your
hands free. MultiTwin is made of robust Polyester.
Two padded compartments for Notebook and printer.
reinforced frame. attached newly designed front pocket with
holders for pens, mobile phone and business cards. document
compartment. workstation with compartments for mobile
accessories. extractable CD compartment. additional slim
compartments. meshed cable bag. lockable Notebook
compartment. Notebook strap. double riveted comfortable
carrying handle. shoulder strap. trolley fastening strap.
Art. Nr.: N14618P (black)
Material: Polyester/Koskin
Weight: 1.7 kg / 3.75 lbs
Dimensions: 430 x 350 x 210 mm / 16.9 x 13.8 x 8.3 inch
For Notebooks up to: 365 x 290 x 55.0 mm / 14.4 x 11.4 x 2.2
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